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i want to believe


i believe

there’s another world out there

with beings green and lanky

vibrating in the silence of dark matter

hiding in the corners of our satellites


one that transcends human knowledge and

exists in the shivering silence of space


a world

where leader does not mean sadist

and brother does not mean enemy 


there must be more -

must be a life-form ...

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alienshuman naturehumanitymurderwar

i am a bad person

fill me up with cum

or drugs, smoke and rum 

use me

or let me use myself

not because i enjoy either

but because i deserve both





- i am a bad person 

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go on



while watching the tv tell you to remain calm

remain order

it's scary, it's real, but, the economy is crashing, so pause everything

pause the life support and admissions


as you argue

as you breathe, the numbers rise

400, 401, 402

closed doors to near corpses.

how long will you be silent, huh?

will you speak up when it's your...

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Corona virus



right now

at your texts

are blue or white?

opened or recieved? 

oh to be on the other side

to recieve these lonely paragraphs

and not send them

good god

i'm so alone

and i am blue

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blueclingyreply to metexts

i know

i know you don’t care/i know it doesn’t matter/ i know these words are stupid/and i know nothing does anything. i know i’m only good/when i can have line breaks/i know this isn’t pretty but neither am i/ i know/ i know/ i know nothing / that’s all a man can know / a fool is he who thinks he has knowledge / a wise man is one who knows that he knows nothing / i am both / let me be a fool for you


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a tweet that is sad enough to post here

will somebody love me? please? and not actually leave? not sneak out that back door after a month and act naive? i know this isn't the real world, but that doesn't mean i can't feel the pain. you promised to stay. how do i pull the knife from my stomach without bleeding out?!



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i'm sad, but pathetic so i'm writing about it

here i sit, again

venting with keys that 

no one

no one

not a soul

will ever read, 

creating universes

that will idly hum for eternity

without exisitng ever

it's really pathetic

that i can't take pain

without turning into poetry

i can't even do it well

but god


i miss you so much,

and it hurts


than anything

the worst part is that i...

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bookshop (a poem about those fkn self-help books)

the paper, thin but strong

the slightest tint from basic white to a character

the binding, so minuscule and fine but 

tougher than nails


it is an art

an empty canvas


why must you paint it with 

fixes, tips, and the next new thing

screaming at souls to improve

digging out their shame and self-consciousness

in order to sell 


i came here to think 


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