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Memory Lane

Boots on the floor, they scoot to the beat 

Vibrating hats on heads, they are tipped to greet 

Girls at the bar who are shooting their shot

of vodka or rum or tequila burn hot 

Filled to the brim, one in each hand 

They thrown em’ back and chase with a kiss from a man with the band

The drummer chose the blonde cuz they both had the most fun 

The guitar picked brunette to two s...

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I dance on the sands 

I am clutched in small hands 

I am always unique in my shape 

I sometimes have holes for crabs to escape 

I can vary in size from large to tiny 

I wash up on the shore, in the sun I’m shiny

I am all over the world from the east to west 

I have no way to choose which of my kind is best 

I do know; however, people are happy to find me 

I am sought aft...

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Blank stare, dark eyes 

Off in the distance, faint cries 

Out the window, a grassy view

Twelfth floor, scrambling the crew 

Gray chair in the corner

A man screams “I must warn her!” 

Two scrubbed nurses tackle him to the floor

He’s sedated and locked behind the steel door

A giddy old lady is playing chess 

Her opponent is her self success

People whisper, dr’s scribble...

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Family Vacation

Mom and Daddy love me so very much. 

We eat every meal together, breakfast, dinner, and lunch. 

Family is important, we spend as much time as we can. 

We love going on vacations and packing up the van. 

Mommy holds my hand as we walk through the museums and parks. 

Daddy rides the roller coasters and teasingly feeds me to the sharks. 

We build sand castles on the beach and stick ...

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Potato Variety

My favorite food is a potato. 

Bake it in a casserole with a tomato. 

Creamy or crunchy, peeled or diced. 

Mashed and smashed, cubed and sliced. 

They can slow to mush inside a hearty stew. 

And add some flavor to a cheesy soup, too. 

Idaho, Russet, Yukon, or Gold. 

Brand makes no difference, but they are better hot than cold. 

Fry them in oil and salt will stick to the gre...

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Lonely Hearts in a Crowded Bar

Desire sparked after lingering eyes locked across the busy bar. 

The woman’s stomach fluttered as she stared at the handsome man afar. 

The man was breathless at the woman’s beauty in his sight. 

They both craved to divulge in their secret fantasies tonight. 

They approached each other slowly through the noisy crowd. 

Their steps were rhythmically in sync like floating on a cloud. 


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Globes of Magic

It snows every day and settles at night. 

The world outside stirrs but we are frozen in plain sight. 

Each one of us is unique. Some of us even sing. 

No matter what’s inside of us, joy we still bring. 

Slowly wind our ticking clasp and somberly belt our song. 

On a bad day, our mellow melody can relax you before long. 

Our base is the strength that keeps us together. 

Our gla...

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Shopping with Grandma

Marie was seven and she was 3 feet tall. 

She skipped as she walked with her grandma through the mall. 

Grandma’s hand was lined with wrinkles, dark blue veins, and soft as silk.

Time had not yet appeared on Marie’s, for hers was small and pale as milk. 

They walked past the glass walls, eyeing every sparkly dress and pair of shoes. 

They were looking for the perfect set. There was ...

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Birthday Fishing Trip

The sun had barely risen when daddy drove them to the lake. 

The morning air was chilly and the boat creaked the water awake. 

It was Jacob’s 10th birthday and this was truly a perfect start. 

A beloved memory they both would share always at heart. 

Daddy helped him bait his hook with a wriggling slimy worm. 

Then Jacob cast his stringy line and and waited for the tug of confirm. 


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The voices never stop. It’s a nightmare in my head. 

Black veins pumping through me as I drift to sleep in bed. 

A quiet void is why I put the needle in my arm. 

I long for silent moments no matter the bodily harm. 

So, I sell my soul to the devil and shoot up the sticky rock. 

Then I float atop the mattress and zone in on the ticking clock. 

Hours later, the buzz slows down and ...

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Three circling dots in a dark grey bubble

Linger through cyberspace and dissipate into a puddle 

Did I do something wrong? Did I say something dumb? 

Leave a trail to the answers. I’ll follow every crumb. 

Gen Z calls it ghosting. I just want to know why. 

For now, I’ll assume the worst and although left on read, i’ll say “goodbye.”

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The Circle of Love

I couldn’t trust you anymore nor could I move on. 

My head told me to let you go and gut said he’s already gone. 

You found someone else and tried to deceive. 

Our severed friendship, I had to grieve. 

I ignored your texts and phone calls that would pour in at the midnight hour. 

I drank my sorrows away and cried in the shower. 

Time was forever spinning, stirring up the settled ...

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Mermaid Tale

Hazel eyes peeked through the braided rope attached to Rodneys ship. 

Sapphire was frightened and began to squirm and whip. 

