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The Age Of Gold

Yet with the woes of sin and strife

Our World has suffered long

Beneath the Angel-strain have rolled

Two thousand years of wrong:

And man, at war with man, hears not

The love-song, which they bring

Oh! Hush the noise, ye men of strife

And hear the Angels sing!

For Lo! The days are hastening on 

By prophet-bards foretold

When with the ever-circling years

Comes round...

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AngelLOVE SONGPosinstrifewar

'The non believer '

The non believer  


So the nice man from Sandhurst with the shiny peak, went out in the mid-day sun.

I watched him climbing up the hill and walk down when his job was done.


So polite and well spoken was he, as eloquence thus dictates, to talk to the iman in the shed on the hill, who some both revere and hate.

“I simply told him the truth”, he went on,

“Reminding him of a co...

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armageddonDUImanpoppysthreat of deathwar



There we stood in the officers mess

                                      Don’t scoff!


Like three musketeers under duress

One a sheep in wolfs clothing

One a wolf dressed as lamb

Me a wolf in the middle… Cos that’s who I am


Which of us is the CO?

Answers on a blueeeee

Addressed      NATO



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R and R

Rest and Relaxation

Arriving on the Voyager, leaving Brize for R&R

Past the guardroom, leave the gate, travelling in a car

Norfolk bound upon the roads, along the countryside

Every where’s so green!    It’s like I'm on a joy ride.


Then the rain began to fall, the wipers side by side

Like a metronome, they swept, almost made me cry

It’s just raining, yes!  I thought, I’ve ...

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Heart broken

Heart broken

Pumping, pumping, pumping... Still !

Iron in blood, iron in will

Strongest pump that’s ever made

Yet so fragile, I’m afraid

Easy broken just word

This is it,    have you heard...




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#brokenheart #lovelost lovePo

The Image-Nation

The Image-Nation


In this place lives the Jabberwocky

                Roaming free find Skimbleshanks

Through the mirror, Alice takes tea

                See the burning Tygers symmetry


Where daffodils become the host

               Things insignificant mean the most

As images flash through your mind

                A nook or cranny there to find


When settl...

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jabbrwockymusePotygerWilliam Blake


This poem is really just for us older brits... who can still remember the good old days.

Children of the 'sixtys' old age hippys rule!  Happier days.. 



Trying to find some humour in this world that seems quite mad

never was a problem when I was a lad.

I used to laugh at lots of things that struck me rather funny

Humour now I cannot find, for simply love nor mon...

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Soap on a rope

Soap on a rope


Where’s the soap? Yes it does she replied.

With that all knowing look, and a glint in her eyes.


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Bawdy humour

Moon beams

Between life and death is a magical space

Where dreams are born for you to chase

Some begin early and are dashed too soon

Others elusive like the beams of the moon


Every once in a while as your path you traverse

From swaddled in a cot, to laid out in a hearse

Two souls will converge in a blending of time

As two become one and in silent mime


Each acts out the thou...

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The BLACK Horizon

The BLACK Horizon


The Babylonian whore is dripping with lust

Her hips are gyrating with each frantic thrust

Pumping her lubricant up though a crack

B P is the fall guy taking the flack


Birds of a feather soiled with the oil

Perfect white beaches, stained now and soiled

Fire on the water, fumes in the air

Toxins keep rising, too much to bear


Images scrubbe...

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BPconservationmedia liesoil spill

Grenfell Tower



Something stinks about this sacrificial affair  

This burning stench still will not disappear

It is not just the tower, incinerated that day

Hundreds paying homage to Ramadan prayed


Many Muslims died in that pyre of a fire

Some told exact numbers, best not to enquire

On their holiest month, as Muslims gathered

The worlds media lied and continually blather...

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The lady with bags at Christmas

The lady with bags at Christmas


I espied an old lady, filled with dismay

On a cold dank night in ‘Woolworths’ doorway

That’s no way to be spending Christmas eve

Freezing to death, how could her, I just leave


Huddled amongst her entire worldly possession’s

I silently offered up my intercessions

Contained in an old shopping trolley, all that she had

Just one of mill...

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The prodigal poem is home

The prodigal poem


Whilst surfing on the interweb

I found a long lost poem

There you are my old friend

you wandered far from home

I never dreamt we would meet again

But like the proverbial prodigal son

I recognised you even though

it seems you changed your name

a different  moniker signed you off

as if they were  your dad

what a cacophony  of emotions

I went...

