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The descent into Hades’ and beyond!

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He had an absence behind his eyes

He walked and talked and breathed.

But it was as if something had left him

As if something was taken from him.


Only partially in the present

As if some deeper part of him

Had been long extinguished.


We conversed long in to that dark night

Me, trying to get the measure of the man

Him, giving no outer indications of malady


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anon poetdecent in to Hades'PorebornSouless

Santa's Pride

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You could hear reindeer hoofs a skidding

As they slid across the ground

And the ringing of the sleigh bells

As they peeled round and round


As he galloped into Market Street

In his red hat and coat upon his chest

His name was Santa

And he drove the fastest sled in the West


Now Santa loved a widower

A feller known as Bill

Who owned a pet sh...

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PoSilly Santa song

A party fit for a Prince

A party fit for a Prince

The taste is bitter sweet as my laughter turns to tears

We mocked and derided their misfortunes, didn’t give a care

In the hearth a fire was burning, warming all who drew near

Many gathered to drink a glass, of wine, spirits and of beer.


Food there was a plenty, many a dish and course

We scoffed till all were full, had expletive filled discourse.  


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Sold out to the devil

Costa Lot

Costa Lot


Always complaining I have no money

Is not in the slightest a little bit funny

Spending sixty quid a month on a cup of coffee

Aroma wafting up my nose that’s a little bit toffee


A snob you say!  


That’s a little bit strong for a flat white guy

I say, It is up to me exactly just what I buy

Bloody scroungers, freezing outside the door

With me sat in...

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costa coffeehumorscroungerstoffs

Out of his reach

One for the ladies...  You can grab it if you 'Like'

To Vawtar  Thank you so much for reciting this.


Out of his reach


When we first met, it was like ‘Fifty shades of grey’

Those sweet nothings you whispered, I would swoon as you say

When sex was like a marathon, lasting all-night

In so many positions, me holding you tight


Brazilian, vagazzled, gone was the that...

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#alcohol #inlove #helpless #hurtlesbian marriage




Finding new complexity in hand writing dexterity

Searching for lost artistry in the guise of poetry.


At times the images so surreal, in my mind a cotton reel

Unravels till a tangled thread weaves a web around my bed

Then ‘Itsy Bitsy’ comes to call. Arachnophobia cause me to fall

Awaking with a nasty bump, in my throat a ticking lump.

As I yawn, a black...

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spiderssurreal trip

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