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Fence line

Doves on the fence line, shedding the morning rain
Sitting in this quiet fog with me
First sleepless night in a while, but I'm more awake now
Third cigarette down, shaking cups of hot black coffee
Mornings are the best, and the worst, sometimes both at once
The roof drips staccato in the garden, old friends shedding leaves
There is something peaceful in the birds, these dying peppers in the ...

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A river with no name

Tomorrow can be brighter, 
help me polish up this old sun
Days pass by with mercurial temper, 
simmering away 
Pot is boiling double time, 
all the skins off the jackets 
Red salt dancing in the dirt, 
tender green shoots spring forth 
Tamed by loving touch, 
bowing gently 
Tomorrow it might rain, 
dampened earth under shade, 
rolling off bent grass blade
What I'd trade for a day with...

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The night they killed Osama bin Laden

The night they killed Osama bin Laden,
we drank the bottles down to the shards
We screamed
We pushed all the sand off the third deck
We racked every bolt in our soul
We shed every piece of body armor
We spat into the face of this childhood stupidity
War movies and old men talking
Watching the whole world fall down
Why did I find myself such a fool,
to carry a rifle for nothing

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Sour Amber

Whiskey when I'm thirsty, whiskey when I'm dry
Whiskey in the morning, whiskey till I cry
Me and this old whiskey, in the same place by and by
This whiskey cannot hurt me, this whiskey makes me die

Paddle this old river, the banks go sliding by
Polish this old trigger, wipe carbon from your eye
Put down that amber liquor, it's eating your insides
Go and find that river, it is deep and it ...

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The hungry dogs

How many individual cups of grief sit on this counter alone 
holding pictures of their sons and daughters
The distant sounds of shelling 
Dreadful walk of a slumbering, evil giant 
drunk and wheeling
A galvanizing hate, one that grinds teeth to gum
drives all tears from their spring eternal
dries one's soul into shriveled reeds 
dry, crumbling thistles 

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Whiskey dinner

Winding down a well penned road, written like red leaves and hickory smoke
Wandering down another limestone dust dirt nothing, little slice of heaven in the sun
Creeks rolling, eyes wide on Folgers and a spent cigarette, walking a mile for the next pack
Pack on your back, climbing up crevice and crack, quiet nights with thunder and fire
Fire and rain, eyes in pain, wipe away these tears from m...

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Ember flick

Mundane, molting in the shade, moth under black light
My heart grasps at dusty winged angels, hiding from a sunbeam
A glass empties itself down your throat, vile pitcher plant soul
Gripping and splitting my lost life asunder, efficient self destruction
Clear water corrupted, blue air bereft of blown wind
In this surrounding stillness I bury my head like a child
Attempt a portage around my gr...

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A creek by dead cabins

One day he will follow her to the sea
By way of creek breaking through cold pine root
Through stone and sand, through outstretched hand
Through this silent land he laps languidly
Rushes relentless, rests in pools, rolling blue jewels
To the sea, on to the endless sea, meet her at the shore
The salt and the roar, the recession of wave and water
Starlight's son and daughter, mingling in the t...

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A bee tumbles into my water glass,
rights himself on thin ice cube,
drinks from a droplet,
disappears drowsily
down wind

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Tumbling and rolling, strutting and strolling
Watching the moon go bowling across the sky
Big dipper wonders why Orion is bending
Wonder what his mother was mending on his cloak
Go for half broke, or just half of that, a casual chat
Fried up pork fat and biscuits, just missed it
This ship is listing, but I'm listening, commissioning blues
Nothing to do, listened to how the grass grew, dared...

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Standing in a shaft of light

Strong coffee, sticky flowers
Newport hundreds, zig zag power
Stand on the chasms brink, then cower
Wait patiently for horrid pre-appointed hour
Softly disemboweled on this leaning tower of lies
Blind and deaf to choking, hopeless cries 
Ten thousand miles of hell as the crow flies
Defeat snuffing out these shining candle eyes 
Take pity on the man that tries 

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