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100% pissed

entry picture

It said my disc was running at around 100%

Trust me that’s not good, it’s bad

In actual fact to be quite honest

It was driving me totally mad


I could not write a single line

of poetry or prose

I was having a really bad day

Have you ever had one of those?


Into the forbidden registry

where novices fear to tread

I knew that I must venture

a path I truly drea...

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Registry issues

I never lied in the rose garden. (Cummings and goings)

entry picture

Let's all have a sing-a-long

You all know the tune

If not hit the video link and open your windows wide

and sing your hearts out at the top of your lungs





I never lied in the rose garden


I beg your pardon!

I never lied to you in the rose garden

Sat in the sunshine

I rambled on for quite a long time



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Dominic CummingsOne law to rule us all!Po's parody poetry ii

A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square

entry picture

A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square


Two lovers meet in Mayfair, that's what the legends tell

It was in the depth of winter and freezing, cold as hell


Not that Hells froze over

Global warming has seen to that

anyway back to my poem

and the day winter turned to spring


It was all because of some Songbirds singing

and someone cast a spell

I know that such en...

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Po's parody poetry

Our world is crying

entry picture

Our world is crying


Slowly as our world emerges

from this turbid pandemic life resurges

to begin again a life a new

except alas for the misfortunate few


whose bodies sequester to a virulent virus

clouded blood in lungs resided

and many families grieve alone

deprived of loved ones in their home


parted even as death calls

as into turmoil lives are hurled


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Clouded Judgement

entry picture

Clouded Judgement


I wandered lonely as a cloud

In sky’s so clear and blue

I wonder what people see, me, or is it you.

Wonderful azure serene and blue

stretching on forevermore...

Or a tiny cloud that’s Oh! so small

and gone within the hour.



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clouded judgementcloudy thoughtsmetaphoricalMoments of ClarityPo

Let me out!

entry picture

Let me out!

Since I’ve been in ‘lockdown’

it’s been sixteen weeks so far

I invented an imaginary friend

I collected her from the station

in my imaginary car.


We chatted on our journey

back to her new home

She asked where I lived

I told her it was Rome.


I live in Norwich really.

Rome sounded much more posh



"Oh! do you know the Pope"?

see en...

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Covid lockdownFAB 1Pozany humour

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

entry picture

This poem was inspired by a previous one...



The Mad Hatter's Tea Party


I wonder if the Reaper likes a cup of tea

He could join us at my tea party

I’ll invite him along to see

He could sample my tasty layer cake

and my posh conserves

maybe he’ll be nice to me

And I'd give him his just deserts


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Add a commentAn ongoing sagaFunny poemGrim ReaperMad HatterPo

‘Without so much as a by your leave’

entry picture

‘Without so much as a by your leave’


I called for death, but death just passed me by

and as he did he looked me in the eye

“I don’t have time to stop and chat”

with that, he waived his scythe, and that was that.


No interest in me he had, just left me feeling alone and sad

to ponder on my fate and plight as he drifted off into the night

Come back, come back I earnestl...

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Grim ReaperPo

The End

The End

Stayed in
locked in

coughing persisting
COVID and you coexisting


lonely existence

breathing restricted
going out resisted


poetry written

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covid 19empty bed

A mesage of hope and inspiration. (not a poem)

Hello everyone.

During these sad times and days of death and loss as a result of COVID and the many other deaths as a direct result of this pandemic, I felt that I would just like to share my thoughts about death and dying from an experiential viewpoint.

I have written hundreds of poems over the years and a huge percentage of them seem to be about death... Or rather life after life. Or the a...

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A sincere message of hope and inspiration.

Oh! Death where is your sting?

entry picture

Oh! Death where is your sting?


I have no fear of death

It’s death who doth fear me

For I am invincible

The Reaper can foresee


The day he comes to rip my soul

from this mortal coil

His efforts will all fall in vain

then again he will recall


Oh! dear death you have no hold

no fear in me resides,

you’ll return again, alone,

I’ll be not by your side


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Signum crucis

entry picture

‘Signum crucis’  Sign of the Cross times.


