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Hamzah Aslam on The UNDERWOOD. Page 9. Chapter 3 (Sat, 8 Feb 2020 05:34 pm)


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I hear a knock upon my door

Afore I open it, I know who you are.

I know why you’ve come

and what you’ll do

I stand and bare my thigh to you.


You snap the ampoule

suck up its venomous elixir

The silver hypo needle

sharply pierces

it’s contents courses

though my body


A trickle of blood

seeps from my vain

the only trace of you

that remai...

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HadesHellSheolThe Underworld

Sacred sacrament

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Sacred sacrament


My sacred rhyme is my sacrament

I humbly beseech thee, guide my mind

That peace and light illume mankind


Some convinced the second comings already transpired

Theosophical teaching is not Godly inspired

Alice Bailey, Blavatsky, Henry Steel Olcott

Poor deluded souls polluted the occult.


Their search for Shamballa

Is truly shambolic

And mo...

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ChristianityJesus Christ

The UNDERWOOD. Page 9. Chapter 3

The UNDERWOOD.  Page 9. Chapter 3

The story continues.    “The Journey to the Summit"


‘The Astrology Orchard’


A forest falls upon my gaze, ethereal voices break the haze

obscured by ancient mists of time like an all-immersive pantomime

Lines of trees standing tall and straight block our passage with no gate.



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PoThe UNDERWOOD. Page 9. Chapter 3

Visions Convergence

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Preamble to:  The UNDERWOOD.  Page 9. Chapter 3

The story continues.    “The Journey to the Summit"

Coming soon!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Visions Convergence 


Many taboo places in our heads say never go

Without rhyme or reason, it seemed we'd reached a high plateau

We can see distant horizons, far vistas come into view

We long to reach ...

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Brought to EnlightenmentPoThe UNDERWOOD Page 9

Visions convergence

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Visions convergence  


There are certain taboo places my head and heart says never go

Sometimes without rhyme or reason, it seemed I’d reached a high plateau

Where I can see distant horizons, far vistas come into view

I longed to reach up further, higher my heart says, adieu


I clambered all the way, to reach this lofty summit

My head is feeling dizzy, my heart begins to ...

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adieuparallaxplateauPoreaching new heights

You are in the spotlight

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You are in the spotlight


A poem can be like a miniature book

It’s title the cover, to entice you to look

You can’t judge a book merely by its cover

You have to read on to truly discover


What treasures or dross are on each page

Like watching actors play their part on a stage

As the plot thickens a spotlight so bright

Highlights the victims terrible plight



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Old bookPo

That fateful day

That fateful day


I hear you coming up the stairs

The cause of all my hopes... and fears!

I know for certain what’s in store

My life ripped apart... and what for?


So many times, black and blue

Because the abuse, caused by you.

Sometimes scars left, never fade

Every mark you’ve ever made


Broken ribs, broken nose

God how many? Cos. Only God knows


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Monster cruelty abuse sadness childhoodPo

Dying for your touch

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Dying for your touch


The music saddens her heart, her eyes well tears of sorrow

that leave indelible tracks upon her cheeks so pure

Her red lips tremble, as her body quivers.


Last night, last night she dreamed once more

About that man upon that distant shore

Never again will she feel his tender embrace

Or the warmth of his breath as he kisses her face


Their t...

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Broken dreamsBroken heartsPo


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A faker, a forger, a liar was he

Making my religion, look a mockery

I saw through him in an instant

It was blatantly obvious to see


The truth in plain sight, who was this man Kreed  

This deceivers lies, all his followers believed

The self-deluded imposter, keep many a fan fooled

Even after his fame waned, and his popularity cooled



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Anagram.Kreed KaferPoRIPSham artist

Washed up upon our shore

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Washed up upon the shore


My winter solstice sabbatical, is now almost at an end

Come next Monday morning, more evil will I portend

For I am a silent witness, eradicating evil doing

Chasing down the demons, bring about their undoing


Casting out foul followers, of the darkest lord

From our local coastlines, from countries far abroad

The innocents that suffer, in small ...

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Boarder forcedeath of a childNorfolk coastal watersPorefugeessad loss of life

A message to a friend

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After typing this pm below I thought I would post it here for all to read

It is NOT poetry, it is just what I firmly believe to be the truth...


Hi  ******** yes

We forget how grand it is.

WE also ******* do not always comprehend how much a single press upon a key can destroy a person and indeed now a whole nation.... Fuck maybe even the whole of humanity's existence.

With the p...

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5GconsumerismMedia manipulationNWOPoSubliminal programmingTPTB

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