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Freedom you say well

what does that imply, to

stand up for your rights

as others take the hit

as wheels of commerce

trundle to a juddering halt

there must be fault you say

the bosses they must pay, no

longer pennies for the breadline

poor who cannot feed their brood

bring out the placards go on strike

shop stewards grab your tinny mikes

or is it immig...

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Gray’s allergy what’s that

it’s not allergy it’s an elegy

well what’s Gray’s Elegy then

it’s a kind of sad poem about

people who die and the poem

works because it’s atmospheric


does that mean creepy you know

graveyards and all that kind of stuff

no death was viewed more soberly

back in 1742 when the poem was first

penned as people expressed their

sadness ...

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Ireland with Emily, you what

Emily indeed, you must be

having a laugh a top notch

society Doris she was Nemo

Me Impune Lacessit ancient

lineage, so you don’t grass up


a royals’ name you might get

some Corgi poo through the

letter box or worse still one of

those rambling diatribes from

HRH, you know who I mean not

the Queen no the one from that


grand es...

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Well of course he came

to grief what do you expect

stealing a squire’s daughter

like he did albeit they were

wed but without father’s say

so you didn’t do that then


Gad zooks no wonder he ended

up in everyone’s bad books the

toffs close ranks you know they

said he was untrustworthy never

mind they were in love far too big

for his medieval boo...

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Hey you she said

her eyes were red

i want to be hugged

i don’t mean bed don’t

look like that the pets

are fed but i want to be


hugged i don’t mean bed

ok i said a hug is fine

then you can share what’s

on your mind I would prefer

more but I bide my time

if that’s alright then we


may entwine did I ever

say that you look divine


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You ask me about mosses and

such like bryophytes or embryo

phytes small flowerless plants

as phylum, spagnales growing

in clumps or mats often seen in

damper spots or shady nooks

moss gathers many names

some growing up to twenty

inches tall with one-cell leaves

and there are 12,000 species

at least so don’t ask me to name

them by their various type...

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