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There was a ghost who was a shadow of his former self

as you might expect

if you believed as he had to in the afterlife.

Perhaps he was fit for purpose in that realm

but who can say

and unless you were an avid follower

of the occult

who would care anyway?

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Bees are the bees knees

and quite essential


Bee keepers in their wading suits

extraordinarily gentle.


Fly away Peter fly away Paul

celebrations to one and all.


Your homes with honey are lovingly soaked

and we know you won't sting us unless provoked. 


One day when you're suddenly in the mood

a flypast would be lovely


we'll clap like we did for ...

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Like a root vegetable distorted

his face grew on you in fascination.

An overstatement

making its case for persuasion.

Some walked away

not knowing what to make of it

but he became his own tour guide

manoeuvring around revulsion. 


An intelligent wit

saw him making the best of it. 

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Obesity is a big subject

and not to be taken lightly

spread the news.


Boris is against it

for viral reasons

so late to the plate


Hunt did his best to avoid it

more pressing matters

being on the agenda


Moseley unabashed

makes the most of it

revealing uncomfortable truths


Ah well,

what goes round

comes around - well, almost. 

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I awoke last night and found i'd died

so I turned to face the other side

quite amazed at what I saw

a beautiful maiden five foot four. 

Size isn't everything I thought

as I relished some nocturnal sport. 


But passing to the spirit world

t'was just a nymph as I lay curled,

a kind of hell my hand passed through

and I didn't quite know what to do. 


Her presence...

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The day is long and hot

stretching out to sand

like the slit in a tank

in plain sight

offering no respite. 

There may be blood 

on unfamiliar hands.


Hearts beat in crosshatch

to a peculiar rhythm

the pace of unfamiliar lands. 

Strange harsh voices coming

from behind barriers to progress

and silent curious children. 

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