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Let's begin

Etymology has a huge part to play  

History can go back a long way

Effecting what us poets say.


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entry picture





Hello darkness my old friend, once again I must pretend

On my face a smile so wide, hides the pain within I hide

A very sunny disposition, eludes, evades, my true condition

                                Within the sounds of silence

Painted smile upon my face, the truth wills out, when erased

Standing naked within the...

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11/11 11:00 Memorial

entry picture

11/11   11:00  Memorial

The little white wooden church


The small white wooden church, had not an empty seat.

With an overflowing congregation, so many on their feet.

Spilling out of the door, to pay their last respects.

Far more than I had thought, and more than most expect.


The service was quite poignant, a fitting tribute that’s for sure

A lost and fallen comrade, ...

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11:11BlairLIght DragoonsPoRememberance

Faking it

Faking it

Pretending is just play acting

You know that it’s not real

However good you at it you are

How passionate you’re Zeal


It can be fun of that I’m sure

And I would not decry

Why men will do the strangest things

Between a women’s thighs


Faking it can be fun

I suppose, up to a point

It all depends upon

The persona you appoint


Women are much...

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all the world's a stagePo

Heros Roll

entry picture

A re-post in remembrance of ‘Moff’ a true hero.    

And for all those who gave their life in service.   Always only a thought away.


Roll Of Honour

A brave young trooper proudly stood... and would again if he only could

Upon the hot and shifting sands, alongside his comrades as they manned

Their post, as proud a man could be; as all around could plainly see.


Not all lo...

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In remembranceLIght DragoonsPo

The Goon Show ii

This poem is really just for us older brits... who can still remember the good old days.

Children of the 'sixtys' old age hippys rule!  Happier days.. 



Trying to find some humour in this world that seems quite mad

never was a problem when I was a lad.

I used to laugh at lots of things that struck me rather funny

Humour now I cannot find, for simply love nor mon...

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Borisgoons showpolitics humourThe good old days

The way we were

entry picture





The way we were

Once your constant companion

I was always, there at your side

Now you lay there all alone

Under your covers you hide

I watch you through my eyes

Stitched open, made of glass

I see all your pain

The hurt, from your past


Your tiny hands used to grasp

Holding me close to you, so tight

Back then we would cuddle

Right through ...

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lost childhoodPo

Come On! HONK

entry picture







The chameleon ran vertically, straight up the wall
​and disappeared though a crack infinitesimally small

“Did you just see that?” The post man exclaimed
​“They’re the masters of disguise”, I quickly explained

Running across, peering through a small crack
​The post man kept looking, dropping his sack

“Stand back and wait quietly, he’ll soon...

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White Knuckle Ride


Gripping white knuckle ride!


Screammmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

From the long slow clanking chain ride to the top

Looking skywards, leaning back further, till almost horizontal

At the summit, all time stands still.

An eternity, lost in a flash

Down, down, down, facing the bowels of hell

Thundering, silently, swiftly, ever closer

Last on... Now at the top


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Don't cross the line

entry picture

Don’t Cross The Line

There is something wrong here, there is no denying
So many of our youth, daily are dying
Stabbed with a blade, with malicious intent
Blead out on the ground, lay under our tent

A blue and white tape, flaps in the breeze
That cordons off a crime scene. There on their knees
The forensic officer has seen it countless times before
Another family destroyed, by a knock on their ...

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County linesdrugsgreiflossmurderstabbing



Morning light came up on the shadows of souls

Down lonely dark roads littered with toads

That rained down from the sky, like a biblical plague

To drown out the sorrows’ and errors they’d made


And the rivers like blood, ran deep and dark

As the righteousness stood by, and the mad dogs barked

A fowl stench filled the air… it was one of pure dread

Of countless men...

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#belief #faith #hopeThe Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse



Resting By The Fireside.   Ch. 2  (Page 8)


Leaving the wood behind us,

our journey now well underway

It is time to rest before slumber,

for tomorrows another busy day.


We’ll dance and sang and read poetry

fill our bellies, drink wine and fine beer

As we gather around the blazing fireside

Safe and warmed from the cold night air


To think, ju...

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Why Bother?


Why Bother?


You know I could just keep on writing,

but really what’s the point?