The pews are all empty, cassock hanging back of the door

The bible covers closed, no congregation to read it for

No hymns being sung, the cloisters deathly quite

Yet my minds in turmoil, my Soul’s running riot


The bells are all silent, no sermons proclaimed

No prayers being prayed, no candles aflame

Standing at the graves...

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funeral ritesPoSignum crucisthe last goodbye

‘Signum crucis’  Sign of the Cross times.


The pews are all empty, cassock hanging back of the door

The bible covers closed, no congregation to read it for

No hymns being sung, the cloisters deathly quite

Yet my minds in turmoil, my Soul’s running riot


The bells are all silent, no sermons proclaimed

No prayers being prayed, no candles aflame

Standing at the graves...

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funeral ritesPoSignum crucisthe last goodbye

Unmarked grave.

entry picture

Unmarked grave

I will write to you on another side of death that is waiting for many
Laying in a box with eyes covered by pennies
For to pay the ferryman as she transverses’ the Styx
She lies now prostrate' our benevolent testatrix

Charon bends his blades with sweat on his brow
No more tomorrows, gone is her now.
Only her past, to dissolve assuredly through time
Only bones now remain.....

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PotestatrixUnmarked grave


entry picture


So in time-honored tradition, the poet writes his lines of verse

The rhymes seem to elude him the more he seeks the further from the rhythm he falls

deeper, deeper into an abyss that consumes all light, and the darkness envelopes him.

Hope dissipates with each beat of his slowing heart. The air is thick with a dank all-pervasive stench.

His lungs constrict and contract unable ...

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Decent in to Hades'HellPo

May the forth be with you. by Poda

entry picture

May the forth be with you.

By Poda


Today is May 4th

Some call this day ‘Starwars’ day.

It does not need much imagination to see why this is... If, that is you have ever seen any of the ‘Starwars’ films.  Of which by now there are many.

If so, you will have heard the phrase “May the force be with you” said many a time to many a character in many situations in every single one o...

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GodGood Vs EvilKi.ChiPoReikiStarwarsThe Force

A poem for Jon

entry picture

Once again I have written a PM to an old friend here at WOL

my reply to him sums up I feel what so many must be feeling at this time.

I know he will not mind me posting this on my Blog.

He has been and still is a constant support to myself and many others here.


So a poem to my friend Jon...



Jon, Jon my old friend I made you cry!


Tears of laughter... that's the...

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Distant friendsinspirationPosupport

Tracks of my tears

entry picture

Tracks of my tears


Upon the window

once so clear

I awoke to find

translucence there


With the sinking moon

on natures scale

the fulcrum pivots

a sun so pale


To melt my random

patterned vale

the frost had crafted

with such detail


Till dissolving

almost out of sight

a drying tear track

now marks its plight


This no metaphor


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Jack frostPorandom thoughtswinters tail

The old man in the doorway

entry picture

The following poem was inspired by my friend Abdul's wonderful recent poem...

"Prayer for the safety of the old man"


The Old Man in the doorway 


I was that old man who stood at the door

When people passed by they would look at the floor

Or maybe the ceiling to avert their gaze

Less to make eye contact would cause them malaise  


As if like a leper, contagious was...

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BlindsidedCovid- 19HomelessInspired by AbdulPo

New Dawn

entry picture

New Dawn

I pray here on my own all alone

I’m praying for peace for us all

I’m praying for guidance please lend a hand

but as I listen in meditation deep

my thoughts are drowning the words that I seek

Help me to hear with Samuel's ear

I sense you draw near as we speak

a tear starts to fall I know you're hearing my call

and can see all my pain as I weep


The tears t...

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Six pack

entry picture

My bottoms sadly sagging
my belly's almost flat
without my daily pinta
drawn from the vat.
I've got withdrawal symptoms
like I've never had before
Because Corona virus
has got me locked down here indoors.

