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Agony Aiane on Autumn, Part 1. (Wed, 15 Oct 2014 07:50 pm)

Sunny spells on an October day.

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It's good to have sunny spells on an October day
Although the clouds are never far away
Time for that worn out fleece from last year
Time for the beanie hat...
Time to put on some winter fat
Time to sort out the winter linen
Time for Halloween and show some willing
But for the moment savour these sunny spells
And send the sunshine one last fond farewell.

17th October 2014.



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nature Autumn

A poem simply titled Time and written in 1995.

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Time a commodity that is so precious
You sit and see it slipping through your hands
Like the sands of an hour glass,
You watch the years pass.



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autumn seasonexistentialismtime

Autumn, Part 1.

Autumn to me is dying leaves 
And the spaces in between
And all the places I have seen fall silent

Summer energy has drained away
Negligence is here to stay 
A blanket of cloud mostly grey so tired

Won't be long before all the leaves fall
And rest once more the brush at the drywall
Near the pool of water where life has expired

Now it's pitch black at eight 
Tomorrow those leaves I will cremate
In the first a...

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absencenature Autumnseasons

Ground down.

Ground down
Like so many dark grains
In a pepper pot
The dug out held aloft
By planks of decaying wood
The rats go about their business underfoot
Unafraid of man…

The guns we only fear them
When they stop
For then it’s time
To head over the top
The barbed wire
Rusting and twisting in the rain
The bayonet, the same…

Ground down
So many empty gestures
Long forgot
Empty spaces

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hopelesswar poetryWW1

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