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Stoke victim

Cry for help

Dusk has spent


Only ear to cry

No one thought to try


Didn’t even try

My heart has to die


Hopeless and dry

Forgiveness never lies


Come to pass

Inglorious last


Take me now

Pease of mind

Its my glory days


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Bruised lover

I once had a dream

Of life serene


Of boyfriend near

Of life so dear

With technicoloured glances


Was all a shock

When life took off

And threw me it’s enchances


I stuck at home

And took the blows

of life’s little altercations


I met a guy

Of married kind

And settled for an arrangement


As life did show

No soul...

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Dont be a cheap drunken cheat

Bored of unwhored

Of cunting too absurd


Of dreaming of believing

That something can be gleaming

In petty horrid stores


The unchanced englance

Of beer coloured trance

That stains you with that putrid glance


Its all too crap

The trap you hap

To seem much better now


Cast away your cast of strays

And think of better ruins



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How dare a married male lover call his boyfriend a dick head

Self estimating

Self sublimating

Hear me and weep


Self comfortising

Self un-compromising

Hear me as I pleat



Self obsestising

Hear me as I squeak


Lay no blame

Selfish shame

Hear me as I bleat


Say no more

Behind closed door

Hear me as I eat


On souls that shine

Blissful times

Begat me as...

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No cunt no cry

entry picture



Never have enoughness




Never play the gameness




Never to be shlyless


Gaydar your name

Show bums and shame

Please don’t txt again

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You’ve made your life, no shame, no blame

Your wife it is

Tiz kids, your bliss

Please don’t txt again


Your 30 years

30 cheers of beers

Please don’t txt again


An alcoholic,

Up and down frolic

Please don’t txt again


Football Fuckball

Please don’t txt again


Make your peace

Release the niche

Of Bolton few and fine


Lead you life

With long lost wife


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Do I text back the man I love

So tempted am I to reply

So tempted I am to be sly


To call the wife

Cause him strife


But I won’t

I shall be shy




I’ll hold my head up high

Withhold the urge to cry


Deny the feeling

Heart needs healing


Don’t you cry be sly




Wouldn’t do it


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Beloved Friends

entry picture

Midst the hiss

The pissed

The dist

Of a couple list of lips

The heart still yurns for one so dear

The tender kissed twixt trists of bliss


Find your path you sacred two

The one that is the true but true


Lest your thoughts of angst enlist

The memories of moments kissed


Of passions high

Of thoughts so shy

Too tender to be spoken


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Lover's Fear

Spuriously glorious

The sighs of lover’s breath

Of baited and waited

And twisting tiny steps


Blissfully awaiting

In stage of stating

Pulmonary abating


Feeling flesh

States of undress

Closeness stealing

Distanced healing


Warm embrace twixt fear of haste

Angst of knowing and not showing


Come and feel my warmth of skin


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When a rose will open

If you heart be like a flower

Blossom forth

Enjoy the shower




The bloom will show its light

And brings beforth a new insight


Enjoy the smell of your own sweet rose

Embrace the power as it grows


Show to all and tall to show

The blessings that it shall bestow


Healing is the rose that glows

And beauty be tha...

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Karma Camelion

Be there such a thing called Karma?

With a universal armour


Cosmic credits, penalties

That chooses eventualities


Am I in credit or in debit?

Bank accounts seem low


I came across a few indeed

That took my care as they did need

I raised them

Praised them

Fornicate them

As their wish I did appease


Now where is my chance?


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No Strings Fun

Midst thighs of lies

And highs of tries

To meet the love you need

A seed is sown

Like numbing stone

Of petrified creation


A bump a chance

A boozd entrance

Of spectacles abhorrent


Tainted mirror in the glimmer

Sordid shapes that inward simmer

Showing you their beast their bone

Soon they shall be going home


Is this how the race...

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Merry Meant

entry picture

Anew are days of merriment

Of friends abound

Of laughter’s sound

Of party people calling round


The first of many it is hoped

To start afresh with heart fire stoked

To look upon with eyes of new

The merriment that comforts you


To be the host, the lead the driver

Of this life as I grow wiser

Knowing that not alls a loss

But awaits your stamp...