With the hundreds of poems I’ve written

What’s one more to disappoint.


After all, most, have not been seen yet

And probably never will be, at this rate

So why am I still writing

And myself continually berate


Is it for the accolade?

Hardly, when I look.

I’m never goi...

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a poets lot




A tear slowly seeps from beneath my mask

That concealed the truth… Why?  You asked

Emotions rapidly streaming, from so deep inside

Become a raging torrent, I can no longer hide

As my teardrops burst from a broken dam

That can no longer hold back, just who I am.


It was so easy to hide away from the truth

Whilst it’s kept at bay, from all those who sleuth


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absolvedpains from the pasttrue love

The Music Box

The music box


As I am reading I am watching this old music box, I have just gently lifted the lid

The ballerina is turning, the music is playing, however the clockwork mechanism is loudly clanking and the ballerina is crying tears of blood.


On the inside of the lid is a mirror that shows an entirely different image from the one you would expect. It is Sal’s poem unfolding… the b...

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ode to a friendsurrealism


In that hypo’s long, sharp, silver, needle

The fentanyl curse left me feeble

With dragons coursing through my veins

Oxygen depleted starving brain

Just an empty husk, and to my shame

Nought of me...  Just death remains.



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death.drug abusefentanyloverdose

The Digital Dunce

The Digital Dunce


This is a tale about a digital dunce, who obeys without question, I too was one once.

It’s hard to see the curve is so smooth, and the journey quite slow, unlike the pace that you move

From a freeman to slave, bound in ball and chain... until none of the former even remains


Let’s take a look at the letter s on this page... its good place to start, for your b...

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Po’s prose prologue The UNDERWOOD Chapter 2

Po’s prose prologue

The Underwood  Chapter 2    ‘The ascent to the Summit’   (Page 7)

So, page 6 found us on the edge of ‘Underwood’, at the treeline with the wood behind us, and the vista of a majestic mountain laying ahead of us.

Here we find ourselves at an old log cabin.  This will be our base camp, where we will rest and prepare for our long journey ahead to…  ‘The Temple on the Mou...

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The UNDERWOOD Chapter 2 Page 7 Prologue.

Running up Moonbeams

Running up Moonbeams


Between life and death is a magical space

Where dreams are born, for you to chase

Some begin early and are dashed too soon

Others elusive, like the beams of the moon


Every once in a while as your path you traverse

From swaddled in a cot, to laid out in a hearse

Two souls will converge in a blending of time

As two become one, and in silent mime


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lost loved onememories from pastresurrectionsweet dreams

The Sword of ‘Damocles’

The Sword of ‘Damocles’


This is the fable of an ancient king

Who decides for a day his friend he would bring

To swop places in his palace and experience his life

All of his joys…   and all of his strife!


His friend only seeing mass opulence

The Kings life full of joy, and magnificence 

So dressed in fine robes a banquet was set

The friend sat for his meal unaware ...

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The wood of enchanted contentment


The frost carpets the meadow, Lark’s song in the air

The fresh smell of the season, the winter draws near

Holly laden with red berries, a good winters store

‘Hedgehog’ is asleep, on the warm woodland floor


‘Old Oak’ has provided a blanket of leaves that cover

As our prickly friend burrows, the leaves softly smother

‘Wise Owl’ keeps a...

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Millstone of malaise

Millstone of malaise

Discarded like a bit of fluff, in your belly button

Me soft as a lamb, you tough as old mutton

Standing in the vacuum, of your vacant gaze

Like I’m carrying an invisible millstone of malaise.



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invisiblerejected.lost love

Beyond the neon sign

Beyond the neon sign


The blind man saw with his heart so pure

                 what was blind to the sighted, so obscured

                            The razzle dazzle of our world so bright  

                                       Hides the truth from us all, in its blinding light



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advertisingconsumerismcorporate greed


 If I knew, what anger was, it might look a bit like this…

I spend all day and half the night, trying to make stuff rhyme
Pondering over random words, then arrange them in a line
Hoping in some abstract sense, non-figurative stuff I figure
That will when read by others, engender comments that it triggers

Call me an old fuddy-duddy, a fossil , calcified in time
A dinosaur, a Dodo bird, or so...

