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for reparation in a time of disrepair

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when peace between nations thins

and the belonging to each other is almost forgotten

it is then that hope and painless dialogue must stand their ground.


If human kindness cannot be spoken or heard of

and distanced brothers allow hurt to separately weaponise

the spaces between them

silences raw and torn will become the Kings of ill reason.


When the integration of...

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taking a leaf from the book of animality

closer than us to the earth's soul

deeper submerged in its workings

the worlds creature's of every size and denomination

know more of this their home that we superficially share,

in ways  forever to be unfamiliar to us


it is we who dwell apart from what really matters

abiding in the less important distracting processions

of materialistic offerings

that the misguidance ...

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the allowance of breath is........

a gift

waiting to greet us

at the door of the womb

for our use in bridging life's unpredictable span


a gift

each intake given

from an immeasurable invisibility

inhaled to declare us as ourselves

capable of identifying and naming everything


helping us to feel at home

from where time habitually sends portions of itself

to gather dust in the somewhere of an ...

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beyond sex

this morning

everything rests in

bouquets of sultry satisfaction.


Your dawn brightened smile

your naked swarthiness,

both guilty

of being adorable


and how much last nights first story

I hung onto

told me that with you

fun and laughter are not shy strangers

they live uncaged in the crazy beautiful world

that is your heart  


yet as I watch you dr...

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in his silence

from where life is

he is separated

finished with by time

relieved of existence.



she sees herself marooned

between his goodbye

and loneliness


memories are her only compass

she must use their guidance's


their strengths

will always be beautiful comforts

able to sift through the veils of sleep

and grow each night

in the gardens of her d...

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a cacophony interrupts

inanimates of the wild

hold history inside


their dumbnesses

temporarily bewilder

and frustrate 


their differences 

beautify and amaze.


Wind wrestling grass and tree's

scribble on the air with pointless meanings


varicosities of streams

have time tongues

able to smoothly grind rocks into grains.



Ravens puncture the silence


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I can see them now

Mothers cutting-out scissors

sacred item

heavy in her delicate fingers

snipping at the edges of paper patterns

so flimsy and soft as the tissues she used

to wipe my little girl drippy nose in wintertime.



more than half my lifetime away

in kept memories of her

opening and closing the metal jaws steady as ever

along chalk lines o...

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the white opiate of moon tendrils



inducing a slumbering journey

beyond the restricting horizon of wakefulness


I am being given a gift

of becoming another self in flight

through ethereal idylls

to so overwhelmingly a paradisal destination


that I am dreamily convinced heaven has allowed me

to have seen its undeniableness. 

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the final fuck off?



when the impulse used to strike

to just go

I always rushed off too quickly

and consequently

there were things I should have but didn't

and shouldn't have but did take with me


so there I would be

in the wrong clothes

in the wrong shoes

going to the wrong place

at the wrong time of year


thats why I always had no other choice

than to go back the...

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frozen river crossing when pissed

I'm on a dare!

one foot testing cautiously

then the other

I'm standing on the iced crust

there is a dark churning beneath the glassy plating

but hey! who gives a fuck!?

Come back here! a voice rings out from behind.Too late

I'm a couple of metres out now and the dare must continue

despite the creaking,despite the signs of fracture

or my knowing that at any moment


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Rats Nest Road

there they live

the subcultured the untamed

feral beings

having never tasted or wanting to

lifes essential fruits

preferring to scatter seeds of promise

on stoney ground

the stonier for them

the better


Players in lost sad game's

games we are increasingly being made to spectate

games's of vandalizing and threatening

of mocking normality

kicking respectabi...

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bored! bored! bored!

don't even wanna get my boring mush behind make-up

or touch my boring processed brekky


my mum-cum-lady in waiting

has told boring work on the phone

that I'm not well

in such a way that even I believed it!


yes,bored! bored! bored!

to a point of being bored with boredom itself


ok so some might say get a life,yeah?

well I have

the o...

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invisibly chained

I cannot recall the number of times

he had advised not to revisit the ghostworlds of regret

as if they were joy destroying wastelands

parched,occupied by minions of a strange purpose

a dead fleshed country,its blood long ago spilled

or a gateway opening into mind raping voids

threatening pits entitled despair.


