I expect this piece will be quickly removed from the blog page because it could be construed as inciting misogyny, and that will never do.


The OED (Oxford English Dictionary) has confirmed to me

that 'Homogyny' is not a known word, but could become so

if it passes into everyday usage, the way misogyny has.


I was inspired to come up with the word 'Homogyny' when I wro...

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When you're not needed.

When you’re not needed.


When I was younger and much more needy,

There was no one that I wanted to be, (like a girl friend for

Instance) there for me.

Now that I’m much older and don’t give a damn (most of

The time), there’s still nobody here for me.

People only need you when they want something from you,

Like love or money.


I don’t know if the needed ...

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