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I have had enough of this B.S.

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This is poetry to my ears...

Prove any of this info in this linked video is wrong!



I am wondering what to write my next poem about.


The biggest issue as I see it is no one ever does any research.

The Newscasters never ask the right questions, the papers lie, the BBC lie. the Governments lie, the ministers lie. The numbers lie.


The NHS experts and front li...

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I have had enough of this BS.

Morrissey, Joan Sims, Ouija and Me

entry picture

Morrissey, Joan Sims, Ouija and Me


Ouija board how bad you spell

Your silly messages sent from hell

For goodness sake, go get a life

Causing such hilarity and such strife


This is NOT just a bit of fun

When your finished when your done

The planchet moves to spell a name

Who is pushing it, this is insane.


Madness ensues possessed they said

Is derived from...

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A poem from the days of Po.


entry picture



No! We don’t RIP

We are mighty pissed

We gave our lives for liberty

Your freedom you have kissed

Good-bye land of hope and glory

The very reason we all died

We gather united in our grief

Here on the other side.


Angry mad as hell

You just gave it all away

Allowing all your rights

To fall victim like a prey

Who just gave up, capitulated


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You can’t silence thoughts

Warning, please take note:  The following has graphic adult content.


… The mechanical diggers silhouetted against the moon lite sky like giant devouring monsters from ‘The War of the Worlds’.

The preceding day saw them unearth untold numbers of bodies from a massive war grave.

Men, women, children and babies, some naked, some dressed in torn rags of clothing faded colours, some wrapp...

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Memoir’s excerptOrgan harvesting

Here’s me thinking I’d retired

Here’s me thinking I’d retired


Messages from the dead in the archives in my head

Gives far more information I can say without hesitation

Than anything revealed from that body in the field

When laid upon a slab in any forensics lab.


A femur in the freezer from some deceased old geezer

Would offer up a clue that is what I used to do

About who he was when alive before h...

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New Old Age Hippy

New Old Age Hippy



Sometimes I find it hard in this box-ticking era

Which box to tick, because none of them come nearer

To describe so straightforwardly just precisely what I do

Causes me in essence, quite a hella-baloo.


When asked for an answer regarding my profession

There never is a box to tick for ‘Exorcist’, removing ev...

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Many a true word said in jest

Walking in my mother’s shoes

entry picture

Walking in my mother’s shoes


In long days of summer, sunshine shone

I played and played without a chaperone

Warm summer nights, windows open wide

My pillow stifled my pitiful cries


I’d hear older children playing in the street

How those days were bittersweet

In my mind, I’d join them,

imagined me playing amongst my friends


I remember being seven like yeste...

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Forever nameless.

The Soul of Man

entry picture

The Soul of Man
A small piece of prose for my moral upliftment and self-edification.

Imagine thinking for a moment there is something we do not have; we do not know what it is, we believe it exists yet we do not have it.

Not feeling it, not sensing it increases our desire and urge to seek it out and have it.

To obtain it as if it is an object, an item that we can hold in the palm of o...

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consumerismcritical analytical thinkingretrospection

From Boys to Men

entry picture

From Boys to Men


I took them out as boys brought them back as old men

The war robbed them of their youth; they’ll never see that again.


On their way out smiles and jokes leg-pulling and fun

On their way back the joking’s all done

Smiles gone from their faces, now ashen grey and withdrawn

Their smart new uniforms faded and worn


Each one with a story most never wi...

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What a State

What a State


I watch the Yangtze river turn a murky shade of brown

Watch millions watch in fear as the torrent drowns their towns

Province after  province sweep away within the swirl   

As the river’s overflowing their lives now daily hurled

Deeper ever deeper into a watery abyss

Millions will soon be starving as basic food stocks they’ll all miss

Their leaders waging war...

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PTSD Pt 3.


Arriving on the Voyager, leaving Brize for R&R

Past the guardroom, leave the gate, travelling in a car

Norfolk bound upon the roads, along the countryside

Everywhere’s so green!    It’s like we're on a joyride.


Then the rain began to fall, the wipers sweep side by side

Like a metronome, they swept, almost made me cry

It’s just raining, yes!  I thou...

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war ptsd

The Endless Brawl

entry picture


The Endless Brawl


I had to go to Thetford to get a trooper from a cell

He was locked up there for fighting; he was mad as hell

He decided he’d go AWOL; that is absent without leave

He told a little porky, and everyone was deceived


He had a special skill that made most folks believe

But almost everything he said was simply make-believe

A Walter Mitty type...

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Lost in the field of battle.

entry picture


Lost in the field of battle.


