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For my parents



Fists layer like mottled paint

a patchwork of things to hide;

sleeves in summer provide respite

from quick eyes asking

while her egg shell feet

drag home reluctant but set

to meet the fate she chose

with a band of gold and a promise.

Until new paradigms form

in a heart hammered sore,

bruised ribs the prison where

she stifles every mis...

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The Changeling



There's a change going on I can't see;

is the woman in me dying?

I notice the grays and lines appearing

but something other is steering my course,

the stalk of the Reaper draws close.


When the usefulness of my youth is past

will I at last be free

of the three days of madness

when I want to fuck everything

and the unaccountable sadness


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The Arriving

    Spring breeze runs fingers, lover soft, though hair; whispers sweet somethings in ears that thrill to the chorus of sparrows performing in hedgerows, magpies raucously calling from roofs. The sun's warm caress on naked arms welcome while eyes delight in the painted sky; a gentle watercolour of brush teased clouds and the delicious sight of green points pu...

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Twisting Knives

Shards of jagged memory slice

sharp through foraging fingers

finding discarded pieces of pain

between the forgotten relics of kinder times.

Points pierce a blistered mind,

removing the splinters is agony;

the pull of each barb merciless in its wounding.

Digging deeper, the truculent fractures imply

rupture at further delving.

Blood drips onto gray striations


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entry picture

With itching fingers I parade the halls;

eyes tutt at banning plaques,

while I understand how corrosive my ridges

still I long to deny sight for a moment

and span the nodular creation plinthed

behind blue velvet ropes; to marvel at shadows

cool perhaps in their indentations;

to print my DNA down the smooth expanse;

trail nails across the tickle of chisel marks.


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Time; unchanging as the savannah

antelopes, brings morning. My slept eye

folds your blanketed form into memory,

the soft hiss of breathing

in the still dark room a melancholy music

too soon to fade as light invades this nest.

Swift sunlight steals shadows

that velvet your face and eyes flutter

chest rhythm falters, changes, stretches.

Observing your rising fr...

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Waking Whispers

Words; tripping around my head

as dawn overtakes me,

evade capture to slip away silent, silken

like shredded mist gripped in pale fingers

tattered images about not wearing brave emotion

for another goodbye which tugs fearful ears.

What dream echoed my cavernous mind,

lingered as I surfaced slowly from sleep?

And of course I want to poem it,

entomb it in meani...

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Title revision in progress!

The water is perfect;

a cool whisper on our skin

like the gentlest caress from an autumn breeze.

Listen to the birds raising the sun

with hymns from their cardinal throats

then you ask me to outdo them,

sing my love for you to the trees

send your name rippling to the far shore

as you draw me close

to the place where I melt

and become you.



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Burning daylight to save her soul from pain;

          the sputtering candle,

whose brief outing casts light in vain.

This strutting player now no longer sees

          the need for havoc wreaked

to wreath in Dunsinane trees

the gloomy portents she chooses to ignore;

          no direst cruelty needs

to walk through that forseen door,

no crone's prophecy blee...

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Writer's Block

My heart's crumpled paper

will never again be pristine

a flat sheet, clean,

the birth of imaginings

never more to scribe.


Yesterday's words leak past bandaged cracks

a mere trickle, the torrent gone

the odd ooze of feeling

from a stitch and plaster itch;

an irritant I daren't peal off

for fear of tearing the page.


A pen poised, a new tale ...

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Steal another moment, linger

in the escape breathe life into

one more hour with you.

Don't close the door on us

though us there never was,

don't take away my heart

or leave me alone with loss.

I scream here in the dark

to think of letting go the dream

though I know to save my soul

I must do this, regain control.


So steal another moment

be wi...

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Dragged into darkness by drugged sleep

needled hand snags on hospital sheets

you breathe somewhere

separate, cut out.


Surface again to fight in the long night

regain control of catheterized bladder

to be with you.

Pain will not stictch me to this bed,

though stitched I am.

Closed the hole they tore in me

to free you.


Apprehensive, cosseted...

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Second Skin

Let me continue to wear you

                as I wear you now,

your scent beneath my painful clothes

stirs again sensation and blossoms bright

the memory of that moment

          and that moment

                    and that moment

and the final ache of your tears

                          as we subside.


                                       Days later,


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Wrapped in the after-glow

the gift of your skin so lately blazing

now softly cooling, warm.

Your beaded brow relaxing

above eyes reflecting my image,

gathering all detail with fingers

tracing my contours to review later,

when geography intervenes.

For now entranced; by your stillness

and the heat between us

where forms meet, tangled limbs

and souls st...

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And it's past now, that jarring instant

though I'm butterflied to a board

immobilized by the pin;

no mighty batting of eagles' wings

could fly it free


And the wound is chambered deeper;

grubs moving toward the heartwood;

another apple of sin

to reap destruction upon this chest

lost now the key


And it's folly to cling to winter

the wan sun ...

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For the spaces in my heart

Where you dwelt

I will hollow out my pain


For the love you gave and took

I will bleed my soul

Until dry it aches no more


For the lust that shone

In your eyes

I will tremble and burn


For the memory of raging desire

I doubt I'll ever again feel

I will be denied sleep


For the lonely hours I choose


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