                                                                                                                       Po... Not my normal six pack!                   

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lock downno beerPoSix pack

See told you d.

She is so light-footed
she is so swift of mind
as a dancing partner
She is fabulous I find

I have two feet
both of them are left
they never do what I want them to
at dancing I'm bereft

I don't have the rhythm
Like my poetry never rhymes
I am useless at that as well
at wit, I’m also blind

I can’t see the point
in writing stuff in rhymes
I can’t even think of a word
to write at the en...

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answer to d.knapenone-sensePo

More tea vicar?

entry picture

More tea vicar?


I am as mad as a Hatter like that character of ‘Lewis Carroll’

I’m having a party, dressed in his apparel

I’m inviting some friends, to come and join in

We’ll be drinking tea, and there are songs we can sing


There will be yummy cakes to eat of all different kinds

and tales to tell to entertain our mind’s

There’ll be joy and laughter, and Oh! so much f...

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funjoylaughtermad hatterPosurreal

Times of yore

entry picture

Inspired by 'Jason's wonderful poem  "Birdsong".

Which I was reading whilst the news was on the background reporting on 'domestic abuse' cases rising., as a result of COVID 19 quarantine’s rules.


Times Of Yore


Unison sings in this birdsong poem

to remind us of 'times of yore'

when the only chatter coming down the line

was the repetition of that old jackdaw.


Or t...

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Dawn corusincestInspired by Jasonlockdownmental sexual and physical abusePo

A poem for Moon.girl

entry picture

Walking towards the light

What a waste. What a shame.
Lost and gone before you came.
The spot light dims no shadow cast
behind illumed face or darkened arse.

The curtain falls, the audience leave
disappointed and deceived
Your name in lights bulbs all blown
Dark forever. Not a fate condoned  

Your loss because another rises
fame assured, because of your tantalizes
Walking casts a ...

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PoSelf depreciation

Ramping it up

entry picture


Ramp it up ramp it up, the UK’s ramping up

Now it’s all about the Covid checkout

Come on, ramp it up!

It’s the latest Buzz-word used so extensively

at every opportune moment, daily on TV.

Ramping it up, that’s what we're doing...


If you can believe, half of what the PM’s saying

Who could disagree?


A sterling job we all commend

Our fabulous Nation Health


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Covid- 19PoRamping it up

Bucket mouth

entry picture

Bucket mouth


There was a young poet from Nantucket

Who carried his poems in a bucket

Every now and again

He’d stick his hand in

To randomly grab one, he’d pluck it



Listen to this! He would suddenly shout

To any poor souls wandering about

No need to be so down in the mouth

Pouring poems from his bucket quenching their drought

See that is better, of humor...

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Cue the manic laughter!

entry picture

Cue the manic laughter


Following on from my previous blog*  there is more I'd like to say

when it comes to Global culls there must be a better way.

Many theorize that ‘Covid virus’ is part of a deadly plan

reducing the population, killing women, children, man.

Well there is a flaw in this plan if you think this through

whilst we’re locked in quarantine, we know what many wil...

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Covid 19Dark HumourGlobal puppetGreta ThunburgPo

Baby Boom

entry picture

The latest scientific research seems to point to the fact that if your parents did not have any children you are 99% likely to not have any either.


In nine months time a baby boom ( I know its a tautology )

will be resounding across the world

During all of this captivity, much sexual action will unfurl

Boys and girls will be popping up like there is no tomorrow

Bringing lots of...

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baby boomPosatire

And the host tonight is...

And the host tonight is...


i lied i stole i cheated

i’m having lots of fun

ripping air from your body

attacking healthy lungs

you think i can not see you

standing in the crowd

let me tell a secret

if i am allowed.


