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Philipos on SITE OWL (1 day ago)

Stephen Gospage on SITE OWL (1 day ago)


With all this - deep fake that's doing the rounds

its time to micro-target tailored advertisements

especially if going on line, and issue the fines.

How deep these websites have become within

undercurrents of dark web specialised software!

Enough to make those hairs stand up at the back


of your neck. Can the recanting whistle blowers

change their tune with the sparking of...

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Are you aware of them yet?

these new English words now

toppling off the end of pens

and which enter our domain


each year. Then take in your

good hearts, the heralds cue,

go on-line to check some out

and get totally acclimatised

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Please, let's have no disorder here

no smut about the dodgy beer effect,

the double nuke of pewk and squits

lets pit our wits to keep this site a

decent one, not something detonating


like an atomic bomb - think of the poor

old road sweepers as they come to work

and yell out loud, 'what berk did that?

in full view of our noble public too, let's

find those respon...

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Order appears to be returning

after recent years of Gurneys

creeking through local streets

and Cranes which dangle from

a giddy height transporting the


builder's necessities from a lofty

position - notices proclaim this to

be a Considerate Workman' s site

although I'd like to see the incident

books which often are a smidgeon


cooked - what swathes of met...

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On my screen I am looking

at Jaipur, and a structure of

magnificence built goodness

knows back when - I can almost

sense an air of cumin there.

No need just now, to jump onto


an aeroplane and risk my health,

but with a little stealth and guile

I can  focus on the architecture

for a while, imagining with a sense

of joy, a wondrous ambience, not

even exitin...

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How shall we speak of it today

the world now being as it is with

far flung complexities - I see now

protests issuing from Australia,


with China flexing stern rigidity.

Crosses mark the spot of regions

up for grabs from Asiatic claws,

mirroring Marco Polo episodes

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There is something about those

west end streets, especially in the

quieter hours when fewer people

are around and neon lights kick

off their after glow in routines that

are rhythmic to the eye suggesting

more excitement is to come or gives

a whiff of danger to our inner sense


and in the darker passage ways out

sneaks a practiced hand to steal a

wallet from a...

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The mind is full of them of course

the passageways of thought which

brought us to this conversation - I

have shuttered now my receiver on

the phone, having spoken at length

to my grandaughter for our catch up

conversation - about the Inns of Court


and grand Metropolis - where on the

foggier nights, wraiths go drifting by,

bringing those yesterdays into presence


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Were it to be intelligent

life, what would my mirror

make of my staring it out,

grimacing my face when

I shave my morning stubble

or peering at my un pink

tongue as I go gongoozling

away at it - whilst it pokes

back at me, my own cake hole


wide enough to eat a gateau

if the appetite were right, or

a slice of aunt Sally's special

cake, or yummy treacle ...

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It is rather strange the woman

who comes visiting to my house

and engages in social distancing

when once our togetherness was

so important to us then. Yet now

no longer do we blow a kiss, nor


reminisce, about the bliss of what

we used to share in the upper room.

She travels all the way through hazy

countryside to be with me - just to

talk and drink a little ...

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Grey as a Battleship's sides

the skies appear today, at 9am

I hear no scurrying of the kids

out in a lane nearby when

often at this time of day I am

aware of it, the shrieks of joy

from boys and girls who are

now incarserated in the places


where they domicile. There are

no smiles upon the faces of the

populous passing by. Even the

bouyancy of household pe...

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Days with the cold grey frost

of early morn, would spawn

horrors when alarms went off

strident as an alley cat they'd

wail, until a hasty hand reached

out in anger and pressed the

button of disarmament before

taking a naughty moment more

under the flickering eyelids

which had closed themselves

subconsciously, and later struggling


to the workplace of the d...

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That chair which is empty

begs questions of a sort,

who sat in it, what were

their thoughts before the

chair fell into disrepair and


ended on the tip. What quips

were uttered from the lips of

occupiers - what conversations

overheard, before woodworm

micro lit those tiny catacombs


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What will they take away

today, now that I hear the

dustcart sounds echoing

in the street - for sure all

the designated grime and

detritous - but apart from


rancid mess and snot has

someone lost a wedding ring

now glittering in an unseen 

spot, but twinkling to a darker

place oblivious to radiant eyes

concealed by a mouldering pies


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For starters:


Craven A


Then then the added mysticism:

Balkan Sobrani

Passing Clouds


Then Chewing Tobacco and snuff:

Followed by:

Hey, which one of  you loons

moved the spitoon?

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I slipped on a banana skin

my legs went different ways

I ended up in sick bay and was

there for several days - the nurses

there were lovely - one played the


Magic Flute - festive seasons bring

such joy, as no one gives two hoots.

Apart for one called Doris, who

growled in hob nailed boots


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They say that stones store

conversations from the past,

the sounds of yesterday are

heard when means of playing

them are found - how profound


is that, the goo goo noises that

I used to make when exiting the

womb - and gasps before tomb

doors are open for my carapace,

as Nimrod blurts inside a Crem

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Over the decades I have passed

through many of them, through

stormy seas and tranquil ones,

have eaten hard tack biscuits

with the weevils in - have seen


the fish which skirted over waves

and I've watched out for a knave or

too, who might have drawn a knife

or gun, when startled in the early

hours, as April showers turned


into blustery episodes from dar...

