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That’s just emotion


That’s just emotion


Tears fall against the itchy redness of my face. A customary reaction, expression of my uncontrollable emotion. The death of me? He probably will be, cause for us both to exist in this is close to nil. Like having double Spider men, only one wins. 

So once again, the contents of my torso bounce on trampolines and force me to present my breakfast for the second time, an...

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We Were In Love

I loved him for his consistently, different & magnificent ways
That thing we had there was NOT a phase (well not at the time)
At the time we WERE in love...xxx
I loved him with A passion
Like Versace loves fashion
No One!
Could get inbetween
except his girlfriend I mean.

© Copyright 2009 Ms J.A. Lewis

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Denial 20

My heart is bleedin'
from the wound
that still ain't healin'
and I still got that feelin'
like it happened yesterday
but it was a
long time away
so why am I still grieving him today?

Closure is a requirement
Denial is not

© Copyright 2009 Ms J.A. Lewis

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War Wounds

To clear up the rumours passing by,


I would just like to confirm and clarify that,


The scars on my ex-boyfriends neck,


Were not applied during mind blowing sex.


They are merely a reminder…


Just part of my campaign


Don’t you put your fucking hands on me again!


I think he may have got the message.


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entry picture



I lay there that morning

Suffocated by his body heat and

Pretended I was asleep

Closed my eyes and hid my face in the sheets.


I heard his breath deepen

Felt my anxiety quicken

Felt his groin thicken

Against the base of my back


My whole body stiffened

An instant reaction

But he wasn’t fazed

By my by my

Lack of affection


His lame attempts to please

I didn’t even...

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