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Time Drips

since I've retired
time drips

don't get me wrong
I love it
there's an ocean to enjoy

over the horizon
wouldn't mind

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Alchemy of the Soul

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Alchemy of the soul
Ancient runes
Buried treasure

Beacons beatific
Cauldron of change
Collapse of self

Budding ideas
Dawn of belief
Hint of bliss

Gold achieved
Guilt relieved
Hope revived

Promise claimed
Life, once lame,

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Unannounced Joy

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dailiness seems to fade
repetitiousness fizzles
menial and mundane mechanical movements

in their place
pastoral calm
circadian siesta
temporary injunction
puncturing mentation's madness

enjoy still water
green pastures
soothing sun
protective mountains

life in Life

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SADDness - A Villanelle

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With Winter bearing on this thought may zing:
Since ruby throated feathered friends have flown,
There must be flowers somewhere now that spring.

Through solar drenched festivities I winged
Then rustic fall devolved to howl and moan,
With Winter bearing on this thought may zing:

Around the globe where seasons converse stream,
Perchance some Aussie kneels in peat and loam,
There must be flow...

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