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satirical poetry

The UNDERWOOD (Page 5)


The UNDERWOOD  Page 5     (A poem within a poem)


Message in a bottle


A poem within a poem, is written.

Which in ‘Underwood’, is strictly most forbidden

And yet,… One washes up upon the shore

Opening  up ethereal worlds, though yet another door

Within this glass bottle, flung in the sea afar

lay more arcane mysteries, this door in now ajar  


~    ~    ~  ...

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The UNDERWOOD  Page  4


This next verse fills a volume of a treatise yet unwritten

Of a curse upon the souls, whose bodies here, were smitten

With a sick lust for pleasure, by wreaking others heinous pain

Together here in purgatory, forever, shall remain




No hallowed ground, for these monarchs, who reigned down their terror  

Inscribed in ruinic cruciform thei...

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As we enter the clearing see the skies beautiful green hue

And the odious blue grass, Neath’ your feet you purview  

Like a copper covered dome, patterned, through the passages of time

Built by the grand architect, resemble a temple, beautifully sublime


Beneath our feet lie the tombs of all evil kings and queens

Whose bones and blue blood leak upwa...

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The Underwood Page 3




Close your ears to the lullaby’s, whispered softly by the trees

For if not, for certain, this forest, you never will leave

The trees here in Underwood, whose branches hypnotically sway

Whose leaf’s whisper sweet nothings, must nay stand in your way


For beware, resting for an instant beneath their massive mantel

From their tendril branches clutches...

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The UNDERWOOD   Page 1


So my pretty reader fair, dear you enter where most not dare

If so follow, don’t get lost, keep hold my hand at any cost.

Notice how the terrain is changing, that your mind keeps rearranging

The path is now steep and narrow, the crows calling, chills and harrows


Carving furrows in your mind, keep up, keep up, don’t be left behind.

At this poi...

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The UNDERWOOD Page 1 Original Short Story by Po





The chameleon ran vertically, straight up the wall

and disappeared though a crack infinitesimally small

“Did you just see that”! The post man exclaimed

“Their the masters of disguise”, I quickly explained


Running across, peering through the small crack

The post man kept looking dropping his sack

“Stand back and wait quietly, he’ll soon reappear”

And ...

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Perchance To Dream

Perchance to Dream.

Part 1

You think the world is solid, then watch it simply melt

Down a drain in the gutter, that’s just how it felt

So I followed diving in, though in a slot in the grid

There saw a woman standing, from my gaze she simply slid

Looking up, looking down, looking this way, looking that

I saw a cat with green whiskers, sitting on a mat


It’s edges quickly...

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abstract surrealdreamssuccubus

Ashes in a jar

Ashes in a jar


It has been said, that the road to hell is paved with good intentions

Not always lies and deceit, or other people’s pretentious

How can we even know where the path will be

The sign often obscured, impossible to see


Is it the left hand path, or maybe the right

Or, perhaps the middle ground leads to the light

Left wing and right wing mean little to me


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beliefdeathlife eternalreligionspiritual road

Another day on the job

Another day on the job


At the end of the path, a broken door, smashed shards of glass lay on the floor

Cross the threshold, enter in, another crime scene, let’s begin


Walk the hall, climb the stairs, the crime unfolds, hold back the tears

‘Must’ needs dispassion to comprehend, precisely what transpired, at last days end?


For at the setting of the sun, what exactly her...

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Costa Lot

Costa Lot


Always complaining I have no money

Is not in the slightest a little bit funny

Spending sixty quid a month on a cup of coffee

Aroma wafting up my nose that’s a little bit toffee


A snob you say!  


That’s a little bit strong for a flat white guy

I say, It is up to me exactly just what I buy

Bloody scroungers, freezing outside the door

With me sat in...

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costa coffeehumorscroungerstoffs

To late she cried

Too late she cried


Sitting in Starbucks doorway

After the lights are all turned out

The demons are surly coming

I can hear them scream and shout


It is for me the sirens call

Flashing blue and white

Piercing though the darkness

Blindingly bright white


Flowing down the sidewalk

My life’s blood ebbs away

In the morning another statistic

Is all the p...

