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kimberly on (Sun, 10 May 2020 04:36 am)

my ghost looks out for me

good morning
how are you today?
put on the coffee
and sit in silence

at first its semi-bearable
the words don’t scream at me too loud
our ghosts conversation hasn’t begun
but they have started to stare each other down

but throughout the day
as things go wrong
or rather, just go on
they whisper when i’m not watching

but soon enough, whole conversations are happening
your ghost is accus...

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social media detox

it's all a bit too much

the instant videos 


the screaming polls

the nagging photos


social media seriously harms your mental health,

they say that but then they bully their friends

and post about their weekends

where they excluded others

knowing they'll see it

and Like it

not like it, of course, they'll hate it

a little more than themselves


i c...

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social media

kids these days. (by a kid on this day.)

i really 

so enjoy my own company. 


when i don’t go from laptop to phone to smoke

the minutes between

the fact that no one

no one can know

that it is only me sitting in the wind

only me listening to this all 

only me thinking this


and i’ll let them in when it’s dangerous

but aside from that 

i have a best friend

who never leaves

and it’s me


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acting outkids these daysteen illnessteenage

this is my vow. 

to myself. 

to the me that only I know. 

I write. I write 

and I never ever want to stop writing

it's the only way to communicate in the world I live in 

where texts mean not what they say

but between the lines there's a phrase

depending on the amount of time between each one


it's the only clear thing

keeping me above water. 


This is my p...

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just a sad teenager being sad

 loneliness is addicting

once you see how peaceful it is

you’ll never want to face 


ever again 


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as a talented kid, 

there are two possible outcomes. 

if you're pretty and skinny, 

you can have it all, 

the things quiet little boys in their pool of tears

that they swim in better than you, 

wish they could have. 


but alas, you're still a good swimmer

and you're pretty, remember

so now shine, shine, shine, shine

make your secret talent not so secret

be put ...

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crying wolf

this is the last you’ll hear of me
okay no wait wait wait 
the second last 
wait okay no 
this is the 
waiittt no not yet not yet 
this is the?

it’s less dramatic when i change the inscription every minute 
they don’t trust the boy who cries wolf three times a day 

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'golden years'

these golden years

seem more to be rustic

I’m a teenager

so where are the parties?

where are the long nights and adventures?

at the very least, where is the happiness?


if these are the golden years,

mine need some polishing

because they’ve lost their shine.



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by the time I post this

it'll be 4am where I live

my friends from the party

are half asleep


drunkenley, we all whispered 

about the meaning of life

I'm the only one 

it would have stuck with 



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overthinkerteen years


my voice

my opinion 

the thing i have to say that i think are important 

my stomach 

and my thighs. 




what are you insecure about?

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*content warning - gore*





it's funny. 

I always wonder how it is that a knife stabs so far in

causes so much damage


I tested it

took my scissors and thrust them into my stomach..

it caused a cute little poke

a dent in the skin, at most


maybe, instinct won't let me stab me

maybe I need a subject who doesn't have my nerves


But I don't w...

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empathetic my ass

don’t tell me you’re sorry

until you’ve been in my body


until you have lay at midnight

noise-canceling thoughts and a sober mind



don’t apologize for the mess you made of me until one is made of you

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my reflection (was rejected by a magazine)

entry picture

I stare on down,

down the sinkhole

the gunk, hair and blood 

stares back 


it taunts my skin 

caressed by lavender soap 

smooth from scrubbing

a reminder of my dirty sin 


I stare further down 

down the patterned metal strainer

into the deep void, beyond black 


god, that hair

the gunk

the gross, gross hair

gagging up my insides 



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the first lonely moment without them. but more importantly, without something to numb the silence

‪are you still missing them?‬

‪next sleepless night, sit on your kitchen floor‬
‪gaze at the moonlight, if you’re scared of the dark‬
‪don’t reach for a screen or a bottle‬
‪to document or improve the moment, to distract ‬
‪just sit in it‬
‪the tranquil peace ‬
‪feels like waking up in the morning and kissing them,‬
‪feels that tight bliss ‬
‪except you’re all alone. look ‬

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don't push me away, she cries

don't do this alone

don't slip away and die, she asks

bring me down with you


it's too lonely down the bottom without her,

I must let them in

otherwise, the darkness goes on for infinity 

and Satan's plan will win


Well, I must have been too late

because when I called out for her

she scowled at my open gate

and turned her back ...

