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Your eyes said it all ...

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Your eyes said it all, there were no words

I had no excuse, I had no defence

A moment of madness, but still I knew


Knew I had wronged you, knew it was me

But still I was blameless, another’s fault

The other had tempted me, she was the one


You sat there crying, wringing your hands

Silence so full of feeling it cut me deep with

layers of our love slipping away in every tear drop


I ...

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Lost Child

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I never saw him grow up, I never watched him bloom

Taken away on the day of birth, I never knew his name!


I bought a cuddly rabbit and named him after me

Then left him by the bedside as a token of my love


A child born of a child, he didn’t stand a chance

Whisked away to a ‘better life’, I wonder where he is?


I know I could never have given him, all that he deserved

But did they tel...

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Questions in shadow

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Too many broken promises

Too many doors block the truth

My life is a worn out recipe

of something that never was cooked


Feelings that often gave chase

on the beautiful face of a child

are now deeply buried and hidden

neath the dust and the cobwebs of age


Of what I was once is now missing

lost in a multitude of lies

with mislaid sanity gazing

into empty eyes of dread



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Moment in Time

When I was two, I could never imagine being seven

Cleaning my own teeth, dressing myself

Sitting on a proper chair, eating real food

Being understood, and wearing proper pants


Then in a flash of life I was seven and reading

Asking questions all the time, with my nose running

Trying to catch a ball, eager to learn, to live, to laugh

Never really understanding but alive in every atom



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Coming out

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Tender days of yearning, longing to be free

Love amongst the school books, crying out his name

What was this teenage worship, how did I want him so

Was this to be my future, was I to join the foe


Would I be one so bullied different from the norm

Trapped in a world of bias, hiding all my feelings

Forever as a shadow, creeping through the night

Alive and just existing but only deep insi...

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Dead Whispers

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I craved solace from a whirlwind of hesitation

Always doubting my crazy path across the heavens

In essence, a week of Tuesdays had stilled my heart

Leaving yet more carefree flotsam in my mind


The shimmering light descended on my shadowed eyes

Scorching the hallowed anguish that hid behind

So feeling nothing more than an emptiness of virtue

Isolation, my new best friend, got up to s...

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Passing Love


She was perfect as perfect could be

And though I feared her divinity

I stammered and motioned her to sit


Her smile lighting up my face

Like shiny buttercups in spring

I hesitated and muttered my name


As her eyes reflected my fear

She multiplied my inner distress

I blushed and forgot how to move


Lightly touching my trembling knee

She said words I did not hear

I shook myself...

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I met her there

I met her there
She crossed my path
It was a miracle

I loved her then
She mocked my tie
It was amazing

I dreamt she left
She ran away
It was frightening

I knew her aunt
She wore a wig
It was outrageous

I found her purse
She drank my wine
It was sparkling

I cried for hours
She danced in Mame
It was choreographed

I adored her shadow
She wept at bluebells
It was so humbling

I grew her artichokes
She knew a L...

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Christmas in paradise

James finds his way through dark icy roads

Deep in his thoughts of long lost happiness

Two years on the streets, his birthday approaches

Soon to be fifteen on a lonely Christmas Day

Older in mind than he will ever become

He has seen the darkness in too many eyes

The peace that he seeks avoids his path

He finds his quarry in a desolate doorway

A desperate man with a loathsome need

In a bri...

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