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No Man Knows

No man knows the burdens of another, The ripping ache Attached to life As center of his universe No man knows The dreams of another, Stalled by reality Plundering endlessly Tattered to shards Falling apart Locked in his heart Shrouded in shadow Sheltered from daylight Hidden from plain sight Hidden from Pain's slight Secrets by nature, What was...

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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

In my last slumber
My soul cast a dream
In which my lost love
Reappeared to me
Clearing out the storm
Manipulating my heart

Her lips lush as life
The overcast cleared
As our eyes met
And hope
that this was real
Soon withered the distance
Away; We ran
To fufill our tethered dreams
We made love
Amongst the sun-soaked Lillies
And Forget-Me-Not's

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Sweet Dreams Love Poem Poetry


How high 
till we reach heaven?
Surpassing the stars
We remain;
Only as memories upon
 barren minds
Marks us as wisps
Silhouetting the clouds
Illuminated by moonbeams
suns shining, experiencing
Kings of the stardust
Chancellors of Wanderlust
Teleporting to the abnormal
And accepting perspectives
That we...

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I am the cold

You hide from in you bed

I am the words we said

The path we tread

I gleam with a discontent

So radiant 

it shuns the sun

To that cold dark place

Where this hell

 had all begun

I am the cold,

The shiver,

The chill, You dread

That comes with thought

Upon the nights we spent

Crafting this

The pain w...

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No Sound

No Sound

I drift into a shiftless sea
No sound
Can break this sort of
Solemn sleep
I've found
A peace so great
I fell on knees
And sobbed soundlessly
By the shiftless sea

I dreamed a dream 
the other night
Of the wrong and of the right
And as I watched
 by the shiftless sea
My aspirations went belly up
They had drowned
So I cried out
But alas, no sound


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The Heart Wants


The heart wants

But there's nothing I can allow it to do

Thoughts; lie askew

From the "lover" in view

The scent of this new rose


Induces an obsession

With a ruthless aggression

The wanting

Knows no end

All I can think of is her

And the longing

But my obligations

Demonstrate an authority


Grounds me from air


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Destruction poem #2


Destruction poem #2


Sometimes I sit

and wonder

What damage 

would be done

If sound could hold 

my fury

And I spoke


As the foundations crumbled

Society undone.

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What's it like

 when you become

 something greater

Than yourself?

The enigma of man

Turned into a symbol

Stretched thin

Your name on everyones lips

Weary from the unpleasantly

Of countless prayers

Calling for the smallest sliver

Of you

In their barren lives

Does the pain consume the symbol

The false idol

Prayed t...

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Regrettably neglected

Go the thoughts of a dreamer

The illuminated streamers

Gleaming down deserted streets

There's blood on the brain

The everlasting stain

Upon a stain, upon a stain...

This cycle, unrelenting

Am I through repenting

To the father that walked out

On these cries

The day the dreams died

Oh, what a morbid 

color those cloud...

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From the heart

No Way of Knowing


No way of knowing


I wonder if she knows I'm watching

From the yonder place she dare not go

Seeing, if only to truly see her as she is

Searching if only to search for reason

Sifting for her soul and recognizing her flaws

Accepting them all

I'm not to blame, her beauty invaded my solace

She assaulted my senses first

I only surrendered to the battle ...

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I couldn't recite it if I tried

My greatest work

By your standards or mine

For the nature of it's conception

Burned bright like embers

Hot as brimstone.

I wrote all I wrote

 to forget Times of temptation

And tribulations; too great to number

Days overcome by wonder

And pondering with production

Except for abstract bearings

But then again wha...

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"you're probably right"

He said.

"just add it to my list of regrets"

His debts, to potential

An endless assortment

Shiftless and impenetrable

Words unspoken define

As chances untaken describe


In an unexplored state

Treasures deep within this jungle

Lie untouched

By the soul that played it safe

The humble;

Who stayed by the rugg...

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Never Was


Never was


At times you sit and cry

Over what would've been

Could have been


that's what drives you

An unnamed bitterness

Repelling tears

No time to weep

It's eat, sleep, struggle

No in-between

No changing things

But at times

 that clock stops

Long enough for the past to catch up

And that which would've been


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Scars(the poem of life's learning curve)


Scars(the poem of life's learning curve)


Check out my scars

Numberless like stars

Some are visible

Some are not

And for a million dollars

I wouldn't trade the lot.

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"I am weary"

I am weary
I've said all i can say
but at the end of the day
i seem to have another page
i want the world to glimpse
my heartache, rage, and pain
perhaps what i'm writing
will save them from some of these things
I write to enlighten
because even wise men
know you only begin to grow
on a deathbed
We as humanity are still fetal
but i'm helping us stand
the movement goes back to plato
And when the poets and tho...

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Cloudless Days


Cloudless days such as these remind me

of times past and hours foregone.