She had accidentally swam into the net that was cast for baiting salmon. 

Rodney plopped the sack onto the planks and ripped it open to examine. 

He had no idea the creature he’d caught or what lied in his future. 

She wriggled to the edge of the boat and flas...

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Damaging Existence

“It’s just like the flu,” the ignorant spewed. 

“Kids can’t even get it,” they yelled angrily and stewed. 

“The government infected us. It’s all a big hoax.” 

“Not THAT many people died” emotionally provokes. 

Refusal to wear masks, excusing government conform. 

Claiming you have rights and then coughing at reform. 

“The vaccination is a microchip and their numbers are a lie.”


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Puzzled Hearts

“I want to get a vasectomy”, the words came out bluntly.

I was frozen, speechless, and shocked by this confession, so abruptly. 

We’d been fighting on and off for months over small things here and there. 

Your gambling and anger, my jealously and despair. 

We were strong for a while. It was love that much is true. 

But I was aware it was crumbling. I could feel it inside you. 


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Finding Faith

Searching for any redemption. 

Longing for new perception. 

A faithless man walks through the double door.

He’s greeted with smiles and handshakes like they are welcoming the poor.

He feels guilt and shame like it’s written on his face. 

Finds a pew in the back of the unfamiliar place. 

Religion is his last resort, he’s spiritually broken. 

He’s watching the congregation worsh...

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Hypochondriac’s Prescription

My cheeks are too flushed, I can’t go outside. 

My skin is too dry, I need to moisturize. 

My joints are super achy, maybe it’s the cold. 

My head is a little dizzy, I think I’m getting old. 

My stomach is cramping, perhaps I have a cyst. 

My dr doesn’t believe me even though I gave him the gist. 

My nightstand is full, bottles of every pill.

Each one only a bandaid but too ma...

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Snow Daze

Snow dusted rooftops and ice frozen windows 

Sweaters and blankets and socks on my toes 

Popcorn is popping, marshmallows in hot cocoa 

We’re gonna be stuck at home and try not to go loco 

Board games and cards await the future night 

While snowmen are built and angels with no flight 

Take up our days if we can brave the cold 

Blizzard conditions coming, no driving on the road...

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Sunflowers are People too

Our past readies the ground for where our life will take place and our roots will sprout.

We learn how to nurture the soil and plant seeds that will grow into tall stalks of sunshine in the present, so our future can bloom into beautiful colors.

We provide so many essentials that make the earth happy like richening the soil.

Our seeds dance in the wind which are then carried to the ground a...

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A Kitten for your Troubles

Chelsea was a hopeless romantic who believed in fairy tales.

She grew up saving magazines with wedding dresses and veils.

 Her book had many chapters with great love stories ending in heartache deep.

Chelsea’s favorite pages were the ones where her loneliness did sleep.

She was depressed and devastated through a pandemic worldwide.

Her only cure, she decided, was to get a friend to ...

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Morning of Mourning

I never got to meet you. It is my deepest trench.

When I think about how I lost you, my heart is in wrench.

God had blessed me through the trials of fertility.

When I saw the pink plus sign I was elated with tranquility.

Then I saw your features on the monitor in black and white.

I also heard your heartbeat steadily and thought you were alright.

But your health declined quickly,...

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Blurred Reality

(This is a back story to my Stuck in a Dream Poem.)

Daniel awoke to loud footsteps barreling towards him.

He quickly reached for the pistol but only found an empty bottle of gin.

Sleepily he blinked his eyes and saw a blob climbing onto his bed.

“Hi, daddy” his daughter whispered as she came and snuggled by his head.

“Good morning, munchkin. Where’s mommy?” he asked her. The answer ...

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Work Affairs Part II

He helped her find her colors where the word had left her gray.

She loved him unconditionally knowing he’d never stay.

For his heart was something she could not have, he’d already given it away.

Still, she yearned for his love anyway, on the ground her walls did lay.

He had broken through like a force in the wind unexpectedly one day.

She cherished the time they spent together, savo...

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Work Affairs Part I

Midsummer last year I laid eyes on you for the first time.

Instantly, I saw something in you, enchantingly sublime.

Even though we barely spoke, I thought about you frequently.

It was only by a twist of fate, you messaged me recently.

I’m reminded of you often now and our conversations make me smile.

Like when we’re both at work and we pass each other, thoughts drifting for a while.


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Seeking a Soulmate

She never thought she would find her love on tinder, but here you are.

She saw your bearded face and thought she’d give you a blue star.

You Dm’d her and she responded. It was quirky. It was fun.

Once she finally let you take her out, she soon realized, you’d be her sun.

You make her world brighter. Every day she looks forward to your texts.

And don’t even get her started on the inc...

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One of those Nights

It’s one of those nights when I really need you.

