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I’ve learnt to draw you deftly

With no subject before me;

The day you left as lightning,

I drained down my eye sockets

Of empty remainders; still retained

Mild wet blinks at every flash and a blip,

Pieces of you restore bit by bit.

Now it’s mildewed with a screen of you

On front, long stored.

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5:00 am

5:00 am,

My bare feet sip dew from the grass and ferns

Long fed by wet mud in the murky room of earth,

My fingers twiddle along the yawning leaves –

The branches grunt,

I stop at thorns that tickled my palm.

My hands become soapy of some lotion leavings:

Yesterday’s cohesive touch.

I embrace the cold filling,

Lingering layer of the whispers of constellations

And befor...

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I can hear the bray of your half wish

Unsure, slipping near the edge

That cliff you call on your poundings won’t echo,

And so I too choose to feign a half meter,

May be waiting –

A full room just for me,

Or a blown out barren fire forgotten

To hold on to

Like an ancestral deserted dream.

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Growing Up

We say we grow up

By age,

Every birthday like placards

We never fail to hold high,

Doting the fresh digits;

Still we didn’t grow healthy enough

To evade the murky moods lurking

In the crooked corners of mind:

We let anger clasp our senses,

We show swift switches of feelings.

Every birthday like fresh flowers

We feel we woke up with stronger stems,

While letting ...

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In The Melting Hours

A sighing whisper of the ripe cluster of masonries,

The corroded domes dipped in retiring light

Dunked dry in orange sweat.

I ponder in weariness,

Shrinking myself to surrender

And just how seasons come and stay,

I have dissected moods governing the day.

At this hour –

A gloomy outroar.         

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Ode To The Aurora

The wind found its wet screen

On sedimented humid dawn,

Its moving visibility – a platform

For nervous flickering lights.

The little tea left in the cup

Fuming at my ignorance for it,

Busy nursing the echoing beats

Of silent urge in the air

Sealed in the awaken zones,

I hush the smokes of anger rising from it

Tearing down to droplets on my palm,

All members call ou...

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I shrugged off caution when it draped my hand to brake

For I heard them say you never learn without a fall.

I was pedalling perfectly –

Smooth roads and highways appealing to the adamant synchronicity,

Of a head fed by aims yet grazed by wills;

A detective eye to a lying hay trap of thorns,

A mind lured and twisted so well

I unleashed control to a paralysed leg.

I cried vic...

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My head was a throbbing mass
Of midnight hammers by a spoilt fist:
A non-existent theory gnawing on it
Like bugs on wooden crusts.
An old mirror plagued by a feel of worthlessness,
And slurry confirmation dynamic in every second’s interval
Washed down by trapped foggy breath;
If I could slit my head apart from me,
Then again if only I never existed.

People could judge me better –
As if...

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