I watch in silence and dismay

Ashamed; unsure of what to say

Racked with guilt and seared with pain

The awful silence intrudes again


Ascending with a deafening roar

To a crescendo now, as your tears pour

The tear tracks stain, run down your cheek

Caused by the havoc and pain I wreak


Inside my mind, my screaming’s h...

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PTSDThe ceasless unending war.

I have a funny feeling I’ve been here before.

entry picture

I have a funny feeling I’ve been here before.


The door is soon opened, the threshold a dream

    A separate reality is very soon seen

        Free now to travel wherever I please

           Over the rooftops, valleys, rivers and trees


Out over the oceans and deserts so vast

    It’s over two thousand years since I was here last

        I look at this place the pharao...

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Bokken-KatanaPast lives

Raja Yoga

entry picture

Raja Yoga


I pick up pen and pad

to start to write

the wolf in me

longs to bite

when all at once

a mighty roar

cause me to drop my pad

upon the floor


A majestic presence

fills the room

As Raja’s arrival

dispels my gloom

The Kingly Science

of the mind

seeks another way

to break ties that bind


Although my pen

maybe mightier

than ...

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Longing to bitevile verbose attackyou can't fight stupid

Turbulent Tempestuous Tsunami

entry picture

Turbulent Tempestuous Tsunami


I sit astride Giant Mother Turtles back

With a friendly rabbit name of Jack

Our intrepid trio takes wing and flies

Breaks the waters surface sails on high

Then plunges deep beneath the surf

Crosses uncharted oceans the infinite universe  

Flashing neon colours, ultraviolet rays

Water droplet rainbows dance and play

Mermaids swish, as t...

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trippy dreamscape

The Hermit

entry picture

Lost & Found


I found myself in a hidden wood

I stayed in there, I knew I would.


The city noise and dust and din

The rampant peoples steeped in sin


An anathema to my opened eye

I heard my soul’s depth of cry




Change is anathema to authoritarianism

I’ve had enough of ‘all’ those ‘isiums’


Hermetically sealed within my wood

I found my-‘...

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Major Acarna: The Hermit

The Hard Knock Cafe

The Hard Knock Cafe


Welcome to the 'Hard Knock Cafe'

See our Specials Board Today.



Buy One Get One For Free


Specials Day is EVERY DAY!


Humble Pie with Free Caffe Latte.

PTSD, Free Tea with 'every' Dis-order.

Tourette's Symptom Soup. with Free Fuc#ing Coffee.





Wear a mask or ST...

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Welcome to our future

The Title: Designation Intitled.

The Title:

Designation Intitled. 


Often with so many new poems to read each day, it is perhaps the title that is the most crucial part of our poetry.

It is akin to the shop window that entices us in.

It is like the photograph on the take-away wall that decides what we will choose to eat.

The glossy advert in a magazine, and indeed the image that will make us laugh out loud, c...

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Cross Cultural Poetry

No Title!

No Title!

A poem without a title

Is like a sea without a bed

An ocean without a shore

A key without a door

Like lost Love you’re searching for.



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The Passing of time.

A poet and friend of mine inspired me to write this piece by his beautiful poem ‘Days Defined.’   About Cancer and the NHS.

I dedicate this to ‘I’m not a poet’ and the NHS.  


The Passing of time.


Treat your family, lovers, friends, shop keepers, strangers as if today was their last day. For tomorrow it may be, for sure for some, it will be.

When we treat our partners and love...

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Cancerdeathdepression sadnessThe NHS

Keeping it simple.

Keeping it simple.


“There are two ways of life, one leading to righteousness, which brings happiness, and the other to unrighteousness, which produces misery”.

One leads to kindness, mercy and sympathy, the other to hatred and cruelty;

one to tolerance and the other to intolerance;

one to justice and the other to injustice;

one to truth and the other to error;

one to peace a...

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#acronymK I S S

My Sunday call to prayer

My Sunday call to prayer


I call out to the infinite power of Love

To the great and masterful font of all knowledge and power

May the small minds of man know the true extent of your wisdom

And come to know the worth of each soul here that dwells in your worlds seen and unseen.

Regardless of our diverse belief’s and understanding, may we come to know you.


Regardless of th...

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My prayer.

World Trade Centre Fires!

Fires, fires everywhere!

Futures burning lives in fear

Beware, beware, end times are here!

Just kidding! This is NO laughing matter.



More Fires to look at, at...



World Trade Centre = 9:11

Note the sign on the front of the building!

There is nothing to see here move along.

More Astrology bunk-um?


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More astrology links with fires and 9:11

Oh my God!