For he himself had known only too well

their clinging power...

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Bonk Island...........;0)

to me the best place in the world

is bed

also a place my mother insisted

that I having made it

must lie in it

which I did

but not in the way she intended I do

my idea of lying in it

was of the false promising devious kind


but ever so sexually worthwhile

reaping bumping and grinding rewards.

A way of putting off

that moment

for as long as it would t...

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talkatively tempted out of an early night

we'd loll

sister with sister

regurgitating the latest scandals

sifting through hotbeds of shocking spillages

aiming to decry their illogicalities

while not forgetting to frown and tut our way through each one


and not only until those cows came home

but until they were almost ready to go out again!


when we would shuffle ...

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sympathies of a trainee teacher

eighteen years older

than the average age of the infants in this class

that I am sitting in with as an observer and hopefully teacher to be

I am not too keen on the stern tactics

of the woman telling them to clear away their excercise books

to-sit up straight!-and pay attention to the questions she is about to ask.


Trying to sound more in years than she actually is


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my! what big teeth you have!

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apprehensions start rattling

the loose change of my fear

as I approach the farm gate

hearing the fierce barking

loud enough to almost

drown every other sound out.


The animal knows enough of its purpose not to let me pass.

This called for a reliance on my acting skills!

Adopting a visual facade of bravado and remembering the tactic of

attack being the best form of de...

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a kind of Pontious Pilate let down

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having had enough of your ramblings

and with the ignorant needs of ourselves

topping every list

the time came for us

to pass the buck

and you on

to throw your towel in was going to be for the best

-our underlying best.


It was for the rest home to take and chair-borne you now

and place you among others of deaths short queue

dribbling from their lopsided mouths,bac...

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oh no! he's behind you-again!

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in order to keep face paint glamoured hordes

of seat edged excitedly screaming kids entertained

it has been financially neccessary

to sometimes by  skin of  theatrical teeth

take on lamb from mutton 

shabbily costumed and pathetically disguised

faded but still full of themselves no marque celebrities

who think they can revive their dead ratings and flagging bank accounts.



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his own foot shooting

I just know that you want me.

Yes you do!

You want me so badly.

To a point where,you can no longer control the want

and are allowing it to torture you.


Look! all it takes to bring us together

is for you to knock down your fucking stupid wall of pride!

and let your heart run free to find mine waiting here for you as always.


Together,they will find the right key


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for a good times and bad times friend

divorced at twenty eight single till thirty three

married a second time and for good.


Today is the anniversary of that afternoon when

without any warning you fell down,never to get up again.


I was told later it was a heart attack.I wasn't with you

I was on the other side of the world not knowing.

An act of fate maybe to save me from witnessing the shock at the time ?


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a spook peddler comes to call

we chew on religious debate

his beliefs undetered

though those like him do have the 'coniving skill'

to dress the Calvary crap with truth

by using their Saint Foxy sharpened tongues.

Does he truly believe,I wonder?

although he says he does,I sense an air of falsification.

Comically pointless how he tries to conspire

with imaginary bogeymen,to get-me-

the ultimate worship...

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love birds

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raised are we when together again

contravening the laws of gravitation

defying earthly tetherings

discoverers of loves pure flight

seeing ourselves high on steep chutes of air

our wings ploughing through fields of stars

reaching precious heights of our own heaven  

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a poem about the beginnings of a poem

there is a blackbird that occasionally visits the tree in my garden

and sings there after MIDNIGHT!

or very VERY! early in the morning

even ALL night when he's feeling more lyrical than usual


what is somewhat distinctive about the song's

(particularly if I am sleep damaged and obliged to endure the warblings right near my window)

is that on rare occasions they are made a pat...

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best kind of demonstration

reading a book.



" I've read that,and what a load of rubbish it is"

said the newly moved in gorgeous guy from across the hall (on a ciggy scrounge)

oh! and I suppose you know a better way then,said I (praying to heaven he does!)