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abandonmenthomelessmonster cruelty abuse sadness childhoodregret

The Up Side

The Up Side

I have conversations, with people inside my head

I call spirits from the vastly deep

people call them, but do they come?


Some think so, yes that’s for certain…

But when all things are said and done

My thoughts become tangible things


With a substance all of their own

I hate it, and love it, however

My friends I could never disown


We wander wh...

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surreal poem

In a Flap

In a flap


What’s his name?

We call him ‘Noisy cat’


Not so hard to believe

I only meant to feed him once

Now he never leaves


Meaow! Meaow! Meaow! Meaow!


Scrapping at the door

My don’t you use the cat flap

That’s what it’s in there for


We used to have a cat

Kirby was her name


Then one day

She went and died

That really was a sham...

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catsfunny poemPo

Out of his reach

One for the ladies...  You can grab it if you 'Like'

To Vawtar  Thank you so much for reciting this.


Out of his reach


When we first met, it was like ‘Fifty shades of grey’

Those sweet nothings you whispered, I would swoon as you say

When sex was like a marathon, lasting all-night

In so many positions, me holding you tight


Brazilian, vagazzled, gone was the that...

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#alcohol #inlove #helpless #hurtlesbian marriage

Lost and Found Pt 2

Lost and Found  Pt 2


3 am. in the morning, on a dark, dank night

I opened the door to demons, my Soul taking flight

A tote on a bong, filled with ‘Lebanese black’

I’d lost my Soul, for certain there was no turning back


An ‘OBE’ as I’d never had before

Disregarding the warning, written on the door

In exile, the door slammed shut, tightly closed  

Locked from the ou...

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Dark night of the SoulDemonsDesperationDrugs

Lost and Found Pt 1 (Graphic content)

Lost and Found  Pt 1


My life

my lost family

Ripped apart.

I curse the

f’n opiates.


Sectioned is

The new PC


Locked up in this

‘Mad House’


The same.


Nothing PC can

Be found.

Drugged up

On the floor

In a piss soaked



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drug abusemental illnesssectionedsuicidetortured soul











I wish I could freeze time in my freezer

and thaw it out when I need a bit more.

If I could, then one thing is for sure

I’d very soon need a new door.


With all of that opening and closing

I know that I’d soon wear it out.

It would get lots of use that’s for certain

Of this, there cannot be a doubt.


For s...

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Posilly rhymetimewhat if

The Ballard of Jack and Jill

It has been suggested by some, that this nursery rhyme records the attempt by King Charles 1 to reform the taxes on liquid measures.

He was blocked by Parliament, so subsequently ordered that the volume of a Jack (1/8 pint) be reduced, but the tax remained the same*. This meant that he still received more tax, despite Parliament's veto.

Hence "Jack fell down and broke his crown" (some pint g...

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politics humourSilly poems




Terrorist’s never simply come clean

Klashnekoff  laying on the ground at the scene

Not just discarded, deliberately left

For a victim in the future, another parent bereft


In it’s stock an evil surprise is hidden

Placed there to do, the devils insidious bidding

So that when in the lab the expert takes aim

Triggers an explosion, from the stock shoots a flam...

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Fighting evil togetherretrospectionslaughter of the innocentsterrorism




Finding new complexity in hand writing dexterity

Searching for lost artistry in the guise of poetry.


At times the images so surreal, in my mind a cotton reel

Unravels till a tangled thread weaves a web around my bed

Then ‘Itsy Bitsy’ comes to call. Arachnophobia cause me to fall

Awaking with a nasty bump, in my throat a ticking lump.

As I yawn, a black...

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spiderssurreal trip


Be Still

Ponder the wonders of life….   The mysteries that await discovery

The things you know…  Yet have never seen nor heard

Feel for the essence of truth within you… Not in this 'screen' world of illusions and lies

But deep within the silence, silencing the crys


In the ether of your mind… Not the cable from the wall

Nor the confines of the net… Let infinity's confines fa...

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I sometimes know that truth will hurt

So keep a buttoned lip.

I sometimes know that truth will hurt

So let a little slip.



“Does my Bum look big in this?”

s i l e n c e ! …

“I think the zip is stuck darling”



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#love #romance #honestyliestruth

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