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Good morning universe

I glimpse you through my

shuttered window panes -

you are a complex mix up

there in the sun less sky -

what surprises have you in


store today for places - near

to where I live - forgive me if

I press the point - will it be blue

Martians who invade, or those

Jupitans shaded by grey skies

where lies a wider truth of Zeus 

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After the eyelids have flickered

and settled down for the night

is when the flights of fantasy

begin within the central core

of body hood. It's when clean up

teams come into their own, calming

the wider grid of its uneasiness,

regarding our deeper inner universe.


When awakening refreshed, it is

easy to forget the back room team

sweeping away the detritus of...

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We don't dangle from a tree branch

as if a moth going through various

stages towards adulthood - instead

we snuggle in the womb growing

away unseen, feeding on maternal

nutrients - sometimes an x-ray might

catch the newcommer wannabe as it

suckles a thumb - the child of whatever


gender dependant on the Mater, and

awaiting delivery through the channel

of birt...

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Straight from my containerised mind they come

those words and adjectives that just roll out and

I wonder when I face my screen how many miles


I travelled in my life time, how many nautical knots

I sailed, and how many air flight points I earned -

how many breathes I'll take before my chest goes flat


How many cups of beverage did I enjoy and in the


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Thud, thud, thud

they strike adobe mud

rounds, pounds, sounds,

hurried to a call concealed

behind thick walls - palls


of smoke, this is not a joke

somewhere in a foreign

field, a man yields plasma as

he drifts away - the rescue

chopper comes - his chums


convey him on a stretcher, and

note his name as Fletcher as

ragheads come hot footing.


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Russet leaves are still today,

at least what's left of those

adhereing to the mainstem

hedge, how odd there is no

no breeze when usually I see

them fluttering away as if there


was no yesterday - sometimes

like a radio signal I wish to

have communication with them

but they never seem to answer

me back, only the merest flutter

as I'm eating my buttered toas...

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We have a united voice at WOL

creating conversations around

the wider globe - the good - the

bad - happy - sad - and inward

voice capable of being expressed

to the unknown universe. It is well

to remember the freedom of going

on line to talk about the good or


bad, or not so fine - to share our

doubts with those who might

otherwise disagree - forget our


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I have the time to do things

but in the strange manner of

lockdown, I lack the inclination.


Of course, I pop down to the

local supermarket and do my

daily bit of foraging for food


Routines are important I believe

getting out of the incarserated

feeling of the home 24/7, is too


Mustn't stay glued inside the

comfy chair too long or let the

brain g...

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Wave to me someone, wave

or acknowledge me as I walk

to the shops - don't avoid my

gaze hidden under my specs

and the compulsory mask as

tasked to me by the sanitary

regulations - contagion is in

the mind - yes, in the mind

and everywhere I seem to

look, where the uncertainty


of others lacking in warmth

with faces inward looking -

wondering. Who is nex...

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There is a miasma like a plasma

creeping under the floors and into

the corridors of current life - as a

grenade, it contains itself - that is

until a pin is pulled from its chilly


mechanism and wreaks devastation

perhaps such as a fly walking upside

down upon the ceiling which tumbles

upon its fragile frame. It isn't really

a selective thing this act of random


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Now that I no longer zonk

but am awakened to sound

I sense the wisper of wings

through my upper windows

which allows the morning to


admit itself unannounced, it

means I have lived another

night and day, complete with

tribulation of these times it

seems - I can't remember the


dreams I had last night, there

was turmoil I recall, about the

passing o...

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Have you noticed energy loss

during Lockdown, inertia and

a drift to lassitude like no other

or have you noticed the same

lack of drive in your dearest

kin - well listen in - pop down

to your local grocery store and


treat yourself to some perk up

potion containing fruit and veg

and zingy vitamins. You could

be singing psalms of praise in

just a single sho...

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I was there this morning

not quite at the crack of

dawn, but I was there with

paperwork to verify it and

there was a never ending


line of other vehicles which

were coming up to the front

for security checks. Only one

or two jumped the queue and

went heading off regardless


people cursing quietly at their

nerve, eventually the lance went

in, well at...

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He thought cunnilingus was a flower

though she showed him it was vastly

superior to the scented sniffing of a rose


They wore no clothes of course during

the moments that lay ahead, sprawled

out on the duck down feathered bed


One for the road she said with tears in

her eyes though trying to conjure a

smile. In a while he said, patting her


moistened bro...

