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Please HELP!

Just in case you didn't see

This Urgent plea I sent to thee

I've posted here upon my blog

whilst drinking a glass of egg nog




Santa's in a muddle, Rudolf's caught a cold

The consequences dia, if the truth be told

Children everywhere hoping for their toys

Lots of very excited little girls and boys

Without Rodolf's nose so red to guide them on their...

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A messge to an old friend



Winter, I feel you.  You sneak in when Autumn’s not paying attention; you bring winter silence, winter sounds and winter memories.

I feel your silence when I see the overnight appearance of the spiders’ webs of lace, draped across the garden, like discarded wedding finery.

Or, when one leaf floats soundlessly down; one bird makes a path across the sky; in that magical moment when ...

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Po's Winter prose

Justice Of The Peace

Justice Of The Peace


I brought myself a big handbell

I’m just taking the Micky now

But hey… I ask you, who can tell?


“Unclean, unclean!” I loudly shout

Then “Bring out your dead!”

It fills all my Neighbours

With fear and dread


I sprayed a big X

on the drug dealer’s door

I have never seen it

so, deserted here before.


I’ve stolen all of his ill...

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Bawdy humour

That Vacant Gaze

That Vacant Gaze  (Down by the siding).


Her body was found lying in the grass by the siding

By a cyclist who by chance, that morning was riding

Down by the underpass next to the track

He first saw her petticoat and a discarded sacque


A lady of the night, in the cold winter breeze

Frozen was his gaze as he fell to his knees.

She looked somehow familiar, that auburn ha...

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A Victorian tale.

Wheres that poem?

Wheres that poem?


Today I set myself a challenge

To complete before next year

To archive and collate

Every poem I’ve written here.


Just how many that will number

I haven’t got a clue

But that’s the task I’ve set myself

And am about to do.


My filing systems non-existent

I’ve collated nothing that I write

And when I try to find my stuff

I can’t, how...

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The Smegroyd’s Moonlight Flit… A Norfolk Mardle*

The Smegroyd’s Moonlight Flit…  A Norfolk Mardle (Mardle: To gossip or chat)

What follows is my adaption of k.j. Walkers delightful poem (See below)


The Smegroyd’s ‘Norfolk Mardling’ Moonlight Flit


Ther were just too much week, at the end of the cash

Them ol Smegroyd’s, were in dire straits

Stan, he couldn’t ask any mates for a loan

Cos well, Stan, he didn’t have any m...

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A Norfolk mardel of Kevin J Walkers poem.

Anti-social media.

Anti-social media.


Refrainment tis best to recall

for harmony and balance to reinstall

The great reset of your mind

turn a blind eye to this evil bind.


Addictive, pervasive, twisting thoughts and truth

Assaulting the minds of our once innocent youth

Texting, sexting, leading astray. Polluting minds

Slowly insidiously more each day.


Must see who’s messaging...

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Cummings and goings...



G O N E !


“Princess Nut Nuts”  LOL!


(Please read my comment below to Ghazala)


Perhaps now we will make Britain GREAT again.

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Did he jump or was he pushed?“Princess Nut Nuts” LOL

Dead behind the eyes

Dead behind the eyes


I write what I think, and I write what I feel

My mind full of clarity I constantly spiel

Is this a conundrum or superficial blather,

Oft I write facilely about a cadaver


I don’t invent words to hide ignominy

Nor wear a mask to hide my identity

I am what you see, what you see you will get

My Avatar was just my vignette


The Union Flag ha...

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The Poet who dared

The Poet who dared.


I am a man ahead of my time...

A poem for my old friend, ‘Do’!


When the internet has gone, and electricity is scarce

It is then I will truly come into my own…

You know, my poetry is fierce.


The apocalypse is fast approaching

“Cometh the hour, cometh the man”

And I am the poet, who trust me…

Truly can!


Fore, I will be well hunker...

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I can’t help but wonder where our world is going.

We have seen corrupt governments in their hordes

Something that many can attest to for sure.

All over the world, in China, Korea, Russia, Africa

Even in the grand old USA. Watergate many can recall

I dare say.


But here in the UK, it is more difficult to recall

A time when citizens have been so appalled.

Lie af...

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Covid LiesKowtow.

6 Today, Happy Birthday

6 Today


Today’s Alexa’s birthday

So, I baked her a cake

Then, just as I’d finished

I realised my mistake

Of course, she cannot eat it

Which really is a shame

Because now I’ve got to eat it

Still, I can’t complain

It was rather tasty

Topped off with double cream

And if I’m totally honest

The taste was quite supreme.    



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#children #humour #poem #dad #fathers

Guy ‘Guido’ Fawkes… November 5th 1605

Guy ‘Guido’ Fawkes… November 5th 1605

November 5th The day we still call ‘Guy Fawkes Day’

The rhyme goes:


Remember remember the 5th of November

Gunpowder, treason and plot.