Warning: The following ‘Rap’ (As Raps often do) or slam, maybe considered Blasphemous and contains profanity, adult content and strongly held religious beliefs some will find irreligious.

If any of the above offends you please just cross the road avert your gaze and pass on by.


In my head, I hear this as a rap or slammed, recited quickly without stopping! Any musicians out there who can...

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entry picture


God, the confines of the universe

beyond the boundaries of our mind

Enfolding the infinite, within us we find

Desiring and asking steps on the way

In surrendering to the experience

No words left to say.



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The chart of the moment!

entry picture

Off comes the mask!


So, from here on in

its goodbye, Po, and hello, Paul.

Why now? Why today at 11:11 pm.


As the Sun entered Leo - I felt more inclined to share with WOL who I am. 

My recent retirement has made this possible.

The focus is no longer on what I did and required to keep secret.

To who I am and what I’m about to do.


Now is an apposite time for se...

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This is Po... This is Me!

The iced metaphor cake

entry picture

The iced metaphor cake


Our whole life is like poetry

Written on a cake

Like icing sugar layered

Over everything you make


Multi-coloured, chocolate

Vanilla, rainbow layered cake

Unicorns and dragons

Seeped in alcohol mistakes


A fruity cake, a nut cake

With dates some bittersweet

Gorgeous and so tasty

Some awful when you eat


The icing is a m...

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#metaphoragealcohol/drug/sex abusecolourcreedgender/sexualityracesize

The mask is comming off!

entry picture

The mask is coming off!


Today hy'po'critically

I placed on my mask.

"You know it makes sense."
But does it I ask?


To which the reply
The party line...


"You know it makes sense."


But in this mind of mine.
I can't help question.


Why do experts who disagree?




"You know it makes sense.".

Seem to agree more with me.

Po.    ...

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My Mask IS Coming off!.Po.1st Aug 2020.

The Crying Man

The Crying Man


I am the crying man hidden behind this mask
behind a painted smile replying with lies each time I'm asked.

Hi, how are you doing?
"I'm doing great how about you?"

My retort, within a second, without a second spent in thought.
Who wants an answer? I mean that's so rhetorical
hence no forethought.

None from me, nor the questioner as neither wants to know
We love ...

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Today heralds a special day

Of three score years and five.

Since my Soul returned to earth,

It was predestined, I’d arrive.


On that chosen day

As the planets all aligned.

My rising sign was Scorpio

With Leo, my Sun sign.


A mighty configured trio.

With celestial precession

Gaia’s latitude and longitude

Part of the cohesion  


All playing...

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Po's Natal Chart


entry picture


I’ve had enough of do this - - - don’t do that

Regarding Covid 19 rulings by the autocrats

Stay 2 meters apart never in a crowd

We all know for certain that cannot be allowed


We will all get infected thousands bound to die

If you gather together anywhere! The autocrats decry.

Or even inside, inside your own house

If you disobey this ruling, you are just a louse.


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Just another daySame shit different day

The Poet Tree

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The Poet Tree


In the consecrated ground I rest

Entombed with heavy heart and chest

Till one day a tree twas planted

Upon my plot in this sacred ground enchanted


And over time I watched the sapling grow

Felt the winds of change huff and blow

It weathered storms and scorching sun

Watched the dusk as the day was run


I witnessed birds make their first nes...

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Po's inspired place to sit and write

The Poetry Pantheon.

entry picture

The Poetry Pantheon


So, may I become many.

Wherever it is, let it be here.


If people are unaware of The Pantheon

Then The Pantheon does not exist.

If a person knows it exists

Then that person knows it to be real.


I know this is true.

Now I have to become many.

To form the formless

Express the unexpressed


The fixed and the non-fixed

The sentie...

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iPoetry Pantheon

A comment repost

After I had finished writing this ephemeral ‘comment’ on one of my poems I thought again about what I had written.

With this in mind, I have reposted it here on my main blog...

I honestly fear for our younger generation. The internet is both a blessing and a curse.

The adage ‘You always get more of what you focus on’ is so true.

Social media gives people the ability to hide behind their words. To ...

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What is Poetry?


entry picture

I wish I could write limericks
in those lines of five
however hard I try
my muse just seems to dry
still, I try


Po wit

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Ying & Yang

entry picture

Ying and Yang


Message received

               and understood

From both sides

               of the road


The balance must

               be maintained

Else everything




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BalancePoYing & Yang

A pair of dividers

entry picture

A pair of dividers


This is the tale of Miss Silica Gel,

who knew lots of secrets she was forbidden to tell

About some men who meet under the clock

In their seats of power, they stand outside the dock

Under a large golden G, suspended it is hung

Above these heads whose chants are then sung


An order so ancient passing back through time

As history portrays and ebbs t...

