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What A World

A world apathetic to the pain that apathy wrought.
How much apathy would one want to endure.
Such a delight to endure the degradation.
Ever a joy to degrade so slowly. Into quiet.

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Passing Me By

I sit outside and smoke and stare.
At all the people who pass me there.
They do not wave, they do not smile.
Why won't they come and talk a while?

They pass me by without a care.
I watch them go and wonder where.
I go inside and think of them.
But they of me? Not now or then.

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The Tranquil Pool

Have you ever gazed into a tranqil pool?

its calm and cool, deviod of the haste and struggle.

a ripple can disturbe its calm and somehow only make it more beautiful.

life above it, below it, around it, in it. and it says ever still.

i chalenge you, find that in your citys and your towns.

weve disturbed that tranquil pool. and lost what we did not know we ever had.

... I want it b...

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The Road We Travel

Once i heard tell of a road in the west

one that runs for many miles.
its full of twists,
of holes,
of hills.
Of sadness and of smiles.

a road that will challenge you,
that will kill you if you falter.
a road of love and loss,
and of branches that always alter.

this road is unending tranquility,
this road is unyelding strife.

in the west it has a name.
this road its name is li...

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My Voices

I've wondered at the pain inside
I've wondered at the choices
I wonder about the boy that died,
and why I never lost the voices.

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The Pit

I came across a hole one day
I filled it with my soul
But too frail was my soul that day
And too deep to fill the hole
I left it there in that hole, that day
I gave it up for lost
But I'll come back to that hole one day
With much more soul to toss.

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