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my book (our book), take some of mine, is now available for purchase. it's a poetry collection for the younger generation. 


get it here!




Barnes and Noble


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what will you call me today?

you define me

an android waiting for command

what you say, goes

let me worship your words

like i do your feet


let me praise you

let every word that slips through my tongue

be of faith towards my god, 

my god is no God

he is a man, she is a woman

every lover, my religion 


i am a faithful disciple

who is defined by your feedback

am i awful? 

am i t...

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let's be friends.

not a poem (...or is it???)

but, add me on facebook and twitter: 




- owen

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you only care when i'm dying

i know, i know

if i was to fall 

you'd cry 

(will you cry?)

at my funeral

but if that's 

what it takes

for you to think of me, then

I guess, well I guess

it's time for me to leave.



but no matter how hard,

how very hard I try

I can't leave, to leave

to leave is to die

and I can't do that

my momma would cry

I don't know anymore


D R O ...

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a tingle up the spine

a reminder that sensation goes beyond

what is in front of us


the eyes can only see so much

and the neck only swivel so far

too much space, too little view

to prove existence of a world

beyond this prison 



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disordered personality (i'm always acting)

what to do

if your actions

stem from external



what to do 

when they aren't watching


how do full-time actors switch on and off like that?


how do they resign?

they don't. 

either they quit and get spat on,

or shoot up their veins and go off the rails.


i have some thinking to do...




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blank 21

the pain stays, the pain always stays

that's the funny thing about grief, 

it is like taking the weight of the sorrows of the dead.

the sadness now trickled out of them and spread across their friends and families.


the pain doesn't end.

the pain is there when your friend gets the phone call,

as she drops her phone and screams, and rolls on the floor crying.

the pain conti...

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hear me vent the only way I can



The weight of a thousand suns and a million lives and every single lie told to every single hopeful attached lover/
It’s on this very chest and my ribs are long gone they cracked and left years ago /
So did you and your promises and your hopes to get me better/
So did your patience for a illness without symptom 
Because to you //

Symptom is a sore leg/
Or vomiting 
But to me ...

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i want to believe


i believe

there’s another world out there

with beings green and lanky

vibrating in the silence of dark matter

hiding in the corners of our satellites


one that transcends human knowledge and

exists in the shivering silence of space


a world

where leader does not mean sadist

and brother does not mean enemy 


there must be more -

must be a life-form ...

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alienshuman naturehumanitymurderwar

i am a bad person

fill me up with cum

or drugs, smoke and rum 

use me

or let me use myself

not because i enjoy either

but because i deserve both





- i am a bad person 

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go on



while watching the tv tell you to remain calm

remain order

it's scary, it's real, but, the economy is crashing, so pause everything

pause the life support and admissions


as you argue

as you breathe, the numbers rise

400, 401, 402

closed doors to near corpses.

how long will you be silent, huh?

will you speak up when it's your...

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Corona virus



right now

at your texts

are blue or white?

opened or recieved? 

oh to be on the other side

to recieve these lonely paragraphs

and not send them

good god

i'm so alone

and i am blue

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blueclingyreply to metexts

i know

i know you don’t care/i know it doesn’t matter/ i know these words are stupid/and i know nothing does anything. i know i’m only good/when i can have line breaks/i know this isn’t pretty but neither am i/ i know/ i know/ i know nothing / that’s all a man can know / a fool is he who thinks he has knowledge / a wise man is one who knows that he knows nothing / i am both / let me be a fool for you


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a tweet that is sad enough to post here

will somebody love me? please? and not actually leave? not sneak out that back door after a month and act naive? i know this isn't the real world, but that doesn't mean i can't feel the pain. you promised to stay. how do i pull the knife from my stomach without bleeding out?!



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i'm sad, but pathetic so i'm writing about it

here i sit, again

venting with keys that 

no one

no one

not a soul

will ever read, 

creating universes

that will idly hum for eternity

without exisitng ever

it's really pathetic

that i can't take pain

without turning into poetry

i can't even do it well

but god


i miss you so much,

and it hurts


than anything

the worst part is that i...

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bookshop (a poem about those fkn self-help books)

the paper, thin but strong

the slightest tint from basic white to a character

the binding, so minuscule and fine but 

tougher than nails


it is an art

an empty canvas


why must you paint it with 

fixes, tips, and the next new thing

screaming at souls to improve

digging out their shame and self-consciousness

in order to sell 


i came here to think 


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