Sometimes we don't find words 

To express how we feel 

Not every silence depicts sadness 

It could simply be a peaceful state of mind 

Where nothing really matters anymore 

Atleast for the time being 

Everything's neutral without any charge to carry 

Just a feeling of deep quietness 

No emotional upsurge or downfall 


Sometimes we don't have any emotional vent throug...

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Gratitude in attitude

Everyday I wake up with a thankful heart

Grateful to God for this life on earth 

Had it not been His mercy 

My soul wouldn't be thanking Him continuously 


Everyday I wake up with gratitude in my attitude 

Looking forward to improving myself in every way 

So that my life can prove to be fruitful 

Not just for me, but the entire living being 


Everyday I wake up to w...

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I can breathe liberty and freedom 

And feel it in my deepest core 

My soul dances to it's tune and rhythm 

As I go flying in the sky like a free bird 


I've nothing holding me back anymore 

No lies and no deception 

Everything is crystal clear 

And I can see my way through them 


There's more in life than meets the eye 

Everyone is happy and place...

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With love

I'm sending you the words that heal 

Like an ointment it soothes every pain

Nourishing the heart to the very core 

Words of healing sent in kind envelope 


I'm sending you the water of love 

To Pour upon your dried soul 

Gently and carefully I mix it continuously 

Till your thirsty self becomes strong as before 


I'm sending you potions of prayers 

May miracles o...

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There's beauty in everything we see 

The moon although isn't blemish free

But at night it looks beautifully lovely 


There's use of everything we have 

Even a leaking bucket can prove useful 

If it's used wisely as a planter to grow flowers 


There's always a lesson in every event of our life 

Relationship that turned sour and stale after angry tale 

Still has a sto...

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Love and me



I love the word love, its so beautifully romantic

Gives my heart a kick and keeps me going quick

Love is the ingredients God made me with 

Sans love, me is nothing and my being ceases to be 


Love is the language I speak and understand 

It's the only thing that keeps my relationship bond

Love for God, Love for family, Love for friends 

Love for neighbours, Love f...

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