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Looking around the scenery bores me I can't lie

Almost as if the walls ignore me the paint won't dry

Too stubborn to settle..repairs go back to unrepaired 

Once prepared now unprepared 

Scared of change but now not scared 

Light bulbs pop  blown fuses 

Trying to compromise with the boiler 

But he refuses 

Doors on and off..conflict with hinges 

The freezer won't stop cry...

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Broken furniturehousetransitions


Although I'm super safe harness goggles well wrapped

Ear plugs in windproof attire snug secure no gaps 

Fast heart irregular beat 

Sweaty palms cold feet

Safe yet frightened 

Amplified fears senses.. heightened 

Here goes make way 


Highest cliff 

Beautiful surroundings 

So so high

Have to look down to see the birds fly 

Blinded almost by clouds 

Ears ...

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flyingfreedomParaglidingvertual reality


A life without rules
No teachers No schools
I actually can't imagine  how that feels
No authorities ..difficult to picture
No leaders
No scripture
No currency
Living free
No morals..No flaws Flawless
No rules..No Laws..Lawless

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Strong as a bear 

You guide me 

Never write alone as I write 

There's a presence besides me 

Helping me to be the best to express emotions deep inside me

I didn't believe in myself the way I do now 

I didn't know you then as well as I do now 

Your girls they miss you 

I let them know you are around 

The signs you leave me 

The king you are crowned

Me I am the lucky...

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Gliding through the life force element

Water you carry me

the tears of joy when the day comes I hear you say "marry me"


Water in dreams represents emotion 

For each tear shed each year contributes to the ocean 


The seas and rivers ponds and lakes falls and streams 

Are all of emotional significance if appearing in dreams

Recognise these symbols take Lessons see signs...

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There's a yellow sheet I see creases imperfect 

Although I'm not perfect 

The creases are a defect 


It's a continuous cycle of the creases being straightened

Rather relocated and it's making me restless agitated 


To tame one's impulses I zone into a trance.. I choose one crease and it's almost as if I'm shrinking...

The fold in the blanket becomes a corner 

I hear vo...

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giftedtime travelTrance


As I close my eyes 

"Just a second"I say as I resist 

I see shapes black circles 

Moving circles 

I look closer it's a tunnel 

Time to float through ,here goes

I'm on a tube slide free and fast 

Still dark tho ,I'm free at last 

Up and down I turn corners

I almost feel a cool breeze as I move deep

Light I float now ..free fall steep 

Wait for the light  ...I see th...

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astral travelMeditationthrone


I can hear the traffic in the distance 

And some far away clock 

Swoosh goes the early cars out to work 

Phone vibrations drown out tick tock tick tock 


He is not here with me ..the sofa feels 

Spacious and empty 

Oh does his hard labour resent me 

He would rather be laid here with me 

I'd rather he stayed here with me 


His face lights up when he sees me


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Food with roots and leaves
Eating plants and trees
I see this as life on a plate
I see meat as death on a plate 

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The best invention in my opinion 

If I had to choose from a million 


Not electricity inspired by the eel 

Nor is it the ever useful wheel 


Although these things are really magnificent 

Life without photos would be so different 


To describe a memory there's no better way 

to reflect on events you witnessed each day

To look at loved ones who've passed away...

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Back in the day  guitar and bus fare 

Did someone say party ? Daves like "im ther"


Double trouble here's our Dave and Laura 

Double the fun Double bright Aura 

Brown brogue style boots cardigans long mac's 

Pin stripe shirts and corduroy slacks 


Tortoise shell glasses and bold colour socks

Stylish beyond.. vintage dave rocks

Musical man loved much by all


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Dave McevoyDavid mcevoymemoriesSoul brother


When you told me you thought you were dying
You grabbed my hand in desperation almost crying
You took me outside alone to tell me ..
I asked your reasons you couldn't tell me
I looked at you why were you shaking
You told me some things that  didnt seem to fit
You confessed you had a habit but still that wasn't it
You repeated to me "im dying "
As I write this I'm crying
And this is over t...

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And so it is 

We were given a tree to nurture 

In return it gave us life

The oxygen we breath 

Recycled our poison 

Cleaned the air 

The tree grew and is growing and continues to branch out

Birthed new blossoms fresh leaves 

Apples pairs

Hydration nutrition 

After leaving the pot it out grew

Out of our hands now as we pass it to nature to nurture 

Fresh soil ear...

