Antisonnet 2

(Music: Prelude 3 - Dustin O'Halloran)


you and me

in reverse of a story

too humanely sad

to be retold

to be remembered

on mornings when the sun shines

through the lowered blinds

left just a little open

to not forget a shadow

in our darkness blinded

by dreams dramatically played out

in words and silences

found at the edge of here and now

a sto...

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Just another...

(Music: An Ending, a Beginning - Dustin O'Halloran)

Starting anew

with hopes for future 


walking on ashes of clouds

falling through inverted skies

once glimpsed

or never


for those eyes never looked up

seeking the pebbles of forgiveness

to not depart in dreamlike waves

of dusty memories

before you even knew

that light was shining through


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(Music: Fate of the Fallen - Eternal Eclipse)

Not more than a drop

of time

in a dessert of delusional hope

for endless movement

of now

in a filled-up mind of transposed regret

that all will end

and maybe today

its time to spare a breath

so that pain does not abound

in step marks of someone's

maddening certainty

that there is a way

a path going backwards


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The score

(Music: To speak of solitude - Brambles)

A stroke of hope

across pages of stitched-together scores

of notes too dark

to come to terms with a solution

you searched across pieces of verse

torn apart to dissolute

the abstract hue of purpose

lost to a rhythm

superimposed to the hum of life


towards a point of no return

reclaiming the joys of expectation


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(Music: Endgame - Alice In Winter)

A wave of silenced thoughts

with no hard feelings

but just fear

that emptiness will turn out full

overflowing into sandy leftovers

of a love never happened

but willed too much

for hope on the go

forgotten in transit

between eyes that did not meet

bridged by a desire imagined to be mirrored

 when it only sank to transience


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Untitled 6

(music: "Burned letters" - Johannes Bornlöf)

Step into existence

one scared thought at a time

picking vanities to bear with

one uncovered self-deception at a time

living the present to the rhythm of moments pained through

like melodies played out with a passion wavering anew

earning to trespass the emptiness of fear

towards a bright side so seemingly clear

aligned to hor...

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(Music: Le rêve d'une note - RIOPY)

It's not a loss of maybe

this no purportedly side-tracked

by truths inherent but disguised

to words half-spoken


by that will not to lose

some chances alien to faults

catching on freedoms


by pasts built into futures overcome

imagined to be empty of constraint

with maybes pinging off each other

and no's pu...

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(Music: Nagorno Mist - Vusal Zeinalov)

let me go

into a nothingness

staged out

like a passing thought

in a mind rushing to express

a solitude

scaled up

to an altitude 


trying to gaze

at the shine of that peak


lost to the platitudes

of today

and maybe tomorrow

lost to perfection found in trash bins

and madness imagined

but mi...

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For the unnamed 3

(Music: Wind - Brian Crain)

pages turned unwillingly

in books you never read

but just keep looking through

like a painter lost in colour

living one's art alone

in spaces that can't reflect

the greyness of your stillness

but just the lines of your face

covered in doodles

that someone drew while waiting

for moments to fall

like dust after rain

onto a past too t...

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(Music: Nocturne in Paris - Tony Anderson)

Waiting for mirrors to reflect

in absence of light

I feel so devoid of anything human

how come time just moves on

not waiting for moments to moment along

shall I be sorry for being there for you

while time just moves on

moment by moment


while people just live on

moment by moment


waiting for darkness to s...

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For the unnamed 2

(Music: Sacrifice - Steve Jablonsky)

The mystery of pain


in loss of misery...

a walled-up mind

at crossroads inexistent


but senseless

catching possibilities

on notes played out by others

frozen to meaning

a speechless awe abounded

in drops of fear lined up

to serve

a purpose known

but half-forgetten

while you’re still alive

in the ...

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Anti-sonnet 1

(Music: "Reprise" - Marcelo Zarvos, Peter Vronsky)

No, I do not feel you close

nor do I think I should

a hope not there to be, for hope abounded always

in knowledge that felt almost fatelike

a hope for you

a you I’ll meet the right time

a you I’ll meet and feel like I knew that moment

since I imagined it too many times

in all its possible dimensions 

of being just a ...

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For the unnamed

Expression unconstrained

you once called style

‘cause that was all you truly had

an illusory life always felt for

trespassing being

encroaching onto otherness

in all its expansive power of constraints forgotten

and yet.. you never killed

nor hurt

nor enslaved

you only killed your dreams for theirs

a liberator


but not forgotten

is this what...

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(Music: "Éphémère" - Tony Anderson)

Break me

in waves of creeping silence

for my tortured mind to rest

so I can feel

what a dance of words unspoken is like

in moves glimpsed over

from a future

or a past


for it is this that breaks through sanity

a moment too real

in its dreadful pain of knowing

that it will be gone

and will undo


in you...

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Music - "Revelations" - Tristan Barton

I’ll be your Mona Lisa of intention

scattered across a thousand guesses

one image of unshattered



appeared in platitudes misspoke

so silent

an enigma to uncover

a smile not there for you

but for a time

long gone

the portrait of a present lost

in symbols misremembered

a sight too effortlessly



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System error

Music: "One side of me" - Sebastian Zawadzki

Do you get sold on others

trying to pitch liberation

in a moment of ecstasy


as bliss

when knowing not

what choice is


do you get sold on yourself

trying to pitch serfhood

in a moment of ecstasy

forgotten too soon

when remembering is

what loss can not express

an emptiness

constructing meaning


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Music: "Return 2" - Max Richter

Fear -

that something called out in front of you

the day before the day

you called yourself desperate

in trying

to find

the voice

for all the silent screams

you gave away in front of mirrors

since you never cry alone

and you will always be there

for yourself

the perfect reflection

of a rictus

one only you have seen on s...