I long to call back, dearest friends I have lost,

their voices drowned out by a shift,

In the sands of Time. Their figures dark

upon my pondering mind, like shadows

in a deserted forest. Laughs shared,

Affection shown, turned to dust

Mummified by the rifts of time and space.


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Forgotten Thought

So many loves have gone like forgotten thought

The brilliance wrought, existent but lost

Each hand once held dangles now alone, a pair-less touch

Remembrance of gentle kisses now ends in hush

I dare say my love'd done better by not knowing

Long days in my arms, the summer's vibrancy glowing

Independence may have saved shed tears

Togetherness brought about our grandes...

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Call Me the Evergreen

The frost kicks

A jolt to my tender ribs

A cough of angry and perseverance leave me

Leave me, alone in this frozen hell.

My friends all left when the weather turned.

Cowards, each and every one

But what’s done is done.

I’ll just call for a god in this hallow

It’s desolate.

But I’ll withstand this winter.

Call me the Evergreen.


Glory has lost all its meaning.


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Poetry Is...

Poetry is...

The medium through which I will tell my tragedies
The smiles on my face as stars wink at their beholder
The tears I’ve shed over the plights devouring joy in my life

And it’s what I would give my life to sit down and write

poetry is..

and kind

poetry is...

my best friend
my addiction

poetry is...

beauty caught for the masses
raw love spoken i...

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The Love Poem

This love
Differs from that of which I am acquainted
It burns bold like stray embers illuminating a dark night
It grows leaps and bounds daily, nourished by a trembling touch
Like a flower of delicacy, coveted for its splendid beauty
This love
quakes my wits
sending my spine a warming sensation
travelling through my vessel, a kind hearted drifter
This love
Is a bond of trust, without im...

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throughout his slumber
Memories whistled the sweet tune
"nostalgia, oh nostalgia"
And in his weary head
he hummed along
mesmerized by the enigma of the melodies
And as he swam through the rapid seas
Of his past
The heart he owned quaked
from that upping mixture
of pain and bitter rejoice
The stone halls of his mind
matched his hollow patchwork conscience
The discovery drew the air

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Show Sympathy

Show sympathy

This is a poem
To me, a wordsmith without words
A man startled by his own powerful reflection.
Hath i potential to raise seas?
Possibly, but i wrap firmly beneath a facade,
of "the guy who could be more"
I feel safe and my territorial manners
jump starts a defense mechanism
Anger replaces the bitterness
of "what ifs" and "could've beens"
So this is to me and my dreaded ...

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Alone in my tomb
pondering mortality
the swallowing darkness
Chills my fickle nerves
The gloom of realization
Showers down on my panicking soul
The predicament of inevitability
Sickens me, twisting my gut into slipknots
I call for freedom
perhaps i dialed the wrong number
Because only hell answers
impatience rears its head
Insanity quakes
boiling over inside me
devouring me...

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Lost through the grips of time

I rest a weary head upon a pillow of lullabies
Hard, chilled concrete meets bare flesh
while moonlight soaks through my eyes
Night feels like a purgatory for reckless insomniacs
bathing gold paved streets in a crimson cleanser
It costs to be unknown in hell
Where clocks don't chime, the rhythm of time
plays like a muted operatic ballad
Fathom: twinkle-toed bums swaying off balance
To th...

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Kiss From A Rose

Kiss From A Rose

Many a man have ventured
Many a fool have fought
And bones have been rendered all but broken
For love
A glimmering slice of splendor
Romance upon twilight
Love in its purest, an irresistible addiction
Love quakes bitter reality, with an uncanny simplicity
And we flutter towards it, a mindless insect drawn to a flame
The greatest human conception is a dangerous one

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illuminate a beginning, an end, a life
Shine bright your splendid rays,
eroding darkness with their luster
Burst through the hallways of ignorance, enlighten us
punish wickedness with a bright grin

Banish our fears, dominate our day
Give a sense of hope, you the symbol of beginning
Warm God's figurines, kiss their pink necks
Be the hero, Light, flutter to your sporadic bea...

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My blood, my wine

My blood, my wine
communion, communist, devouring, raping
Taking all innocence from mother earth and her children
Sucking life nectar like vampiric monsters
staving off a hunger
My blood, my wine
socialist, equality, the rare drums of freedom
beating rapidly amidst burning villages and cracked infant skulls
behold gods mission, missing meaning enmity
A cryptic nuke, clouds humming a dea...

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The Faceless

We are your poor, your tired
your huddled masses yearning to breathe free
The race of the faceless, the voiceless nomadic souls
The gathered impure hunching forward
surveying the calm, clear, broken, horizon
In search of a resting place, every heart needs a home
We are your hope, your future
Your beckoning childhood asking one last favor
We're the eternal sun
whispering sweet nothings i...