If I told YOU

that the next morning I burned the book

you'll understand what happened.


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cuckoo'ing concoctions

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I woke up asleep in a bad dream today

to find I had died in another life

where the sky had eaten the earth away

and my heart spoke with the wounds of strife

the colours blue/grey

two roles I played

in a film kaleidoscopically defined

which portrayed me beneath a sea

in the depths of someone elses mind

my voice fell out and ran away

to where my reincarnation first bega...

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alfresco alternatives to superficial infirmatives

worth of everything naturally wonderful am I more aware

now full of appreciation my soul,made whole my care.

Pricelessly bright the costless sun

for Moon and stars? my payment? none!

no money need I give for land or ocean beauty

I simply use my heart to purchase their free given duty.

Creatures,birds of the air no bar code defiles

price tagged? not one on the shelves of nature...

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a boosting of sagging self esteem (for Loz T. and Cynth B.T.)

I'm perfectly put together tonight

calculatedly casual

in what I call my 'warm looking wash'

coordinated down to the blush on my not so young cheeks.


This hard worked on accomplishment makes me feel Christmas Eve happy!

as I bask in my mirrors many agreements of-YES!

and reward it with a lip gloss seal of thanks on its glassy face.


I feel teenaged again,giggly and si...

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a long standing relationship was brought crashing to the ground.

The interferers had won another victory.The broken twosome were beyond repair.

Once lovers,they became haters of each other.


Those rumourmongers who distorted the truth about them grew richer

on deceitful treasures of satisfaction


shall we continue wearing our false masks of pity,and lie through our ...

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my terrible torsos last tango

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I've rooted out its replacement

and cannot wait for the procedure to begin

after which I know all functions will be massively improved!

I just wanted this misbehaving utterly crass visceral mass

to stop wrongly reacting to my sweet toothed cravings

and/or badly timing the backfirings of my digestively accumulated gas!

Legs and arms? no problemos!

they're positively calm.


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a foreboding left behind

it was when our hearts

not knowing why,became uneasy in each others company

when our thoughts for each other were gradually being struck blind

that we decided to press our hardened lips together

in an act of kissing the unsure future and wasted past goodbye.


Which memories,I wondered

shall I take with me now before I walk away

before my love starts to mutate into sorrow


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for the isolated

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in these selfish days

the separated armies of the lonely

abide in cruel wastelands

among tumble weeds and cold winds of hopelessness and lost will

empty places relentlessly,endlessly unforgiving

citadels of sadness,despair and desperation.


Many,who for no fault of their own have here been delivered

to single handedly fight the clutching ghosts of lifes nothingness


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recalling rebelliousness

once he was mine this rough and tumble man

who taught me how to laugh at lifes far too serious plans

nightly naively we slept in trouble-shunning comforting dark

precious communions of then on my heart  have left their indelible mark


those younger years I repetitively retrace

that instigate not only the fall of happy tears down my smiling face

but the rise of treasured memor...

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oral torture



I hate those certain words coming from your mouth.

The kind not found in dictionaries.

Those I hear your other voice saying

when you do your uncontrollable impression

of a raging monster.

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habit for life


the everything drug

I crave for



the only opiate I need  

to inject

into the heart of my soul

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flourish you seeds of hope and truth!

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if each coming hour could be filled with love and bring

an end to every suffering

free the wronged endurance of abused time

eradicate all human on human crime

delay forever the progress of dark worth

and let light shine in every corner of this earth

sought anew lifes true delight

to empower the power of such might

and implement the end of those who try

to enforce only te...

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rare vistor (for Wendy)


upon your arrival,the room suddenly bloomed brighter

as if you had been followed in by the sun itself!

Chore's were destined for the back burner

your presence fill's the air with a new novelty.


You sit at ease,in the only other chair

despite the uncomfortableness of its sagging seat

there you begin speaking of far greater importances

of suffering people,and world wid...

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for Lozza of the Taylors

entry picture

(laughingly inspired by her comment to me on Raj Ferds recent poem-and also-for-Raj) 


jumping jehoshaphat! not her!

my top rated heroine of hump-like references !

my long adored idol of indecent insinuations !


she ain't become possessed by the ghost of Mary Whitehouse has she?