I will not stop at doors

if you allow me in

when you venture out

then my fun begins

i drift upon the breeze

until i find a host


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bleat bleat bleat

entry picture

bleat bleat bleat


i have to say I find it strange

when folk get angry, become estranged

it’s not as if its a big surprise

to see the death toil daily rise


if now you can not find a bed

or medical care and end up dead

it's not as if you were not warned

this pandemic virus spawned.


flatten the curve being chanted

politicians platitudinously daily chanted


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Covid -19DeathNHSPo

Another Victim

entry picture

Another victim


Tearing though the sinues in my skull

sucking all the air from my lungs

Gasping for breath.

I could feel my very soul departing with each exhalation

Drowning in a vacuum of hopeless turbulence and despair.


As I stepped out upon heavens stair.


Nothing...  Nothing now of me remained


Except, engraved upon felsic intrusive igneous granet


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Covid -19Death by VirusHeadstonePo

Ovid on the Covid

entry picture

Ovid on the Covid


In Augustus times Ovid wrote

many a poem about sore throats

He was truly inspirationally to a lad like me

I searched the library for this cononical poet

For yes he was one, if you did’nt know it.


I feel like Ovid myself now... banished in exhile

because of my ‘carmen et error’.


How I enjoy his elegiac meter and erotic themes.


I am re...

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Covid -19humorous poemPoYeats

Two Steps Away

entry picture

As some of you are aware I work in a ‘key field’

If any of you watched ‘Murder 24/7’ on the television earlier this month you will have seen how we can track people very accurately via several different methods...  very accurately to within a few feet, and within seconds, in real-time!

‘Hypothetically’ potentially if you are having a BBQ and there are more than two of you we could add your n...

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Big BrotherCovid 19PoTwo steps to eternity or death

Far Cough

entry picture


People must not cough near you

they must cough far away

If you hear someone coming

Tell them to...







           Po.   24/03/2020



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Corona viruscoughcovid-19HumourPo

Closed minds

entry picture

Closed minds


My hands reach out to touch you

To break a binding spell

That grips you oh! So tightly

How far my friend you've fell


So insidious and commanding, compelling you to obey

Implanting words inside your mind, the things you're meant to say.  

Thinking these thoughts are yours… because this is how you think

Your eyes opened wide., and yet so easily hoodwink...

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AnarchyCovid-19PoV for Vision

Masking the problem!

entry picture

Good morning Doctor, I have a nasty cough

Can you sign this chit, so I don’t get laid off.

How long have you it had it, I’m duty-bound to ask

and, since you are here, take off that silly mask.


I am just being responsible as we all should do

Unlike you, you silly arse, you haven't got a clue

Where is your face mask to protect you from the goo

I can’t f’n get one, because o...

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Corona virusface masksPosatire

Dying for your touch

entry picture

Dying for your touch


The music saddens her heart, her eyes well tears of sorrow

that leave indelible tracks upon her cheeks so pure

Her red lips tremble as her body quivers.


Last night, last night she dreamed once more

About that man upon that distant shore

Never again will she feel his tender embrace

Or the warmth of his breath as he kisses her face


Their tw...

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dyinglost lovePo

Here we go again

entry picture



I received some news today, I heard six months ago

Honestly, I have to say, I found it quite a blow

Then as time passages, as time is oft to do

I put my thoughts to other things, and my the time has flew


All at once it presages, the portent of some doom

A lesson, which I once learned, never to assume

Augury, divination, foresight from the past

Akin to ...

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entry picture



So home from work another day over

switching on my laptop

First stop, WOL... It looks like a hostile take-over


Every comment on the right

my name is there to see

I spent a while commenting,

‘Poemagraphic’... that is me


I read a lot of other’s poems

some are rather good

so I leave a comment,

Cos. I think I should


If you find I’ve wr...

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humorI love poetryPopoets

A man in Grief

entry picture

A Man in Grief  

It must be very difficult
To be a man in grief,
Since "men don't cry" and "men are strong"
No tears can bring relief.

It must be very difficult
To stand up to the test
And field calls and visitors
So she can get some rest.