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Missed call

Music: "Dream 1" - Max Richter

If there is anything I ask of you

its silence

one understanding absence of intention

and maybe two more thoughts you’d keep

for a future not ours

just one question there forever longing

which we both buried

in the joys of chords stricken

by the emergence

of a nothingness

so complex in its antithesis of what two could be

we'd cry ...

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Walking dead

(music: "Small measure of peace" - Hans Zimmer)

Uncertainty of pain

Is this what you call boredom?

A nagging



of being there for no one

but being

A banality of existence paused wilfully?

Is this how you call life controlled?

All that you can allow yourself to act on –

a decreation of your "I"  –

accepting death


in summoni...

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(music: "Together we will live forever" - Clint Mansell)

Night falls like your words

So expected


A mystery unveiling fears of being just another shadow


in an alchemic mix

of the purportedly eternal



Embrace me like a dream

So expected


A hope unveiling mysteries of being

Or just another page turned

in your calendar ...

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(music: "Hold this place" - Alice In Winter)

A feeling so withhold

Just passing

Or not


In circles repeated

Soo many times

You forgot it’s a wheel

One that drives you into that nowhere you can't see

Cause it drives you

A driver blind

But not as much as you feel

A something you know too well

For custom, it turned out in that space of yours

Where al...

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One for another

(music: "Internal Flight" - Estas Tonne)

Following all sought for

You let go

Of pain

As you do the grip of a chord

Mastering agony as just another song

In rhythms of backward clocks

You let go of the moments

leaping into your old pond

of tears uncried

letting someone listen

to the sound

of pain


leaving behind stillness

emersed in yearning sear...

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The choice

(music: "Dream 3"- Max Richter)

How shall I empty

This present full of tears behold

One carried along

For too long

Torn sideways by delusion and pain

One too full

Of senseless searches

for meaning and justice

cause pain cannot be felt


Just like beauty cannot be felt


And death cannot be accepted

By anyone who shared

Them both.



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Sonnet to absence

(music: "Absence" - by Juliano) 

That nothingness will hold you
And cherish you
Like no one ever could or would
will let you be 
everything a random choice would ever deem to be
Just nothing
Just present
To continue
Without pretence
For all the other
Without despise
For all the other
In an all-encompassing being of being
Squared to the capacity 
Of uncertainties ...

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(music: "How did it happen"- Tom Holding)

Don’t let me go

Away in singlehood unfounded

For I trusted too long

A single word

So pointed in its centredness

It's lost

in all the vanity of averageness


To the most simple of the truths

For I know

In hopes ungrounded

That that away

too lost in misted lows

Is just an absence of tomorrow

A loss...

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(music "Interstellar" - by Hans Zimmer)

One word won't let the sadness of your silence

slip by another time

just whisper closely once again through breaths skipped one after another

that nothing can be easy if not tried

you move in steps not taken

dreamt through instants merged into those others

in wishes bold but also thoroughly controlled

or not

maybe just raged out in...

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Untitled 5

(music: "A model of the universe" - by Jóhann Jóhannsson)

What do you think you understand of pain

When you can understand it?

Not when your mind bounces in leaps towards the hells of hell

in nothingness

but understanding how you got there?

Seeing the path to nowhere


While desperately trying to cling to any reminder of just being human

But failing

And tr...

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Untitled 4

(music: "A model of the universe" - by Johan Johansson)

A blank page is full in its modesty of unreflection

Emptiness though meant to be grasped

Is just an error lost to transition

To the observer of time

To the onlooker of dust

To the catcher of thoughts

Forgotten in absence

Mistaken in loss

Present in a being so flawless

Just the mad ones can feel it

Yet unshakab...

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The one

(music - "I giorni" - by Ludovico Einaudi)

You woke up to a wind of thought whispers


awake for hope

The one you don’t believe in

But feel

The one you fight

But cannot overcome

The one you hate

As much as you love

And as much as you love yourself

The one you envy the most

The one minding the one

The one oneing

Around oblivion

Around others


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The classic

(written while listening to  "Air on the G string"- by J.S. Bach)

Lead me to beauty

On drops of tears cried for aeons

Towards creation absoluted from the sin of perfection

An art subtly brute


Cracked from the pressures of being

Enduring change in instants of frailty

Perfected to human

Tuned to the abyss

Of atrocities too quickly forgotten

It's not about beaut...

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(written while listening to "Una Mattina"- by Ludovico Einaudi)

Just forget me, cause you already did

by inventing me the moment you saw me

Not that face of solid stone cut rigidity

But those eyes

Glancing at you

Uncovering the darkness in your moves

Too realistically hollow

Embracing your well-accepted disappointment

In being

Glancing through others at your own mind


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The name

(music: "So far, so close"- by Olafur Arnalds)

Just tell me a word
so I can write down forever
the name of the rose
that one, plane and hypnotic,
swinging in your mind
from lobe to lobe
like the millionth elephant
swinging in other people’s cobwebs of trust.

Just tell me to go
and never return
cause I will anchor back
and you know it too well;

and don't trust your cobweb

of ...

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