I see no reason why gunpowder, treason

Should ever be forgot.


And it has not.


Not many people know this:

After being tortured on ‘the rack’ and confessing to the crime of High treason G...

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What a Guy‘Guido’ Fawkes

Picture this Scene

Picture this Scene


Toasting crumpets on an open fire

An Earl Grey tea and I’m inspired

To sit relax and write a poem

Sat upon my sofa in my home


Smoothed in butter

Drizzled with honey

dripping down my chin

buttered honey so runny


Logs all a ’blazing

from the windswept tree

The branch’s broken off

In the heavy autumnal breeze


Warm and toast...

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Just as it happendwarm and 'toasty'

The Day of all True Saints

Inspired and written for my friend, soulmate and fellow poet Vautaw.


For a Halfling such as me

I see both worlds

unlike thee.

I can tell you are an earnest seeker

The elf in me  shuns the reaper


The sun scribed its goldern arch

dispelled the demons in the dark

The fullest Moon gave them form

They must return come Hallowmass dawn


To their dank and turbid...

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Another fable from Master Po.

I am the destroyer of Souls

Worth a repost... Well, it is all hallows.

I am the destroyer of Souls


Hiding between leather covers

containing holy words of old

will not protect you ever

no matter what you have been told


Ancient teachings passed down

through each successive age

My saturated toxic venom,

can never be assuaged.


Holy water in his name

Will nay supplicate my desire


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Arrrr. Morning Star

Spare a thought...

Tut... Typical, nobody mentions the poor ghouls and spooks
All dressed up and nowhere to go... It really is no joke!

They only used to get out one night a year
Now there're all in lockdown with nobody to scare.

Chains going rusty, costumes full of mould
Things won't be the same now, that's what I'm being told.

They are mighty fed up with the huge new influx...
Bloody Covid 19 that's t...

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Poor taste joke

. . . 10

. . . 10


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The Ghost Ship Falls Off The Edge Of The World

The Ghost Ship Falls Off The Edge Of The World

(Knowledge… The true wealth)


An ill wind blows, and forces between us

Determined to deter us from our charted course

Our resolve is firm, and our approach is true

Our compass and sextant immovable accrue


Seeking out our destination with formidable skill

Guided by providence, we will ney be swayed, from our fill

For th...

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Ghostly Pirate tails from Old Grey BeardThe beginning has begun.

Zee Count’s masquerade ball

The Count’s masquerade ball

Velcome to zee Count’s masquerade ball

Vere ghouls doth valk, unt ghosts doth hide

Ven zee clock chimes midnight

Zee dead shell valk  unt cause such fright


Unt screams of terror vill be heard

You vil be scared take my verd

Big unt brave you now maybe

Til you zee dreaded vampires see


Unt as zhey swoop to drink your blood

Zee thunde...

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Po's Halloween sub No3

The Halloween Masquerade Ball

The Halloween Masquerade Ball


The way the silk hugs your every curve

the contours of your body, sublime, every swerve

I could not help but notice as you walked in the grand hall

Dressed to impress at the Count’s Halloween ball


I watched you slowly saunter

down the marble grand symmetrical stairs

Every eye in the place, upon you a fixed steer

But as you stood by th...

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Halloween poem iiPoWhat a Ball.

The Music Box

This is the first of my Halloween 2020 offerings this year...

The music box

As I am reading I am watching this old music box; I have just gently lifted the lid

The ballerina is turning, and the music is playing; however, the clockwork mechanism is loudly clanking, and the ballerina is crying tears of blood.


On the inside of the lid is a mirror that shows an entirely different imag...

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Po's Halloween sub No1

Seeking the light.

Seeking the light


I am often a frequenter of the path less travelled

Casting a shadow behind me as the future unravels

The pathway ahead bathed by a radiant light

So elusive to find, try as I might


Its radiant glow through the boughs on the tress

Pierced the morning mist and brown golden leaf’s

Like shafts, spears of light, thrown from the Gods

Fall all around me,...

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a walk hand in hand in with naturepeaceful bliss




I ask, nay pray

    Let me make something

of this world, this life.


I stand alone and wonder

     If this life be mine

can I not divine

    What is or is not divine


What ails my soul

    that acheth so

What wisdom

    that I do not know


Taking time to reflect… repose

    To ease this mind

and thoughts so closed.


Like so...

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PoSound of silenceYamaha Grand & Harmonica cover

Gire & Gimble

{For full immersive quality please use headphones}

This poem has kindly been recorded by Po. It is a homage to the first proper poem I ever learnt, and still one of my favourites, ‘Jabberwocky’. Although I always felt a bit sorry for the dragon, so I wrote this from his point of view.