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I wonder when, sometimes

in my deeper meditations,

how the world could reunite,

during moments of uncertainty

as I contemplate the ticking of

my clock, seeing on the box

the tragedies beefed up by


media - it is then figuratively

I toughen up - putting safer

distances of rancid thoughts

polluted by the press, and I

say to myself, of course the


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The world is down to one

they say the rest have flown

a tycoon started homes on

a kinder face of Moon - the

rest were left behind to


wallow in their gloom, some

say they hear a groan across

the universe, and omens speak

of doom, now daffodills don't

bloom nor roses scent perfume

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She visits me often in the night

negligee loose and erotic parts

exposed - I suppose one day a

realisation will take place deep

in my subconscious state that


she left years ago to live with

someone else - I don't regret it

not one bit - although she was

well stacked and liked to flout

her marital vows playing about


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Into the stewing pot of life

go various ingredients the

leaner gleaner times when

ends don't meet only to find

a timely cheque has landed

on the mat inside your hall,

yet we shrivel when the chips

are down but, drawing breath

take on a taller stance and

look at our uncertain world

to the joys which are unfurled

like pearls before the swine

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Oh how they get battered by the wind

being once our first line of defence

those Napoleonic wars a cause for

their creation - no doubt on the ocean

bed are remnants of the past our long


lasting rememberances  - now they have

become the swanky pads of cads who

have their greenback notes, watching in

close proximity nearby vessels up and

down coastlines of our thr...

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It is a terrible thing, pretending to be

the God or Goddess of mercy which

is unsurpassed, and yet in spite of all

public accolades these perpetrators

desperately seek, something's going

amiss when glory itself has begun

cascading on the very culprit who

malevolently designed things that way.


There will be some repetitous injury

or slaying of the ones they hold...

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Dotted around the sea beds

of this earth lay wonders to

behold - under the decks of

ancient ships - now wrecks,

are spectacles to admire - the

ancient urns and amphora


lay scattered there - and, if

we shared our sorrier tales

waterproof cameras from a

more recent age are subject

to the ocean tides, where tiny

crabs, jab pincer claws at us

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Another interior photograph

or at least a series of them as

​​​​​the camera in the medical

machine fires its radar shots

and goes whirring away again

there is no dignity in any of this

only relief as a technician says


'OK, you can get dressed now

we'll let your GP have the test

results in due course' and then

the awful period of tenterhooks

and the letter...

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Through panes of glass

the sun sends coronas of

illumination and energy all

of its own, which may uplift

the mood for those of us

who concern ourselves with

uncertain futures - thank the


heavens for Avon's bard

for reminding us we appear

upon global stages, and so

variously have tenuous roles 

to play, day out, day in, and

even during exacting times


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Gimme my dummy

I want my mummy

My tummy is so

out of control

why are my guard


dogs not on patrol

they all voted wrongly

I'm hard to console

Yarroo, yarroo, I won't

sulk in the Loo - in a


moment or two those

bad dreams are through

what will I do?

I'm so blue - the

outcome of voting


i st...

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Will Biden be better than

the man he trumped - will

he bring harmony to the

USA, the wider world, and

set in train policies we can

understand? His start is

quite a promising one with


a choice of running mate -

will he go routin tooting with

that guy called Putin, or will

he cull harmoniously a modern

China grasping out for land?

Where lies his true pok...

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Out there where the greenery

is witnessed all around, oddly

on this Armistice Day, there is

hardly a sound heard, not even

a cheeping bird. There is no

sign of a breeze - perhaps the


world is digesting the outcome

of Armistice Day - and the voting

from office of Donald Trump who ran

the Presidency into a wailing wall

as the world looked on in disbelief


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Tall buildings in the town

rise up apace, the cranes

and workmen with box

spanners around their


midst - the dust, or smell

of oxide paint to hold at

bay - safe working site it

says on signs strewn


about where hoardings

hang and signed in men

commuting on the carrying

frame look down on earth


beneath, programmed now

to rising up and down t...

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What inspired our ancient kin

to do these things - write their

pictorial essays on caveside

walls and claim their primitive

mastery of the ochred arts with

such celebratory style as all the

while, outside there howled the

hungry wolves or bears in search

of meat - and in the cooler wintry

chills the furs were fashioned into

softer human garb. No GPs then



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The Mink are kicking up a stink

at least the bugs that dwell inside

them are - to hear the tales of all

the negativity to come - you'd 

think the world was doomed when

actually it is by far the best place

in the universe to live - its just we


heard it all before and know the

score - do what the Jolly Green

Giants entreat - tweak those

carbon emissions a litt...

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The pomp and ceremony of

medal awards, the marching

bands and cheering crowds

brought not again to life the

fallen at the Somme but in a


way, it was a cathartic release

for those at home who knew

at least for now the suffering

could be put to rest and face

the realism of uncertainties


In the transient Empire

where limbless heroes

found a firmer gr...

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Because of current restraints

and embargos keeping me in a 

sort of suspended animation,

I go for walks and take the air

to escape lockdown Part 2, and

I notice more people with that

one thousand yard stare, than

previously being  the case -

many have grown thinner too

not quite the matchstick people


in a Lowry print, but heading in

that same way directio...

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In the tabernacle of a body's

prayerfulness, there is a kind

of sanctuary for meaningful

contemplation - as a bee is

seen hovering around plump

pollen sacks of the scented


briar rose in full bloom, so

fragrances of thought might

appear from scudding clouds,

like angels wished it to be so

w​hen tuning on a harpsicord

of meditative inspirations

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