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What Defines You

Thank you,
I'd like to say this word
in hope that someday
you'll know what it means
beyond its meaning
beyond everything—
thank you.

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cannot be

If only:

If only my eyes could speak, you would know how much you mean to me;

If only your ears could feel, you would sense the extreme happiness of my heart beats;

If only I could break the silence, you would hear how my heart clamors your presence;

If only you could understand my language, maybe... just maybe;

If only I could turn back the hands of time, I would stay right beside ...

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entry picture

I was on the verge of giving up
I want my heart beats to stop
It was the time to say goodbye
A perfect time to die

I was about to cut my wrist
Thinking this would kill me at ease
Hoping this pain would vanish
A life I was about to unleash

Can't cut my wrist so I took a drug
Overdosing myself would be a haven of snug
Seeing my Lifeless body is what I want
My beating heart has no a pl...

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crowded people

occupied space
rejoicing and
screaming my name
the thing I want
trying to chase me
what a lovely scene!


Go and go,
chase me if you want
i'll bring you in my palace
be my slave, my dearest fan!

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Ersatz Mask

entry picture

She looks so happy, isn't she?

Are you sure she is?

Can you look at her eyes?

Tell me, is she happy all the time?

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Loathe Art

entry picture

I'm tired to explain who I am
I'm tired to let others accept me like them
I'm sicked with their judgement
Is it a kind of punishment?

Then why do people do this to me?
I know I'm not beautiful but it can't be
The way they treat me is unfair
Instead of judging why they can't just care?

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Fool's Paradise

You fool yourself as always

It might be hard to close this case

You think you are superior

Though you yourself belongs to inferior


You praised yourself so much

You're brave, you're wise, you're confident and such

But don't count your chicken before they hatch

Though you think everything's easy to catch


You're blind enough to see the truth

You can't even identif...

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Fear and Trembling

Billions of people around the world
Day by day they're getting cold
For losing the fire of love and hope
The faith is feeble to tie the rope

Thousands of people lose the game
Between life and death, they looks lame
For the game itself they think is unfair
They are trap on demon's lair

Hundreds of people they meet each day
Hoping to see and feel the sun's ray
Frighten to loss the gift...

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