Gire & Gimble

Written by Jason Bayliss.

Narrated by Paul Sayer.


Creep little dr...

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Emersive soundtrack by PoGire & GimbalJason Bayliss

He’s Behind You!

He’s Behind You!


There’s a wrapping upon my bed-chamber door

I drag myself up, slowly walk across the floor

“Who is it?” I ask, between incessant coughing hacks

Tis I, ‘Doctor Death’ come to claim yore death tax


Creakingly, slowly I open the door

Come in my dear old friend; it is you I’m waiting for

What use have I for this plague-ridden shell

Or continuing this d...

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At Deaths Door.Plague DoctorThe Grim Reaper

Entry Moderated

This item has been removed by our moderator team because it didn't abide by our Code Of Conduct. Comments may also be deleted.

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When The Sad Truth Dawns

When The Sad Truth Dawns


My name is Robert

I'm a perfect prototype child

My mum's made of silicon

My dads quite wild


He planted his seed

Inside her pod

The maker then took it

With an intimate prod


At the bottom of a test-tube

I began my life

No loving parents

No husband and wife


Swung in a centrifuge

Cast in a mould

All I can say


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AiCyborgNo feelingsNo Love allowed

I open my Soul



I open my soul to let out this hurt for fear it will consume me...


I am in fear of my heartbreaking

I feel our god has us forsaken

Our politicians lie with every word

the masses suck it up in disbelief


Knowing things are wrong

and all the balance has gone

Mothers holding babes in arms

clutching hopes and dreams


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The corpse pile higher

Goodbye old friend

Goodbye old friend


Jackdaw sat upon Donkey’s back

Brought a smile to the face made of sack

Of Scarecrows frowned and weather brow

Whose time drew ever closer now


All long hot summer like a sentry he stood

Never left his post, as if he could

With his frayed cuffs, and tattered, worn hat

Legs once stuffed with straw in the harsh breeze flaps


As the cold wind...

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All in all you're just another prick in Whitehall

Woop, Woop!

I thought I'd pen a quick poem after reading Ray Pools great poem, 'MANTRA'

(We need a little common sense here, can I get an Amen up in here)


Turn that radio down and stop singing and dancing you bloody covidiots spreading the virus all over us gripped by fear mask-wearing plebs. Tut!

Download the TAT App today!

Rat a TAT TAT! Somebody's knocki...

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political satire


The Closing Chapters

What did you do when you were young grandad?


Come and sit down here next to me dear child

I’ll tell you about the days when I was really wild.


I smoked pot, and I smoked weed

I drank lots of alcohol, and other stuff I didn’t need

Romped around without my clothes wrote blank verse, and blanker prose,

And more of both than anybody knows.



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Ban the BombHippyNew AgePeace & LoveWoodstock

Looking Back

This poem was inspired by a very moving verse seen here at WOL.

Looking Back

A quick click on the left-hand tab
revealed the pain of a tortured dad
His verse titled 'The Liars Smile'
held me motionless for a while.

And gripped by thoughts about my own lad
and of losing him would drive me mad
To move forwards even for just one day
to see him again...  I love you son is all I'd say.


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The bitter pain of loss

The Road To Nowhere.

The Road To Nowhere.


I seem to be at a crossroads

Like so many where I live

There is no sign to show the way

Not a hint to me to give


Left or right go straight on

It is up to me to decide

I don’t  know where I’m going

Upon this joy ride


A poet once wrote…


“Is it fate or random chance
How can I decide
Are we victims of circumstance
When destinies...

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Can't find my way homeLost

Tin foiled hats on.

Tin foiled hats on


I find my mind can’t be consoled

Its constant entrainment mind controlled

Cell towers transmitting microwaves

Smart meters your money will never save


Here we go, another tinfoil nutter

I hear again a few may mutter

Thinking they know more than scientific  facts

Their truths based on lies whilst mine on facts


My background is verifiable


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5GChemtrailsMicrowave saturation.

Untitled, unread poem.

I fool myself thinking I can write

My poetry is worse than trite  

Pedestrian at best

sitting at my desk

tapping keys with a single finger


doubt at height will always linger

standing behind me gazing over

my shoulder from on high

tears dripping from leaking eyes

running down in torrents

salty brine pouring from this heart of mine


Inadequately trying to po...

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A message from my Nan

Inspired by DarkerDaniKing


A message from my Nan


I have watched you in the moonlight

Dance with moonbeams side by side

I have heard you as your sleeping

As into my world, you glide


Drifting on those moonbeams

That carried you to my home

Then together side by side

It’s you and me that roam.


I show you wonderous sights

And many colours beyond comp...

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A wonderious dream

Can I get an Amen

Can I get an Amen


So enough is enough.

