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99. Poem

Deeper and Deeper

Digging into the soil

To trace the journey

Of shoots to roots

There's a little more work

Digging Deeper into the earth

Finally to reach the tips at ends

Knowing where it started 

And where it lengthens


Deeper and Deeper

Delving into the future

Trying to find the tracks of life

From frozen todays

And melting futures

The path that's st...

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98. Poem

On a never-ending quest

Searching reasons to exist

Enough hope to going still

On an adventurous thrill


There's a burning curiosity 

Amber's bold and bright

Drizzling rain of flames

Creating Metaphorical strain


I'm on an everlasting ride

To a nowhere land of might

The growing mane, lioness claim

Having big, bold eyes


There's an eternal bond


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97. Poem

I still believe in true love

Not everything is shattered yet

There's so much to explore in here

Life's not always crazy tears and break ups


I still believe in eternal bond

The God sent blessings showering on

The ones who are truly meant to be

Will find a divine way into reality


I still believe in a relationship that works

There're so many living it in real worl...

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The prick was hard 

It left her asleep 

Untill she meets 

One destined 


The prick of sleep 

Into a dreamland 

Unaware of today 

In a nowhereland 


Tomorrow is there 

Will he ever be 

The one 

To wake her from sleep 


A magical prick 

Returning day and night 

Forever swooning 

Into nothingness 


Hope it's not too late 

Before breat...

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95. Poem

I ripped open the gift

It smelt the same,

as it always did.


The precious gift

With memories within

Of a past well lived


The fragrances clear

Faces aren't blurr

Everything frozen, sans fear


In a cup full of love

Reminiscing golden days

That once was a beautiful us


The seals all broken

Insides now open

Eyes met thence bespoken



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96. Poem

In the garden I do sleep

My roots are thin

The stem is sleek

The greener I grow

The healthier I be

It hurts me when I'm cut

Lawn mower my worst enemy

Cutting me right through

When taller I grow

Chopping my head off

Leaving me deaf and blind

There's always a strong hope

Tomorrow I will surely grow

Like the plants and trees

I'll also have my own breed


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94. Poem

You can't just force me to write

If words aren't flowing right

Writing is an art that comes from within

You can't Pour in words to write anything 


A marvelous write up comes from heart

Those written from mind are researches

You can't call a piece a wonderful thing

Till words have power to stir souls within


Let me express myself at my will

Freedom to speak what'...

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93. Poem

There's joy in writing

When your poems are read

Like a dopamine

the comments effect


There's happiness in responses

It elates the heart

Continuous support

Encourages the art


There's inspiration in words

That sets out the endeavour 

To sketch out the pieces

Reflecting something precious


There's motivation hidden

Decoding the compliments 


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92. Poem

Walking through the life's road

Knowing not where I'm heading forth

The crossroads of paths I do see

Which way I shall choose that'd be best for me

Roads ahead are unclear, dark and obscured

The vehicles I can see but haven't yet board

Awaiting the hands from past, sincerely old but young

A youthful heart that's pure and unburnt


The road that's already trodden taught m...

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89. Poem "love the 89"

I'm in love all over again

With the idea of love

And everything romantic

That love carries within


I'm in love with nature

Trees short and huge

With the chilly wind

Heat and humidity too


I'm in love with birds that chatter

Early morning songs from them

Instilling hope and peace within 

A heart void and devoid of everything 


I'm in love with myself


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91. Poem

Sad and bitter truth

Plagues the country

War and devastation

Made them all lowly

Creatures of blood and flesh

But no bone and spine to stand

Lacking virtues and morals

Illiterate and psychologically bruised

They need treatment of love and trust

Greedy capitalists need to obey


For the poor and needy

Love and trust is important 

Food and shelter

With educa...

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90. Poem

Illusions and myths 

Kept jolting me still 

Untill the last tremor 

That broke me forever 


Illusion of love and care 

That someone's there 

Till you realise your folly 

Everything gets ruined permanently 


Illusions that kept me hopeful 

One bitter truth took away the hope 

No fairytales to see anymore 

Reality of life is scary but it's the truth 



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Alliance of parties

How to resolve issues in countries where there are several parties claiming their right to rule?

the answer is, through friendly alliance. 


what is friendly alliance? 

friendly alliance means that all the parties representing a certain section of the society should form a friendly alliance to peacefully co-exist. For this the head of each party should know his area of rule. The party...

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88. Poem

A dragon stands above us all

Dancing it's way within 

Rescue isn't important 

If you maintain safe distance 


Dragon of mirth and laughter 

Poisoning our life slowly 

Knowing not the dangers 

News we hear daily 


With every breath we take 

Going gets tough 

But we are getting tougher 

To slay this dragon for supper 


Dragon of lies and brutality 


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87. Poem

I'm a Soldier of love

Here on planet earth

Preaching love and peace

Uniting entire humanity


I'm a soldier of God

Sent from heaven above

To bring the world together 

Creating a loving bond forever


I'm a soldier of peace

For the entire humanity

Bringing back our lost glory

Creating justice and peace


I'm a soldier for downtrodden

Being a voice for...

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