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Back in the late 90s when life was still simple but verging on breaking but little we knew 


We didn't have mobiles 

We would call up on landlines 


Meet ..be there on time 

Back then the sky seemed more blue 


Dance college limbering 

Boys cloakrooms mingling 

Latin American dance

Silvers and leotard..tap shoes and ballet shoes 

Jazz boots and shiny sweat pa...

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DancedramaLiverpool theatre school


Age of Aquarius amethyst young man 

Cemetery floor he used as a seat 

With his drums and alter giving life to the mourned he gives the place heart beat 


A world of knowledge and freedom in the form of a man aged twenty three 

A druid in training  blessed healer 

Suffered and he struggles what he's seen he can't unsee 


Celtic meaning name is straight and narrow piece of ...

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I am worthy I am righteous 

Things are changing 


I am open to blessings to me and my family 


I look to myself for answers 

I'm my own idol

Modern addition to scripture 

Rewriting the Bible 


I am the best I can be or at least i'm trying

I'm blessed to be living 

I don't believe in dying 

I believe in Rebirth 

The next plane We live on 


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Sweet little lady in pineapple socks 

Amethyst pendant with matching dreadlocks

As she bottled spring water cathedral hydration 

Spoke of soul food ..nutrition meditation 

Suppressed uniqueness a thing of the past 

"My name is Yolanda" she said when I asked 

I looked up the meaning purple it means 

Purple her aura with earth browns and green

Violet earth angel at the anglic...

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cathedralnatural springYolanda


At the magical natural liverpool spring 

A gentle powerful force water brings

Water from her chiropractor 

A doll like structure 

They name her Cassandra 

Empty tub she fills with nutrition 

An empath rocking her unique mission 

The helper of men 

An aura of zen 

Beauty over powering organic peace signs 

She should know ..that she shines

She should know she's chose...

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CassandraCassy.helper of men


A few days ago I asked for a word and you said balance so I used it 

In lock down we wrote Daily we can write and i'll prove it 

So here goes "a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions"

It's all about balance equality fair portions 


Trying to balance being a mum a daughter a writer an artist a girlfriend a sister is more like a juggle 


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Tiny crown purer than pure white actual angel simply born to guide 

The shell of an angel to her mother's right side 

To the left a bright white blinding aura 

Nothing purer ..spirit daughter 


A mother whose heart feels its been stolen 

In time will see that she was chosen 

Tiny crown sent from above 

Heal mummy's heart with your sacred love 

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Angelangel babystillborn


April supermoon Pink 2021
Help us to shift out the darkness be gone
Enlighten us daily and bring faith we believe
Rebirth new ideas set goals and achieve

To confront any obstacles setting us back
Guard us keep safe when we're under attack

Shelter us whole prevent us adrift
Cleansing ones soul and others We lift
Grant us the peace in the blessing of still
Pour in your magic with love our h...

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Aprimagicmoonmoon poetrysupermoon


Lockdown silence 

No sirens less police

Less street violence 


Growing Nature clear sky's less pollution

One year later vaccine..Solution 


And we're back again noises are louder

Pubs are open Alcohol white powder 


Fights with knives,battered citizens not just wives 

Schools back ..crowded street

Complaining teachers email repeat 


Back to normal yeah...

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#pandemic #gratitude #relationships #lovepandemic sadnessPtsd


I Analysed your actions your words naturally drawn to you 

Effortlessly falling for you 

Deep sacred consciousness that only I knew 


You were so lost trying to escape yourself 

Running away from yourself 

And everyone else 


Electronic volts shown to me in colours and lightning shape

Flying from your body infecting your surroundings as they escape 


Asif to say...

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ForeignerLOVE SONG


That disease it eats away at you from the inside and works its way out

Takes away your soul

Starts off with thoughts motivated by doubt

The thoughts then start to manifest 

Then suddenly your head is messed 


You pass it on 

Then next you push the special ones away 

Just like that they're gone 


The disease the silent destroyer

They call it paranoia 



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Faith says KeeptrustTrust issues


Rest time at bed time is not always the best time 

When I can't sleep.. they say to count sheep 


But my sheep don't help me  they keep me awake 

My eyes scared to close incase my soul they take 

I know it's an exercise to rest one's mind

My sheep in my head are not very kind 


I try to count them jump as they say 

Some of them run in the opposite way 


Some are...

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ADHDdream poetryinsomnianight terrorsnightmare


Moving staircases and Horses carved and painted 

Musical delight 


Upward spirals Hypnotic and charming 

Elegant golden floral most calming 


Round and round up and down

Carousel or merry go round ?