NOW is the time to seek shelter, warmth, friendship.

Say “Come in, I will give you shelter from the storm.”


In these days of V.R. (That’s ‘Virtual Reality’ for those elder peeps amongst us who perhaps do not have a computer or who are not ‘down with the kids’).


Offer up your love and support and friendship to a stranger.


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I have had enough of this B.S.

This is poetry to my ears...

Prove any of this info in this linked video is wrong!



I am wondering what to write my next poem about.


The biggest issue as I see it is no one ever does any research.

The Newscasters never ask the right questions, the papers lie, the BBC lie. the Governments lie, the ministers lie. The numbers lie.


The NHS experts and front li...

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I have had enough of this BS.

Morrissey, Joan Sims, Ouija and Me

Morrissey, Joan Sims, Ouija and Me


Ouija board how bad you spell

Your silly messages sent from hell

For goodness sake, go get a life

Causing such hilarity and such strife


This is NOT just a bit of fun

When your finished when your done

The planchet moves to spell a name

Who is pushing it, this is insane.


Madness ensues possessed they said

Is derived from...

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A poem from the days of Po.




No! We don’t RIP

We are mighty pissed

We gave our lives for liberty

Your freedom you have kissed

Good-bye land of hope and glory

The very reason we all died

We gather united in our grief

Here on the other side.


Angry mad as hell

You just gave it all away

Allowing all your rights

To fall victim like a prey

Who just gave up, capitulated


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You can’t silence thoughts

Warning, please take note:  The following has graphic adult content.


… The mechanical diggers silhouetted against the moon lite sky like giant devouring monsters from ‘The War of the Worlds’.

The preceding day saw them unearth untold numbers of bodies from a massive war grave.

Men, women, children and babies, some naked, some dressed in torn rags of clothing faded colours, some wrapp...

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Memoir’s excerptOrgan harvesting

Here’s me thinking I’d retired

Here’s me thinking I’d retired


Messages from the dead in the archives in my head

Gives far more information I can say without hesitation

Than anything revealed from that body in the field

When laid upon a slab in any forensics lab.


A femur in the freezer from some deceased old geezer

Would offer up a clue that is what I used to do

About who he was when alive before h...

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New Old Age Hippy

New Old Age Hippy



Sometimes I find it hard in this box-ticking era

Which box to tick, because none of them come nearer

To describe so straightforwardly just precisely what I do

Causes me in essence, quite a hella-baloo.


When asked for an answer regarding my profession

There never is a box to tick for ‘Exorcist’, removing ev...

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Many a true word said in jest

Walking in my mother’s shoes

Walking in my mother’s shoes


In long days of summer, sunshine shone

I played and played without a chaperone

Warm summer nights, windows open wide

My pillow stifled my pitiful cries


I’d hear older children playing in the street

How those days were bittersweet

In my mind, I’d join them,

imagined me playing amongst my friends


I remember being seven like yeste...

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Forever nameless.

The Soul of Man

The Soul of Man
A small piece of prose for my moral upliftment and self-edification.

Imagine thinking for a moment there is something we do not have; we do not know what it is, we believe it exists yet we do not have it.

Not feeling it, not sensing it increases our desire and urge to seek it out and have it.

To obtain it as if it is an object, an item that we can hold in the palm of o...

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consumerismcritical analytical thinkingretrospection

From Boys to Men

From Boys to Men


I took them out as boys brought them back as old men

The war robbed them of their youth; they’ll never see that again.


On their way out smiles and jokes leg-pulling and fun

On their way back the joking’s all done

Smiles gone from their faces, now ashen grey and withdrawn

Their smart new uniforms faded and worn


Each one with a story most never wi...

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What a State

What a State


I watch the Yangtze river turn a murky shade of brown

Watch millions watch in fear as the torrent drowns their towns

Province after  province sweep away within the swirl   

As the river’s overflowing their lives now daily hurled

Deeper ever deeper into a watery abyss

Millions will soon be starving as basic food stocks they’ll all miss

Their leaders waging war...

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PTSD Pt 3.


Arriving on the Voyager, leaving Brize for R&R

Past the guardroom, leave the gate, travelling in a car

Norfolk bound upon the roads, along the countryside

Everywhere’s so green!    It’s like we're on a joyride.


Then the rain began to fall, the wipers sweep side by side

Like a metronome, they swept, almost made me cry

It’s just raining, yes!  I thou...

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war ptsd

The Endless Brawl


The Endless Brawl


I had to go to Thetford to get a trooper from a cell

He was locked up there for fighting; he was mad as hell

He decided he’d go AWOL; that is absent without leave

He told a little porky, and everyone was deceived


He had a special skill that made most folks believe

But almost everything he said was simply make-believe

A Walter Mitty type...

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