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Skating down cracked sidewalk waves

Shedding this mind enslaved

Shredding in the name of peace

Inner peace, not some short term lease

The real deal, official seal

Watch me steal away down this sidewalk

Hear my wheels talk under streetlight

Disappear into deep night, no fright

Riding concrete waves out of sight

Knowing this feeling is right

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Our rotting green garden

Little pieces of hope sticking out of rubble
Dull razor dragging away the stubble
Popping my own little ignorant bubble
Couldn't imagine the trouble this would bring
Hear the darkness sing, feel the rain sting
The fluttering of owls on a wing, swirling silence
Emotional violence of day to day existence
No effective resistance, just incredible distance
Watch our spirits get smashed by cinde...

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I am grass crawling out of the pot, once all the flowers have rot
Delicate green, spreading your gentle fingers, same color lingers in her eyes
Spent too many tears trying to forget the feeling of making those eyes cry
The years do fly by, but now I just find myself trying to make sense of them
A jumble of puzzle pieces from different sets, cutting and pasting my soul like Papier-mâché

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Campfire drunk

Across mountains, on the fleeting foot
Left is forward, right is south, but I dream of north
Of distant peaks, of turbid coast, at the bottom of the end
Swallowing my tail, fishtailing sideways
Walking through the creek, dead limestone spire
Tripping down the lee shored dreams
Crimson port songs, starboard green moon
Bring me to those mountains once again,
to climb

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Tossing stones into shallow pools
Putting on these blue socks & walking away,
but these blues keep stalking down my neck
Dropping from my lash, from cheek stained red
Shame and bitter contempt
Sorrow and chewed Nicorette headaches
Dead breaks of trees waiting to burn,
on a match to turn things sideways
Wide days spent dreaming
Long night spent grieving
Childhood spent teething for truth

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Starboard smoke pit

My tears bleed into the sea, pleading for foam to take my breath
Sand shifting between knees, I'm so tired, I must simply rest
Remembering the days of new islands, new seas
Watching them appear off port bow, new mountains, new trees
Lee shores and bioluminescent dreams, flicking smoking butts into dark foam unseen
Staring into undulating emptiness off the starboard aft beam

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The terrible tempo

No matter the effort, the end result is determined 
Your hair will grow into the ground
Impounded  corpse into claustrophobic confinement 
A cacophony of black birds in parking lots, on buzzing wires
A symphony of cicadas subsiding to silence 
If love was violence you'd leave me dead and smiling
Worth every last damn cent

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He is sleeping

That fucked up flag flying
Is a waste of cloth!
Lower it immediately, a blanket now!
There is a man sleeping on the street, a sheet of cardboard!
Give him this lie of a sheet,
To wake up warm!

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Don't know why I come to these places, such inflated expectations
Waiting on someone to walk up to my cocoon soul, do magic
A dwindling pack of Newports, another sour beer
The hour of its end draws near, yet I stupidly sit here, waiting on nothing

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Melting lime

Distracted by a wisp of clouds,
I find myself on this lonely shore,
In distant hawks I soar vicarious,
wheeling through white powder,
Showers of droplets mix with salted tears
Watching all the years run past like sprinting deer
How they flew, far and near, to here, in quiet repose

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Fish made of charcoal

It's a hard thing when they want to skyline you
The ones you were meant to trust
Told to trust
They burnt you just for the fun of it
Scraped your down to a skin
Some lobotomized form of the former self
All the wealth in the world couldn't change it
Maybe that is the explanation for my derangement
Estrangement from reality, duality of sanity
The man in me says I need to do better
But I to...

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A fire under the river

Pouring myself out of an empty bottle
Pooling between the weeds
Soaking into stone, utterly alone

Night time comes and we check the locks
Draw all the blinds, set back the clocks
The only stars out drip dimly through 

It's late, or early, I lose track
Newport light right from the pack
Burn a resolution into your palm

They talk of revolution like it's a song
Sing along, memorize the...

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Charcoal effigy

Speaking into the speaking stone
Listening to the listening tree
Breaking the breaking bone

Half empty green bottles smashed to sharp emeralds
Cans crushed into half stars
Passing cars like comets

In the dark place we find each other breathing
Console me with your tears
Bleed the last drop dry

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In my cypress root home, it's slow water here
Red dots on my ears, no current, slow
The river flows, but I'm accustomed
My little root home will hide me
Moving in secret, quietly
Fanning my nest violently
Under tree swimming tiredly
They came with rods and hooks,
bent on their cruelty
Pulling me out of my river,
into their gaseous sea

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The weeds always win

Burning down another menthol candle
What vein is better than the throat
Pour your poison into me
Grapple with the loose looted copper of my brain
Burn telegraphed tears into my artifical arteries
Burn your green hexagon in a glass pipe
Watch these clouds speak their native tongue
Blue skies crush you in their tide
Cactus growing out your eyes

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Nonrefundable black hat

Flies on the lip of my coffee cup, dancing with their sick, fat, bodies
They're on my legs, in my hair, stuck in my imagination like gum to shoe
I can't stand to look at them, dancing in the air, landing with no care, putrid
Wipe the crap out of the corners of my eyes, out of the crevasse of my head
Empty empty empty
I somersault from the summit, crack back on every cornice
Fall where every ...