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Asking for help

How have I offended thee

Calls of los'ed that may be


A call to hear my co-operate

Engage’d of the opposite


I call you as a friend that was

And receive ner yee endless dross


One sided blind minded un-reciprocality

Blessed be that blessed be


My tale be told

Thowt shall unfold

The lies of people shall be gold

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They told me I was paranoid

entry picture

What’s it like to lose your marbles

Sit at home mutters garbled

Its is dream or is it state

Or be it just life’s true fate


Was I meant to be so mad

Was I once an evil cad


People said your paranoid

To know of your destined void

But now its here

For me to fear

Why’d they tell me lies in ear


Oracular vulgarity of senseless lies


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Ode to a friend..............Lost Will and Testiment

Lovely Jason

Heart so pure

Let your love’d spirit sore


Today received my redundancy

My life a whimsicality


Torn between the loss of love

The loss of friends now more above


Will lose my home

The cunt shall own

For his actions I am blown


I have bequeathed you love’d few

The chance of  financiallity

To take my share

For yo...

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Should one assumes that all is done

The harm before us has un-spun

Don’t be defiant or reliant on constants life has won


For many changes can besiege us

Torment that sullenly un-shield us


A lover lost and friends that quash

A home for life or  troubled dosh


Despite the torrents cast before

Lets hold our head and say “what more?”


They s...

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Gay Divorce

Can I see an end to thee

Sending sordid notes of glee

Of lawyers letters threats and lies

That bring be forth this mans demise


You promised in your life with me

A funny sort of “c’est la vie”

T’was with no marrage

Yet divorce

To consider your law’s course

Of testimoniality

And coldness and extremity


I have no choice but to let go

Of my...

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Alone in Canada

There was a night in Montreal

I wondered of a gay man’s ball

I sat and searched the web all night

To see if there was such a site


I found a place called “le village”

With which its lure one should “homage”

Should I go or should I stay

Would be a wasted night I say


I sip my wine with glass a-brimming

Thinking of a good hard rimming



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entry picture

Join me in this blessed spell

That cast me forth of wishes well

A love so dear that without fear

Shall bring beforth my lover near


Rok my love so pure in spirit

Fill you heart with thoughts elicit

Towards my soul my love my hand

We will together loveward bound


Touches kisses hugs and more

Shall befall us as our loves soar


Together we sha...

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Hermana Mania

entry picture

Flowers in the window

Shrivelled by the sun


Letters sent to shameless

No reply but one


Keeping check on people

Knowing what they’ve done


Being strength

At full defence

Soon their day will come


Stand by you you stand by me

Together we’ll get though it

Tiz only time

Keep off the wine

And promise not to do it



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The X fracture

entry picture

The telly watching lazy git

Eee was a little shit


He’d slouch about

And huff and sigh

Discomfort was his pleasure


He’d steal my whit

And take his time

To filter though his tiny mind

The moments only he could find

To criticise and wither


X factor sex lactor

Reality show foes


Listless pistless

Empiric vampiric

Queen o...

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entry picture

He found me in a sorry state

My new found mate

This Spanish date


Sevillano small and dark

English mist but makes his mark

Came to me so hurriedly

Escaping fears of solace


A laugh a night a hug so tight

Flamenco song be playing

Touches, comments, food and drink

Words are flowing freely


Out and about and proud as ‘out

My Spaniard k...

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The Breakup

entry picture

Tempered nervous

Screaming shouting

Calming down

And downing calms


Phoney friends that phone no longer

Recount tales of lunar boomer

Leaching from your fear and gloom

To place you in a padded room


The loss of only something dear

Could put you in this state of fear


Calm will come and storms will pass

But rock are placed within your pa...

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Hug Buddy

entry picture

What was it that I dreamt last night

A pair of arms beheld me tight

A hug so strong and so sincere

That took from me my deepest fear


Why was it when I dreamt last night?

Of clasps so sure and full of joy

That warmed my soul and made me right


Whom was it that I dreamt of last night?

That came to me so willingly

That sat beside me for a bit..


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Village Life

entry picture

Midst the Humorous Numerous

Follies gather round


Weaving pinks donning Ls


Tranny or Fanny

Giggles and Glares

Sultred tales and prolonged stares


Come ye all and look around

The loveliest “friques” in town


Scuze me mate can you spare me a ciggy

Or buy a rose from a Romanian scivy


Down and out and out and down

Bars of types ...

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entry picture

Coffee cups of nice to meet

Flames against my profile


Smiley faces, winks and blushes

Hidden lives and tempted states


All a flurry then no worry

Make a date of coffee mate


Some may show or chose to go

Still looking for a glimmer


Click clack tick tack

Shall we meet again


Click clack tick tack

Never seen again

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Via Fossa

entry picture

Twixt bright lights and screams of queens,
A melancholy seed of gleam,
A chance regard or sultred beam,
On the face of loves new dream.

The lights a glare,
With music a blare,
The under-tonic sighs are there.

The lonely heart,
So bleak and dis-espere,
Another chanced look they bear.

Kindred are the many few
That gaze upon and ponder you,
Is it love or just a chance
Of ...

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