Sun Shines All Around You. (The nurture of nature)

A trickle of sweat, runs down your face, and won't allow your emotions to embrace,  you are left bereft, while the sun, shines all around you.

Voices of fear, blacken your days, keeping you in those rat-infested alleys of your ways, as your habits usurper the days.

Yourself taught mechanisms, fixate the hate, hurts your mind, and the culture kills off any hope, that I will ever find you.


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Orange Coral

The midget mind of an individual voices their opinions on what is seen, rubbing salt into the wounds of those with bound hands, little options, and misguided dreams..

Hateful words splice open rubber, and air sucks life into deep sea graves, criminalising the unknown and drowning, as water filled lungs sink beneath the waves.

White gleaming smiles, hide the rotten teeth, of no compassion and...

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Well-beings #7

Well-beings #7


I’m seeing well-beings,

being more body conscious,

conscious of the way they look,

looking into the cosmetic mirror

as they contemplate consider,

which teeth they can reconfigure,

liposuction, face filler and a slight tummy tuck.


I’m seeing well-beings,

being mindful and meditate,

meditate into a transcendental state,

stating online rhy...

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I Beat

With every beat of my heart
With every beat of my mind

I'm the clenched fist dragging on the concrete of my town
I am the gnarled smiling face of a twisted laughing clown
Like an unearthed jewel of ill-educated teaching
I'm the grasping hand of want, that never will stop reaching
A starved little brethren whose reached  his full potential 
In society groomed by the those ...

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