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The depth evil sinks

The depth evil sinks


They stand on the verge of the epoch of time

Peacefully walking towards a landmine

Gazing around without a care in the word

Unaware of the terror about to unfurl


Things on the surface look like any other day

Children dancing and singing gleefully at play

While under their feet in the earth where they stand

A time bomb is waiting; it’s part of ...

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That went down a splash

That went down a splash


If poetry was shit I’d be really constipated

Sitting on the crapper feeling contemplative

Obviously, I know I can’t really po a tree

But I’ve often flushed a log down the lav a tree


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Bawdy humour

5G is a lie


What the fuck is smart about something that is killing you

And watching and logging everything that you do

Like smart meters screwed on your wall

Or mobile phones masts standing so tall


Blighting our landscape, scrambling our brain

Causing the blood barrier, calcium to drain

Microwave radiation now modulating your thought

How much fucking money was that phone you ju...

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The X Factor

Judge not lest you be judged


If you want to be successful and get on in your career

You have to show your arse off, we’d all love to see your rear

And you’re heaving breasts and nipples at every chance

Then we can replay it all, and have another glance


Gyrating pelvises that’s what we want to see

Pretending that the partner you are straddling is me

Why not have a thr...

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The letter dropped like a bomb

Like 'White Peter' in Vietnam

How devastating it must be

To be diagnosed with H I V



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It's all in my head


Many a candle has shed a lonesome tear

At the sound of a quill, on the parchment of despair

Only being witnessed by introspective surmise  

Sealed within his cranium, the poets reprise


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A stich in time

A stich in time


Married on the first day she became a teen

Shattering this little girls wondrous dreams

Some intimate stitch work concealing the truth

If only it was that simple, to suture back youth.



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Parts of me

Parts of me

A tiny tear forms in my eye

As you laugh it makes me cry

What’s in the tears that now you see

Broken fragments, parts of me

The candle too sheds a waxy tear

As you turn to leave me, standing here.


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lost love

Standing at the cross roads between life and death

Standing at the cross roads between life and death


On this once busy road, where children normally played

At the cross-roads stood a donkey, its eyes filled with dismay

Starving, with its belly bursting at the seam

That ran like a zipper under her belly unseen


Her last meal not ingested. Though full she now stood

Awaiting her fate…  for certain, they knew that she wou...

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War on Terror

Our World United

United we stand


If you are looking for fair in our world

I wish you good luck

Because most of its leaders

Just don’t give a ….


Duly elected just maybe the case

To get elected in a one horse race

For certain its just the same shit in the bucket

Whoever wins, they still say "we'll …. it!" 


Presidents, kings, and yes, even Queens

On every continent, most h...

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Mini Mouse

Mini mouse


There she was in her black and white mini

I don’t mean the car, I meant her skirt you ninny

Now there is a word, I’ve not used in a while

Thinking back now, lots of things made me smile


I remember, getting a tingle in the lower regions

And my sudden panting and heavy breathing

As she bent over to pick her books

Her knickers were showing and all the boys...

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Mercury tipped

Mercury’s message


I’m the man in the shadows here I sit and wait

My patience well rewarded, is sure to seal his fate

My aim is true; eye to the glass is keen

I am a sniper, the ultimate killing machine


Distance is no object as I gaze though my scope

For my shilling from the queen, it’s like money for old rope

Steady is my breathing, calm now is my mind

In my cross...

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Little lost ant

Little lost ant can’t find his way home

As over the carpet and floor tiles he roams

                Amnesia overcomes him from a bump on the head

As a crumb falls from the table from a giant loaf of bread



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Hello my Little Heartee

Hello my Little Heartee


I saw you in the street today riding on your bike

I said please come and visit me anytime you like

Your eyes were full of wonder, I wondered if you see

Me, standing here watching you, as you were watching me


I heard you call my name today standing in the queue

I answered back and wondered is it really you

Your favourite sweets were at the till...

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‘FREEDOM ‘ is our shout

‘FREEDOM ‘  is our shout

I am the little man, faceless in a crowd, with a little voice, that isn’t very loud,

Alone I am not noticed; insignificant indeed, no one seems to hear me, yet some I know will heed

So to you who hear and see me, these words I now recite, it is the little man who will end our plight


Although small in stature and seemingly demure our heartbeats strong for c...