I really need you to be there for me physically and emotionally.

Physically and emotionally hold me tight.

Hold me tight in your arms while I cry.

I cry to you about my fears.

My fears are the mistakes I have made.

The mistakes I have made have left me at a crossroads.

At a crossroads, in my life, I start to realize how lucky I ...

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Innocent Romance

Deep in the night, we make the sweetest love.

God never fails to remind me; you were sent from above.

Yours arms around my waist,

Pulling me towards you to close the space.

My arms resting on your neck, my fingers tangle in your hair.

You gently kiss me; your hot breath warms the air.

It envelopes my skin and goosebumps tickle my spine.

Together we are puzzled with rhythm and ...

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Cupcake Phase

Take my hand and kiss my lips.

Whisper it in my ear and caress my hips.


It’s a dream come true, only between us two.

I’m hoping and praying it won’t fall through.


Your smile is so magical.

Our memories so preciously untactical.


When I look into your eyes,

I can see it in their glow.


I close mine and start to smile.

My love for you grow...

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Shot Heard 'Round the School

Adrenaline rushing through my veins

My whole body shaking, bullets in brains

Blood on the floor, holes in the wall

Too many blurred faces, I’m still as a doll


School started out so normal, so well

But took a bad turn after the ring of first bell

The boy dressed in black had a plan no one knew

For weighing heavy in his bag was the gun he withdrew


He crept the halls...

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When Cancer Takes

There are simple words that can be used to describe just about anybody.

For example, there’s beautiful, generous, funny; and you were certainly all of those things.

But there isn’t a word with enough value to describe this woman who has received her wings.

The best of can think of is one of a f*cking kind.

She could tell stories like nobody else that have constantly been on my mind.


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Sister's Graduation

Today is the day, it is finally here.

Today is the day, you’ve been waiting for years.

Today is your day to stand out in the crowd.

Today is your day, everyone so proud.

It’s your last day in this place, it’s been heaven, it’s been hell.

Some friends you’ll keep for life.

While others you’ll wish farewell.

Your road may have been rocky,

But this is where you belonged.


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Break Up

Out of his mouth so easily, lies.

Out of hers following, cries.

Inside his head, he’s disgusted with himself.

Inside hers, she blames herself.

His heart is screaming with regret.

Hers is screaming she loves him yet.

Over time he settles for sluts.

While she not so peacefully adjusts.

His conscience finally breaks him free.

Her friends take her on shopping sprees.

His ...

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Thoughts of a Toy

As I sat there on the shelf of the toy store on the corner, I wondered why all the children walk past me in horror?

Was it my bright green fuzzy furr, my blue polka dots?  Or maybe my small yellow eyes? Maybe it’s my shiny white teeth or quite possibly my size?

 I’m larger than the toys around me and fluffier as well. I should also point out it’s dark where I am and there sometimes a peculia...

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Anchor from College

Poke me and I’m gonna fall over

How many more months until October 

Exams and essays, then midterms and finals 

The first stepping stone to millions of miles 

I’m holding tight, floating on the hope 

That someone will rescue me or lend me a rope 

Drowning in notebooks and flash cards, syllabi and pens 

No time to sleep only study or into the deep end 

I don’t even know how ...

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My Covid Story

“Your covid test is positive,” the nurse shouted out.

In that moment I knew from rest of the world, I was locked out.

I had been sick for three weeks with no proper diagnosis.

Doctors were stumped with false swabs and ineffective prognosis.

It wasn’t until I collapsed, 5 am bathroom floor. 

Doctors finally believed me but there was no cure.

There’s no smiles, no laughter, no hugs...

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Stuck in a Dream

Danny woke up in an unfamiliar place,

Lying on the cold ground with dirt on his face.

It was dark outside with one light in the distance.

He headed to the glowing church ignoring his gut’s resistance.

Once inside, the light began to dim and he could see a woman kneeling in front of an altar.

 With every step closer he realized the woman was his wife and sped up without falter.


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Sane in a Psych Ward

I hear them at night when the old building sleeps,

The snoring, the screams, the shivering creeps.

When darkness falls, they come out to play,

Slithering under the door, “Sweet Dreams” they say.

The asylum is loud with several bumps in the night.

While I sit in the corner, shaking with fright.

The figures, they run from ceiling to floor.

My nightmares alive, it’s a psychotic w...

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Daddy's Beautiful Mess

My mama always told us “Daddy’s wrath is a-comin’”, but I knew that was a lie.

For my mama’s wrath was the one I feared, the one that made me cry.

I’d start my day at six a.m., feedin’ horses, chickens, and cows.

 Since daddy worked in the oil rig, my bubba’d drive the plow.

When chores were done and our muscles ached, we were soaked from our head to our toes.

Covered in sweat, and ...

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