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political satire




Standing down the shop today

Waiting in the queue

Behind the tape stuck on the path

Social distancing as you do


I heard a bit of commotion

Two lines from where I’m stood

Turning round to see a kid

Dressed in a top with hood.


Why are we stood outside

Why don’t you just walk in

Slowly and assuredly

He began to grin


Not the pleasant k...

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Humour with a tale to tellMaster Po

I am the Destroyer of Souls

entry picture

I am the Destroyer of Souls


Hiding between leather covers

containing holy words of old

will not protect you ever

no matter what you have been told


Ancient teachings passed down

through each successive age

My saturated toxic venom,

can never be assuaged.


Holy water in his name

will nay supplicate my desire

Nor quench eternal flames

that flicker in ...

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The Personification of Evil.

The best poem never written

The following is in reply to a private message to a fellow poet this morning who ending by saying...


..."I don't even know what poetry is! I just write the words in my head as I reflect on a life spent/misspent"...



######  I do exactly that.

In fact, I have written a few poems here that do say just that... Life is poetry mate.

Some of it is hard and challenging. WOL ...

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AbuseAll of usDeathMental illnessPoReligion

Good Morning World

entry picture

"Good morning world

it's a brand new day...


I've not seen this day before!"





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Be HappyBe Well...Po

No laughing matter

No laughing matter


This is the tale of a dirty old geezer
Who tried so ‘hard’ but never pleased her


Well, he caught a cold one day,
And almost sneezed his dick away.


He sneezed on poor old Daffney Goff
Who almost cut his dick right off.


She gripped the sheets hard for awhile

Which made the old man grin and smile


Until his sneeze took its toll
Which ke...

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CovidHumourNothing to be sneezed atPo

Chariots Of Fife

entry picture

Inspired by 'After the Storm' by Julie Callaghan


Chariots Of Fife


Charioteers equestrian came on storms of thunder

Accompanying lightning bolts to dash asunder

Flashing radiantly across darkly skies portending doom from disdainful heights they’d fly

A quadruplet of black and white wild horses, flowing manes, with thundering hoofs and eyes aflame.

Incessant like crashing...

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On the threshold of a dreamPo

Just a bit of fun

entry picture

Just a bit of fun


While Arch Angels of the Lord are flying overhead

And drunks lie in the gutter, as COVID 19 spread

Remember then what experts said

Heed our words or the toll of the dead

Will climb to numbers as yet unseen

For your moment's leisure, quite obscene

Love of self, love of life taking without measure

Will in return mean you’ll learn

The value of this li...

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The Chameleon Poet

entry picture

5th Jul 2020 09:12

Hello, Good morning Moon.girl
The sun has come out!

Today the third Eclipse I foretold you about,

This morning cast a shadow over our world.


I have complied with your wish…



The Chameleon Poet

I jostle and joke play around with words
Sometimes as a villain, a lord or a bard
Sometimes I am old sometimes I am young
Sometimes a curveball, often I’v...

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As I see itGodLife & DeathPoReligionTruth




God and the Devil went out for a drink


I  know this sounds like the beginning of a joke

But I sware on a stack of bibles its true

It’s happening in a pub tonight near you!


I’m glad lockdown is easing Dad

said the Devil

What do you think?


God sat for a while having a think


I’ll give it some thought

while you buy me a drink


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bit of funhe! he!HeShePoSheheSorry if offended

On-line Friendships.

Friendship on the line


There once was a poet called Po

Who wondered one day what to do

He looked for his friend Don

To help him along

But when he looked, he was gone


There was once was a poet called Po

Who had a good friend called Do (with an invisibl  ‘e’)

They often replied

within the blink of an eye

Cos. that is what good friends do.


There was onc...

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M.g you asked for a bit of fun...

Fools gold

entry picture

Fools gold


This will take some digging to understand.

some things are planned


some are golden opportunities

some are fools gold


or worse real gold, however...

just the tiniest dip to unfold


when tarnished and worn

rust, corrosion and confusion lie beneath.


No real hallmark

As in no hallmark at all


How easy it is we fall

Fair… not fa...

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A message to a friend


entry picture



Death how close

I sense you draw near

Feel the warmth of your breath

on my neck…  I’ve no fear


Lost to my lover

at the hilt of his knife

Its point pierces my heart

at the end of my life


Severed… like my aorta

His cross to bear

The true love of my life

so far... yet so near.


So tightly embraced

in his arms…

I’m slipping away


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Major ArcanaPoThe Tarot Death CardXiii

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