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Long exposure lover

My lover lives inside of long exposures
She breathes inside of my flashlight 
The shutter gazes wide eyed into darkness
I write her notes with this wavering beam
Capture my fast fading dreams by sunrise 


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Tonight might be the night, higher than a kite
Taking flight, out of sight burning gas
Smoking stress waiting for panic passed
Dreams melting into dripping glass
Time worn into candle wax
Picking up the slack, pennies in a stack
Light a cigarette, blow it out your back
Things in the dark quietly click and clack
Pager chirping in the encompassing black
Excuses lined up on the rack, smashed...

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The tea candle has burnt out
The cigarette has burnt out
I have burnt out
Coffee grounds in the last cold sip
Staring through bright, shining, window worlds of happiness
Plastic pallete, static ballet, crushed can alley, cardboard kingdom
Leaning on the leisure palm, societal balm, self righteous cents
Filming false charity for likes and views, make sure you subscribe to the channel too

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Technically a fool

Walking through summer snow, where who knows, wind just blows, on my way
I stray off, run amuck, find myself stuck until tide lifts me, bereft of care
Caught in my own snares, all these damn tires are patched up spares
Movements at night with silence scared, no one dared to ask why, prepare yourself to die
Tears cried over nothing's things, compressed piss between mattress springs
Life wields...

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Bipolar disorder. Mental healthloss of lifeRegret#mental healthtiredness

A Robin tapping on the window

Soaring clouds cloak rising sun, vigorous brightness, morning whiteness
Lightness, creeping upon those weeping sightless, dark blindness lifting in slightness
Rightness becomes a non factor, heart like a melted down reactor spitting smoke
Go for broke, break it all, the inevitable fall comes swiftly, will twist thee into submission 
Nature's battle of attrition, cruelty ingrained into life lik...

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Death of a parentdespairlosssadness

A loud darkness

The distraction machine, our plastic dream, sew last seam through bottom lip
Tipped off of ship, sheet bound tissue is ripped, living form clipped to fish food
Always in a bad mood, waiting on the never happens, inevitabilities stacking
Reef wrapping around your sea urchin heart, leaping off cliffs with no running start
Failure practiced as art, life pushed around in a cart, walking on rusty n...

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bipolar disorderBipolar disorder. Mental healthAngersadnesslossapathycelophane dreams


In the valley of Indus, green flowers blooming, ever consuming
Hostilities brewing, no undoing the doing, bones entombing
Blood stewing in streets, red stained white sheets
Cannons from fleets, artillery fills beats backwards
The unheards, cut words, pills scored on billboards
Falling on our own swords, invoking false lords
Burning all the bridged boards, diving in after trellis
The lie is ...

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Graphing the decline

A hawk across swiftly sweeping clouds
Nimble nimbus, left to right, north to south
Fluid spraying out of mouth, moths meandering
Slandering ourselves, shelves growing empty
Last piece in your puzzle heart fitting gently
You lent me, a spark of empathy
A chance to see things differently

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Pixel tomb

Weave me into your joyous network cruelly
Entombed in humming cables spooling
All the edges are skewing
Hooks luring in the dark
Fatal spark ends transmission
Good intentions, outweighed by outcome
Harvesting doubt under hot sun
Can't hide, can't run

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bipolar disorderDepressionhypo maniamental healthsadnessthe birds are singing outside the smokey garage

Soap scum

Creep up with the creek up, stones screaming smooth
Storm letting loose with switch flipping moods
A couple dudes smoking roaches, domino porches
Pour this, in your cup, double up and drop down
Eyesight brown sepia, let me up, bloody lip bite
Skin stretched tight across glaring grins
Last cycle spins out the pins and needles 
Devoured by this lonely evil, search turned into retrieval

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Bipolar depression sadness tired alone

Rice paper band-aid

I keep chipping off pieces of myself
I wonder how long until it's all gone
Lies drawn across our foreheads 
Black sharpie marker stink
Spray paint symphonies reformed in a blink
New colors, new ink, mind on the brink
A drink in the morning, cool water
Sun presides over the daily slaughter 

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