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Vautaw on Rage (Sun, 21 Apr 2019 03:43 am)

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The Carbon Quill on Goodbye My Friend (Sun, 21 Apr 2019 12:57 am)

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The fractured shards of broken glass, the crash of sirens, the smell of hash

Of pain and hope, intertwined in acid, of mindless rage, the taste of wet grass


I walk in pain, this life a farce. 

Cursed son of Cain, slave to dark arts


To render time, we worms of smoke

For the greatest lie is a tale of hope


To seek truth on a razors edge 

A taste of blo...

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Goodbye My Friend

Goodbye My Friend 


I wake to a world of indifference and sorrow 

My soul you’ve returned, all stilted and hollow


A desperate break, our mutual agreement 

This mirror brings truth, its reflection I lament


A life apart, an eagle unbound 

The north wind she seeks, for in the south I am found


To health, to wealth, to art and desire

To your success unfettered...

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I watch her walk the path to light, my head hung in sorrow. 

For love’s promise, it’s lie and truth, a word that now rings hollow


The agony of pain and fear, a cocktail of self-despair

A struggle for the face of sanity, my soul finally lay bare. 


The tale I speak for others ears, is not my hearts desire

A bold lie, a show of strength, a crown of barbed wire


An exis...

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She is.......

She is .......


Of shattering pain and hopeless nights, her face my solemn prayer

Who she is cannot be chained, her desire for a woman just like her


I am just a man, who reached for dreams, our love impossibility

We tried in vain, our tears combined, but her soul reaches for a goddess


To fight against her destiny is a challenge that can’t be won 

Her path along that...

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A Warriors Two

I travel across fields of stone, the lost roads long gone

This war has formed the land, a dark forbidding world


Calloused hands upon my sword, if violence makes a call

The memories come in waves, the woman who made me whole


Your touch lingers on my skin, your scent unforgettable

We fought as men against the tide, a warriors bond of blood


To taste love once in life,...

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Another night fades into light, the hunger comes in waves. This terrible love is calling, it’s deathly price I pay.

I seek and search down streets of grey for the green god of earth, I need her gift, his song, her dance, his power to betray.

I find my love, my hate, my need whose embrace I’ll forever seek. Her scent the memory of flowers, of mothers milk, of distant peaks.

I shake, I brea...

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The Convoy

In a dusty land, far from my heart, I lie in prayer, thankful, for the dark.


On a clock of 24, it’s 4, 3, and 8; I hear the sounds of voices, of metal, of debate.


Of coffee black, of milk and eggs, the taste of bitter, the smell of lead. 


The breakfast talk keeps spirits afloat; we lie of deeds and sowing oats.


We check upon our trusted steeds, beautiful dark metal ...

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Regrets and Lies

I lie awake in failing light, the storm feeds my pain. The whiskey bottle becomes half gone, the bittersweet taste of grain. 

The lies that came from me, they crushed and burned my best friend. Sorry and please don’t mean a thing, She will never see me again. 

Temptation, lust and jealousy, we cut you like a knife. I sit alone, a broken man, who’s lost everything but life. 

90 days has co...

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Joan of Arc

He sits upon the far side of the river shining blue; it’s the day of battle, and hope, when the English meet their doom.

The sweat upon his furrowed brow stings like a fly. The smell of a thousand unwashed men, of dirty horses, and lye.

His courage begins to slip away, the October wind is cold. The shining of their metal shields, their taunts haunting and bold.

He turns to look away in fe...

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Afghanistan Unrhymed

Afghanistan Unrhymed

The morning sun chases night away, the valley framed in red. The mountains bow before the sky, their heads are crowned in shadow. Their wisdom withheld from parched lands, their tears of flowing waters.

The band of brothers, their father’s pride, await the chieftains judgment. He ponders, waits and gnashes teeth, his eyes the storm of winter .

The fields of brown awas...

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A Fathers Day

My son today you are a man, of life we will speak. The lord above looks out for you, stay humble, strong, and meek. 

Listen well and understand, in life, I didn’t plan. Of luck and lady destiny, prayers and parchment made a man.

For worshiping the god of gold, you’ll pay a heavy price. He whispers lies of deadly games, a fools paradise.

Of calluses and finished plans, of working man’s pri...

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