A circular parade 

Of which very few are afraid 


You always get one crying though 

Saying "stop its too fast".. but its really slow


Simple sweet giant mu...

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carouselFairgroundmerry go round


The thought of you alone, only a spirit no physical mechanisms to communicate although I suppose you thought that through?

Maybe you were born knowing and it was your purpose a secret between God and you 


Maybe you tried so hard to ignore the pain 

Scared of your thoughts fears of insane

Did you know something that no-one else did 

Had this planned since you were a kid ?


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loss of lifemaybesudden deathsuicide


Look beyond the eyes

White magic surprise 

Basic tools and supplies 

Transparent are lies 

Google wise woman coz sister I'm wise

At night look to the sky's 

This woman flys 

Broomstick and cauldron pointy foil hat

With every wise  woman a sidekick black cat

When light comes there's fog with this

Try not run off with this 

It's my prerogative 

....said Bobby brow...

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Bobby brownfunmy prerogatives


Always looking for logic behind mystery 

Constant reason searching for events took place in history

Why does it matter let it be

Looking for answers set yourself free

Open your mind and close your door

There's a world of worlds yet to explore

You choose to ignore

Leave it behind now 

No answers to find now

It's time to unwind now 

Made mistakes just apologise 


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freedom liberty independancelivingSuccessful


Over crowded buses over crowded city
Superficial wallowing i poor me self pity
Darkness pulling but I
Repellent opposite magnet am I
You pull I move reverse
Repellent magnet can not be compatible
In this case safe
Oh so safe the envy of no one although the secrecy protected in such visual disceipt
You all are too far taken
I seem odd for being awake
just be ready to awaken

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This boy this man this Angel of mine
I say mine
This you are not
To me you are
A possession
I mean it not in that way
I dont own you
I am part of you and you me too
Two soles alight
Us two in flight
Or on sea..
We fly side by side
You sail with me
The water gets choppy
Weigh up the boat..trust the waves
They carry us float
In air
bypassing clouds
We share
Our faith soft gro...

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close to youloveMultiplyprayertwo


Theres a pub on the corner
A shop across the way
A patch of grass and monkey bars
Were the children play

No ball games signs
They still play ball
Neighbours don't really mind at all

Neighbourhood watch man two doors from the end
And his little dog his bestest friend

The polish lady who's always knitting
On her step a cat's always sitting

The tie dye artist always covered in paint
Shes ...

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At the bottom of the sea sits a perfectly symmetrical hinged oyster shell
lived in water and land
Inside is a grain of sand
That chosen grain the special one
In to the gap in the shell he has gone
At first it is lonely and dark cant get out
But hes safe from the monsters of the sea no doubt
This tiny grain with sharpened points
Indulges and grows as the shell anoints
He tumbles and role...

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naturePearlpearlssandsea themed poems


Traditional local vacations
Blackpool illuminations
Lighting up a town
Making dark nights bright
To lift spirits when feeling down

Dark so dark unable to see
Then you come along on a lighting spree
Sparks from you fly off to me
I now shine like a Christmas tree

Twin flame duo side by side
Glowing outward flames never ending
Together bright souls darkness mending
Shining brightest infin...

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#soulmatelovethe light


Born in a city in the north west of the map
A city with the friendliest football devide
A place of magic on Merseyside

I was raised here
Praised here
Put down here
Gave birth here
Forever loved here
Forever inlove with here

Home of the Beatles
Cathedrals with steaples
The finest of peoples

Culture and art were ever you look
A helping hand if ever you're stuck

Our city of the best

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Liverpool poetryLiverpool PoetsMerseyside poetsscouse poem


Must I hold back 

Hold back on saying 

Excel in doing 

For the words may be too strong 

Strong words can weaken this angelic 

Beautiful soul at times

At breaking point

To heavily love somebody 

Like I do you can put strain on the heart 

If one way 

But for love 

It to be returned 

A constant circle of security

A pure heart too pure for purity

No barrier


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From the heartLove


Moon Angel we talk through the moon
Sun rise at dawn settle at noon
Evening comes and darkness is ours
Oh blissfull darkness you give us the stars

Night streams and moon beams
Glistening waters
Reflecting on lessons the night Time
has taught us.
The blessings it brought us

Still many lessons and magic to come
Magical teachers the stars moon and sun

Yes there were hard times and there wi...

