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A tall and wooden window’s open wide 

And lets the early summer sunshine slip 

Inside the dimly lit and narrow room 

And draw few feeble shadows on the walls. 


Beside the window stands a girl and looks 

Towards a very distant place, away 

From where she stays with shoulders brought in front 

While arms are tightly held around her waist. 


She wears a lively coloure...

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Few heavy clouds are covering the sky 

Above the lonely white house with brown door 

Where at the window an old lady sits 

And stares outside with gloomy sorry eyes. 


Next to the house a couple stands and looks 

Towards the house with their little child. 

It is the lady’s son, his wife along 

With their daughter that are visiting. 


The family is staying in the str...

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River by Night

The night has come and bright stars fill the sky  

Arranged in lines and shapes from side to side  

And gently light the things and men along  

Creating moving shadows on the streets.  


The quiet river flows under the bridge  

And smell of fish is coming with the wind  

While burbling water hits below the shore  

Where boats are waiting for a new day’s dawn.  



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entry picture

The different shapes of white and hasty clouds

Are letting see the blue and shiny sky

Just here and there and only for a bit

To show the sun is up and lights the day.


We see the rocky mountains spread around

With green and scattered spots all over them

That are from lonely trees among the stones

Like spears raised from the forest to the top.


Few groups of houses s...

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