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Old Man

You've fought your battles
Died a thousand times
A shadow of your youth
A machine with no rhythm or rhyme
Your flesh has aged
Your will is tested
all hope seems gone
Yet you prevail
And walk far off
into the setting sun
Old Man

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D, G, R

The Dream is to live the lavish life
And vanquish my wants
Feed to my lions of greed
those who sinned and didn't live their dream
The Dream is to travel the world
go back to the motherland
and bring back the gift of knowledge
Dream up a dream house
with a dream girl but the dreams out
The Dream is never real
I'm awake and sleep talking
Heavens me, God is Life

The Goal is to live a lif...

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Look without your eyes as I embody my words

Feel without touch, lay down the palms of your mind

Bend your reality,

As you tear into the realization

Of how fragile “REAL” is

Allow me to define:

A dream’s tears collect nuzzling safe from despair.

The broken persona of righteousness lay slain

By it’s own self-awareness;

Narcissistic bastard, reflectin...

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I've dreamed of this night
For many a year, pondering
Playing out this wicked bout
a chess-boxing match
between a man i deeply respect
But my time is now

The story began here...

I stared into his eyes, he glared, so solemn
I remember the iris, speaking in a tone
humorous yet solemn
some great enigma
His voice just as mysterious
As that sly, chilled expression
Trembled softly

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Crying anger
That funny little feeling
tackles my senses
Have you heard the tale?
Whispered from my Iris
Colored bloodshot crimson.

I am

Baying like a hell-hound
Moonlit nights behold my FURY
Rapping on the doors
Of the ever eroding coast,
My voice is distorted
The twisted vibrations floating far
Whenever the winds coughs a breeze
Mass influence in it's purest
Eat me, Dr...

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Inspiration: The Starving Artist

The four corners of the earth hold my person.
My ears are the sea.
My eyes the countless sand.
My heart the beating sun.
My voice the wind.
howling, bawling,
for recognition.
You hear me faintly,
Inside of your busy life.
My momentous mural,
stamped onto the street as a shadow.
Imprinted into your memory,
To haunt you as a dream.
The phantom of your imagination.
Your bitt...

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The Red

Red surrounds her,
The witch of a village.
She enchants, with her crimson aura.
Belittling many a man’s spirit.
Her beauty is amazement.
And vengeance of the devil.
The science of seduction,
The means of her domination.
That glossy crimson mist
Enveloping Lady Beelzebub.
The color of destruction.

Her throne is beset on either side,
By cadavers and skulls.
The wind fully furnished,

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I've been exiled.
Rotting inside my own head,
contemplating my abyss.
This place of sacrament,
has become my burning hell.
A sanctum of brimstone,
Burning deep into my conscience.
The realization:
You're alone.
Stabs deep like a serpents fang.
The sacrament of alienation,
An unrelenting venom.
A violent storm of forlornness,
brews deep within,
Bubbling underneath my ste...

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I found myself outside once,
Dancing, to some song…
It was, Ancient and beautiful,
Filling me. Enchanting,
Feeding into me,
The nature of harmony.
Through the tenacity,
Of the rain.

As I danced,
The limits of all I’ve fathomed,
We’re torn asunder.
To a plateau of understanding,
And compassion.
My eyes shut, yet opened.
All that I felt I saw.
Blinded yet ...

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Souls Of my Feet

My journey is written,
Defined by,
On the Souls of my Feet.
The oppressive tribulations,
The wake of anarchy,
The disaster of reality,
All of which I've witnessed.
Scrolls of papyrus behold,
Inks of blood and of will.
Telling that tale,
we all long to hear.
A lie;
Twilight tears have been shed,
In daylights roaring presence.
Daylights chuckle sound...

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Life, Death, & Entertainment

Life, Death, and Entertainment

Entertainers live for the limelight.
fluorescent, and ever present
like the alluring feeling of dreams
fresh upon a churning mind.
Hope's lost in a fissure,
resemble breath slipping into oblivion.
The crowd grows silent, as the beat
They're expecting a build up on a whim,
a story fit for film,
An escape from all the hell bottled up within.
Looking t...

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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Sipping from the nectar of sweet dreams
Around the bend of the forgotten river they call hope
Shunned to a secret corner, singing a faded Lullaby
Is Grace
Her beautiful, skin, silky as the flow of her golden brown hair
Her beauty is remarkable, yet she is a child
Touched by the favored palm of, god
Grace is chosen, to enter the kingdom of our lord
She cannot grasp the concep...

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I am..

I am…

I am…
 The inventor
Of the arts of Creation & Destruction
Both are fabrications of my mind,
An elegant design
Devised to bamboozle
The simple;
Instrumental to my plot
Is the infinite echo
Of gullibility,
You WILL believe what I tell you to believe
Until I catch you in my web
Of entangled deceit.
I am…
The archetype
Of illusion,
I am the loudest
 in this chorus of laughter
Staring down
 At the fresh grave of yo...

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