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Anthem meaning an uplifting song identifying with a particular body or group or cause
Iv Googled the meaning of Anthem do i deserve a round of applause

To identify with me
A song must simply be

indeed with life experienced flaws
Performed by magical beings of course

Must contain variety
Mass Expression of empathy
Soft and delicate symphony
Guided through eternity
With a dash of history


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Anthemmusicmusic poetrysong


I really don't want to be cruel to you although  you're being cruel
You shower me with gifts ..gentleman
Then ignore me.. playground..School
I mean we're all different in our minds but if our hearts on the same page
distroy the demons not our hearts
Crystals..burn some sage
Tomorrow isn't promised for you or not for me
Isolated suppressed no thanks.. my soul will just break free
So rather ...

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To love deeply is like wearing your heart on the outside of your body
Protect it like you would a baby
Protected not smothered
Be gentle oh fragile one's Hearts
Be careful with the heart of another
If broken I fear that this time this Heart may never recover

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Sometimes I look around and observe how people do life in a way
I look at reactions and the way situations are dealt with from day to day
I feel alot of it is front and alot of people suffer paranoid minds
I tend to stay in my own bubble lock the doors and close the blinds
That's the way I prefere right now
If you come in to my world then you've broken my barrier somehow
It means I trust you...

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character defectJelousysuperficial


The robot generation
Digital nation
Good or bad?fine line between
Personal inability to moderate..how I roll extreme
If its addictive and its fed to us then without choice were hooked
If we see it negatively then basically we're fucked
So we have to take the best of it
Absorb the good forget the rest of it
Seeking answers from some guru
He knows little more than you do
Am I saying hes a ...

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modern lifenew worldrobots


We survived all weather's all seasons each year
We are combined forces so bright we eliminate fear
I keep you near you keep me near
The reunion of souls so overwhelming so precious blinding ..piercing familiar brand new
My soul stopped searching and connected to you
Perfect fit the key turned so effortlessly
Locked tight combination code 11.11
Mixed eras one soul in sync transformation 7

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11.11soulmatesStormtrue lovetwin flame


All I asked and from my heart
was to give my children the best possible start
You are not a mother unless you experience guilt and the need to be better
To do this I need to get better
I try to seem brave and tough
But inside crumbling like I'm not enough
I love them deeply my heart it aches
Filling the cracks of past mistakes
Angels help me I'm lost my boys need me you see
Help me be the...

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Exposedmother poemssons


Higher power protect me from they who have false visions
Help me guide them to make right decisions
Help them see the good in me
Open their eyes and help them see
Lord I'm trying to give them my gift
And when they are low their spirits I'll lift
Annoint my beloved and help him to trust
and free his tarnished mind from lust
For all of my intentions are pure
Void out indecisive guide him be...

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Experiencing GodLightpreacherprophecyteacher


Time to pack up and walk now
And take what is yours
You have played along and smiled at them
Goodbye now close the doors
They seen you struggle and watched you fall and observed your patterns and ways
You lifted them and made them laugh their vibrations you would raise
The truth it shines a light on you and those who you attract
Not everyone is ready ..to show their truths infact
A select ...

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masqueradeshinetake back your power


Love to those who put us first
Who give up their food to feed less nourished
Give up their seat for others when their own legs are tired
They listen to problems when their own lives feel broken
Their own woes unspoken
The understated rewards with repent ..such a selfless act
Leaves the essence of however big the problem the universe has your back
This alone is a key to a world of lesser str...

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Oh young blinded promiscuous one
In years you will wonder were your soul has gone
Your eyes they once twinkled brighter than jewels
Shadowed by other promiscuous fools
Unbeknownst to you these wild nights of fun
Are binding agreements that cant be undone
You give You away without a care
Without a thought your soul you do share
Oh vulnerable naive promiscuous one
Were have all your morals ...

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When the higher power noticed the world went crazy and strange
They sent us magical beings and their mission would bring great change
Wishes and prayers were sent to the sky nothing went unheard
A delightful loving messenger in the form of a little bird
A warrior bird with magical feathers and a aura not before seen
Emerald warrior in air on land ..her name is Ava Green

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Astonishingly mesmerised by you from the moment I heard your voice ...set eyes on you
Connected with you
So many thoughts and feelings you triggered
This can only be what true love feels like I figured

Unknown to me that I'd never felt it
Suddenly my heart was wax you came to melt it
Up until then I felt incontrol
The idea that I now share my soul
The fact that now I still look at you as a...

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