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dutch (1)


dont you like those clowns
heavy on make-up
running up and down
a near collision
avoided nevertheless
circus is back in town
hiding behind this fence
elephants with girls
camels on a short smoking break
lions roaring in their cages
the air heavy but dry.

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on the beach
blood drips
from the battled core
concrete jungle
barbed wire slight rustic
cannons long ago
kept ships on their toes
death trap landings
mission impossible
became a slow marching path to victory.

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fracture of a second
it took me capturing
a canvas in the making
i tried but failed light
to be on our side
beauty to be loved
before death
tear us apart
weeping tree leafs
please leave
this serene scene.

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Photo by Brassai.

child girl so it seems
caught the pidgeon
just a moment in time
she walks to show her mother
a small treasure chest
a gorgeous specimen
a memory capsule
speaking about a cage
gold is fine a thin line
pet must have a clear view
behind those windows
overlooking their garden
lots of light and a slight breeze
to keep it calm but joyful.

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Miles could really send a message

maybe from a bottle or from staying up late

but to this date to much of him get's on my nerves

restless nervous brass allergic it needs to go quick

i turn to Amy please girl tell me a story former glory

going back to Frank certain songs ambience speak for themselves

mob or not i think his voice is so hot

Loussier on his piano playing Bach is r...

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Robin's hood.

counting steps while simultaneously
checking in on all nature related objects
everything has a fixed place in time
the now and when why simply goes by
air so fresh water so see through truthful
honestly what am i yearning for
its rather boring
to much bare hands perfection
naturally created lakes and oak filled woods
a hopeful sign through the likes of fantas...

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Music is life.

who knows your right
only fools without the proper tools
dismember thought control module
search the room until you go blind
crawling around scratching words on the bare concrete wall
its rather a bloody mess if that makes any sense
my guess
divine intervention.

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my comfy seat blood red
i watched you from afar
your movement a mosquitoes dance
statement made fairytale
a leap soft as lace
mesmerized by eyes
appearance inadmissible
a trickster in my pocket book
so worthy to die
a worldly place at this stage.

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less than human

more would otherworldly


hidden patches of sweat

untrue ufo spotters

there was kaspar

going back on his steps

crossing borders

unlawful order

space a intergalactic phrase

cold case

soul in isolation

what happened in my life?


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State of faith.

what if i was born a jew
would my words mean anything to you
grain and dunes between illegal settlements
we will fight for our right to remain a democratic nation
marking a hastily drawn line to redefine
peaceful protestor or cultist terrorist.

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what are your feelings towards my dream

living of the grid somewhere in between

heaven cant create this endless stream

lifestyle like dancing naked under a tree

early morning catches a bird

both hands deeply digging through all the layers of the dirt

climbing those sharp edged rocks

mocking and cursing god, revealing the ultimate evil plot.



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what was left of me
checking my heartrate
near death on the silver screen
what does anything mean
just to clean up basically
life could feel like a everlasting dream
never had to much self esteem
part taken through the different fases
amazing cross roads filled with choices
brought me laughter and deepest sorrow
worrying to much about absolutely nothing

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Dance for me baby.

light on legs
female steps
strapped stage fright
tutu follows so close
laughing calms you
paying attention
every little gesture
your body shuts down
system capacity overload
told but ignored.

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No problem.

a wall hit me like a ton of bricks

dont go any futher at this very moment in time

calm the nerves or trouble will await you

think again about the whole incident

act like an adult admit you were wrong

keep problems all to your self

walk away dont run just to cut some painful corners.


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If hell could tell.

the curse accomplished
making my life a terryfying journey
through all the stages of personal hell
smelling sulfur every which way i turn
walking along the pits right before i would enter
yet another damnation awaits his order
punishment torment and a bit of sadism
He is a bit of a snob who robs for a laugh
out for blood just so he can close the deal
its real...

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Free from what?

when you hit a wall

starting the downwards spiral

losing your iron grip on reality

it splits your soul

creating a safe haven

within the content of a burner phone

everything clutters

falling apart, straight for the heart

flames to sparkles

passion and lust become a burden

love and pain feels the stench of shame

who is to blame when passion burns up from its core


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how does it feel

to flee from

a storm inside

your head

for you to hide

on a side of an island

safety consists

resisting primal fears

warped beyond.




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Hoe kan je zo klein zijn
door de plantaardige ogen
gespot op een ondergrond
van losgeslagen zwerfkeien
wijds prijkt een vergeten muur
van wat eens een kasteel mocht heten
grauw litteken verleden toont zich
schuchter door een zijden gordijn
van vroege vogel ochtend nevel.

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