Oh! Godess of all thing's porno,please let it not be so

that her once lurid lion of a mind has...

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my first telepathic email

moor walking the dog

beneath an uninteresting sky

matching my mood.


Some obese ugly guy

over confident and stupid

in assuming his facial looks alone

gave him a right-ticket

to stop and ask me

an out of this world type question

of would I be interested sharing

what becomes so easy to see as being

his empty unpromising future.


at that point

I had no n...

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come reincarnation (for my good friend Raj)

with the spiritual embodiment of a humming bird

I shall hover among the flowers of your soul

feeding on the nectar of the love and wisdom within

my wings at one with the air of your truthfulness


there is no returning to the  caged world left far behind

gripped in the hands of its own destruction.


here I am discovering your lansdcapes of deeper charged relevances


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earth out of control to Major God

if you are listening J.C.

can't you bring the date of your second coming forward,

and come down from those great height's,and help humanity?


All you need do,so as not to get mobbed by autograph hunter's,

is assume another identity.

Its obvious that you would need to ditch the white robe,long hair and beard.


You see,my revered ideal idol,

having believed in you for ce...

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out with the darkness

and of their demise,

yes,arrange funeral's;

but there,

recall better time's

when they were

and still are


inspiration's for the future

of their beloved communitie's.



after their earthly departure's

it will do so much good

for the living

to sing and tell

of their friendship's,

and noble deed's done.


We shall feast

on pra...

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icy coldness descends between us

thickening veil's of evasion

familiaritie's with exhilaration have died

once attached line's to long moored,beloved involvement's undone

waves's of sadness separate us

I see the colour's in each others sail's lose duplication.

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contented bore

keen,to endure monotony

unpeturbed by uneventfulness

loves to allow unhappiness to drag its mundane feet

like slow motion heartbeat's

from one leaden day to the next.


With the taste of prolonged silence on his tongue

and,endowed with more than his share of gloom

willingly lays out the truth of loneliness

as if setting a dreary table for nobody but himself.



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struggling to cope with Mr.Biglove

we sit contemplative.Both lost;initially tolerating,

the difference's in our sexual appetite's,I,

was to become more than familiar with his!


Although I must say,that his clarified overheated intention's

did pave the way for new excitement's.


The temperature of our relationship blew the guage!

He wasn't that easy to accomodate at first,but,

I didn't want him to go hun...

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design for a Kimono

entry picture

to start with,

there has to be a wrap-around

miniature forest of bonsai tree's


silver root's snaking from the waistline

down to golden earthed  hem.


Branch's symmetrical

but not too poorly presenting their ware's

let them be nothing less than angel's feather's

which will surround this beautiful geisha

the traditional oriental dollgirl.


And,reaching to ...

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voyage to everlasting light

travelling newfound sea's of truth,yet uncrossed

sailing on the ship of our love

beneath so many smiling,guiding star's

trusting in the kindness of the wave's

to take us where we have longed to go


pure ocean,carry us with you

lead us away from the friendless,darkening shore.

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demon killing instruction's

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height and weight? unknown.

Determination to stay? one hundred per cent.



strong sense of duty to the cruel ruination of the victim.

Very protective of its self.

Never willing to share emotional trait's during its occupation.

Has sweating,shaking tantrum's when not submitted to.


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ultimate dissimilarity

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about them.

opposing Angel's.

The fallen,flight lost,covered in the filth of sin,

indomitably crawling the corridor's of hell


the flight blessed,

wheeling high in heavens glory,triumphant.


Never,could there be,

a more greater difference,

between spirit's.


In subterranean darkness,

the broken winged,entering Satans snap jaw's

a gladly offered self sa...

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and only

I tell the truth of this miracle

I  with him am sharing the real colours of happiness

I couldn't love Heaven any deeper

I burn with him more than the power of every flame

I am willingly at the mercy of the everything his beautiful soul offers

I feel his honesty and guidance continuing to enlighten my once lost self

I hoard his every word every embrace

I once the ashes he made ...

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