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A taste for truth

A taste for truth


Some things better left unsaid

About my time spent with the dead

The ferry mans price is high

To cross the Styx that’s no lie


Sandalphon takes his due

As Charon bends his blades for you

Beads of sweat drip from his brow

His salty taste still lingers now


That biter-sweet taste of sorrow

Gone their dreams of tomorrow

So awaken now fro...

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esoterichidden doctrineoccultsecret

My point of view


To adjust the balance from darkness into light

From anger, hatred, greed, to give some true insight

To the wonder and the beauty that all around us lies

In the mountains and the valleys the oceans and sky


The colours all so vibrant. drip from natures brush

As she paints her picture I slow down from my rush

I stand in awe and gaze, at the vista now in view

Is by f...

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miss lead

A warning to all truth seekers…  Always stay alert!

Chose your close friends wisely, some agendas are covert

Making most certain, that strangers kept at arms length

Until they prove their allegiance, combining your strength


Remember, divide and conquer will weaken your resolve

To the wild conspiracies, you wish to solve

Made to look like a mad man, and a total nutter

By t...

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A silent shout...    “Hello!”


As i tap on my keyboard aware what i write, might be ridiculed by some as i sit here and type

My spelling is awlful and my grammer is crap the wandering apostrophe’s  sat in the gap

Where the singular has ended and the plural began;  i am Mr. Average thats what i am


Or should that be, that’s what i am?   Whatever the answer the message the same


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Sceptical Colonel Fazack

Sceptical Colonel Fazack


Colonel Fazackerley Butterworth-Toast

Brought an old castle complete with a ghost

But someone or other forgot to declare

To the poor old Colonel that a spectre lived there


On his very first evening, whilst starting to dine -

As the Colonel was quaffing his fine vintage wine

All of a sudden a furious flash and a flare

Shot out of the firepl...

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Harry Lime

Harry Lime


I opened up the paper and there to my surprise

Reading though the obits Oh! Dear God I cryed

It seems I have departed, left this mortal coil

I hope they will soon bury me I wouldn’t want to spoil


Yet I feel so well, sitting eating toast

Looking forward to my dinner today its Sunday roast

I love a tasty morsel, gravy thick and rich

I think that I can sme...

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A word that is easier done than said

I heard as I awoke, in my warm comfy bed

Should I get up now and get stuff done

A thought that’s had by most everyone


What a quandary, what to do

Stay and slumber the whole day though

Or, “rise and shine” as the saying goes

A true dilemma so often posed


Each has its merits, and persuasive charm

I defer the...

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Roll of Honor

Roll Of Honour

A brave young trooper proudly stood... and would again if he only could

Upon the hot and shifting sands, alongside his comrades as they manned

Their post as proud a man could be; as all around could plainly see


Alas not all looked on with pride, as a cowardly enemy there did’st hide

Alas when this trooper’s time had come, his life its course was finally run


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A tear slowly seeps from beneath my mask

That conceals the truth…  Why?  You asked

Emotions streaming from so deep inside

Now a raging torrent I can no longer hide

As a teardrop breaches a broken dam

No longer holding back, just who I am


It is easy to hide away from the truth

While it’s kept at bay from all who sleuth

Now my guard was dropping, like ...

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An oath is sworn allegiance proud

Some things simply not allowed

Divulging Secrets being one

This forbidden must nay be done


Higher through the ranks I climb

The steeper incline do I find

Till vertical the graph becomes

My promotion seemed finally done


Chevrons blazing on my sleeve

Innocent then and quite naive

My pips qu...

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‘God’…  The confines of the universe

Beyond the boundaries of your mind

Including infinity, within you, you will find

Desiring and asking, steps on the way

In surrendering to the experience

No words left to say!


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Left on the shelf

So much mediocrity is splayed upon the page

If one is being truthful, please don’t be dismayed

If I decline to comment or give some wise critique

Most of us don’t write, the way we mostly speak


I am not a wordsmith by any shape or form

As for being a poet…  I’d hate to misinform

I do attempt a rhyme or two, if the truth be told

It could just be doggerel, if I might be so ...

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