They always ask if she's all right
And what she's going through,
But seldom take his hand and ask,
"My friend, but how are you?"

He hears h...

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PoPremature baby deathSon and daughter-in-law


entry picture



My mind sitting passively in a pensive mood state

feeling receptive, thoughts to relate.


Calling to a sphere outside of my vision

no fear in the least the slightest derision


When soon into focus comes ethereal plains

where the muse can transfuse some spiritual gains


Wondering if that wondrous thought of inference

is a figment of my mind or ...

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Kundalinimeditation on a themePo


entry picture


Apotheosis is a way of seeing

all things as they appear to God

Can avoid within a universe of being,  

hiving energy in  comprehending

the infinite – not stifle pansophy?


Apotheosis is a way of seeing

energy – without creating or destroying,

without mundane perceptions – as, purely

a void, within a universe of being

all life must be repudiated; cleansi...

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Apotheosis is a way of seeingIntrospectionMeditationPoSensing the infinite


entry picture

...Mr. Kotula is a fervent Catholic who believes he is fighting in a noble cause, saving his region - where he says 75 percent of people are regular church-goers - from a rising tide of Western moral corruption and secularisation. He says he is acting “for the sake of my grandchildren”. 

(...The visceral reaction of the establishment itself belies the fear among the Catholic church of increasin...

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Gay prideLGBTPoRage against the system

Type 2 Diabetes

entry picture

I just posted this as a comment on another blog

Then I looked at it and thought I would blog it

ANY TYPE 2 out there in WOL land interested in hearing more about this topic drop me a PM


Lets start a debate that would be different!



Trust me there is NOTHING funny about Type 2.

Except I had it, and the experts said I would always have it and it would get worse and worse ...

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Big PharmacydeceitsliesNHSREMISSIONType 2 Diabetes


entry picture


I hear a knock upon my door

Afore I open it, I know who you are.

I know why you’ve come

and what you’ll do

I stand and bare my thigh to you.


You snap the ampoule

suck up its venomous elixir

The silver hypo needle

sharply pierces

it’s contents courses

though my body


A trickle of blood

seeps from my vein

the only trace of you

that remai...

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HadesHellSheolThe Underworld

Sacred sacrament

entry picture

Sacred sacrament


My sacred rhyme is my sacrament

I humbly beseech thee, guide my mind

That peace and light illume mankind


Some convinced the second comings already transpired

Theosophical teaching is not Godly inspired

Alice Bailey, Blavatsky, Henry Steel Olcott

Poor deluded souls polluted the occult.


Their search for Shamballa

Is truly shambolic

And mo...

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ChristianityJesus Christ

The UNDERWOOD. Page 9. Chapter 3

The UNDERWOOD.  Page 9. Chapter 3

The story continues.    “The Journey to the Summit"


‘The Astrology Orchard’


A forest falls upon my gaze, ethereal voices break the haze

obscured by ancient mists of time like an all-immersive pantomime

Lines of trees standing tall and straight block our passage with no gate.



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PoThe UNDERWOOD. Page 9. Chapter 3

Visions Convergence

entry picture

Preamble to:  The UNDERWOOD.  Page 9. Chapter 3

The story continues.    “The Journey to the Summit"

Coming soon!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Visions Convergence 


Many taboo places in our heads say never go

Without rhyme or reason, it seemed we'd reached a high plateau

We can see distant horizons, far vistas come into view

We long to reach ...

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Brought to EnlightenmentPoThe UNDERWOOD Page 9

Visions convergence

entry picture

Visions convergence  


There are certain taboo places my head and heart says never go

Sometimes without rhyme or reason, it seemed I’d reached a high plateau

Where I can see distant horizons, far vistas come into view

I longed to reach up further, higher my heart says, adieu


I clambered all the way, to reach this lofty summit

My head is feeling dizzy, my heart begins to ...

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adieuparallaxplateauPoreaching new heights

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