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A Regular Joe

He was not really special 

Just an ordinary guy 

I guess you’d call him

A regular 



An ex-army man

He took everything in his stride

He was a positive guy

He was happy to help: He rarely said 



Throughout his life 

He took it all on the chin

When things were hard he worked his way through 

He never asked why

He was easy going: he’d go with t...

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I’ve no idea what I’m doing here

Of course, it could just be an accident of fate

But it would be kind of nice

if someone could just tell me straight.


As an example of the human race

I’m feeling pretty good

Well, I’ve got a roof above my head,

I’m breathing

And the blood

That keeps going round and round

Takes the oxygen to my head

Or so it’s been said



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The Old Man with the Beard

I’m the old man with the beard

Who lives in the sky

I am the universe

And the universe is me

I’m the man who sees everything

I’m the eye in the sky


I can see everything in ten different ways

And I gave the names to 7 different days


I can see things big and I see things small

And no matter where you are

I can hear your call


There are some who revere m...

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Experiencing Godgod

A Thousand Years Ago


It’s happened all before:

People lived and loved

A thousand years ago,

Or so.


They had petty squabbles

And were late for work

They spent money they didn’t have

And bought things they didn’t need

They lived and died

And laughed and cried

A thousand years ago,

Or so.


Men chased their lovers

And they wined and dined

And made love under the cove...

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It Doesn't Matter Anyway

It doesn’t matter anyway

That something went unseen today.

Everything fades away.


It doesn’t matter anyway

That coastal waters washed away

Our footprints in the sandy bay

That yesterday the sun was warm

And the boy next door played on the lawn


It doesn’t matter anyway

That much to my dismay

My bicycle was stolen whilst I was away

And last night our neighb...

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Between Dreams

There is a moment between dreams

when you’re neither here nor there

A dream can pull you one way

Or pull you another


There’s a calmness and understanding

That your inner self can touch

That your secret self can feel

Pulling you together


Perhaps you’re in tune with someone

Connecting soul to soul

Someone that you’ve never met

Someone that you’ve known, for...

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