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I loved you enough 

To stay silent.


I love myself enough 

To Speak.

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Young and Naive

Young and naive,
That's what you called me.
I should have known then.

I should have known,
But I still cannot believe
That you would be the one
To rape me of that youth,

Penetrate my innocent mind with venality
Force depravity down my throat
And then leave me naked and vulnerable
Lying alone in the grass on the side of the road

In what was left of the illusion of disbelief
I watc...

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entry picture

Welcome to The Shift,

Where every fiber of your soul has been preparing for this,

Where dark and light combine and angels and demons kiss,

Where conscious meets unconscious and truth meets every question that exists 


We didn't forget, we were blinded by a false reality 

Conforming every day to generic human monotony

'Wouldnt it be great,' we thought, 'if someday we could jus...

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Since the day you shattered my soul
The shell of my body sits
Hunched over in the pouring rain 
On a rusty bus stop bench seat;
And I give away the pieces 
To every person I meet,
Watch the shards glisten 
As they disappear in front of me,
And listen to the rain drop 
As I wait anxiously
In desperate anticipation of the day 
That there is nothing left
And I may finally depart gracefull...

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Running and Chasing

The truest love

Fate forced apart,

Though, because they shared a heart,

He worked on he, 

She worked on she,

Till they loved themselves 



How beautifully tragic. 

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Silence II

You always wanted me to talk

And now that you've shut me up

I have so much to say


I have so much to say. 

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I Ran

When you pulled back the bow string

I ran 

And ran 

And ran 

And ran 

Until I reached a point of safety. 


The arrow caught up with me there. 

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Would You Believe

If there were no more trees, 

Would you deny there ever were?

Could you still believe in wind,

Could you still believe in air,

If the branches stopped swaying 

Because the trees weren't there?

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The Only Thing

You were 

The only thing

In my life

That didn't feel like

An illusion

And now 

Everything in my life

Is making me feel like

This entire time 

The only illusion 

Was you.

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I Left Off

Here I am again 

Ugly crying in my car

Rain pelting the windshield 

Tears pelting the paper 


I dont know anymore

What is the point of loving

What is the point of living 

Even if I were to get to where you are?


I now comprehend the existence of religion.

We would all go crazy

If even for a moment we were to find 

That there is no point to all of this. 

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