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Bitter devastated

It's time for me to go

Some place, somewhere I don't know

Just put the key, switch on the car

Sit back straight, press the accelerator 

Heading in a direction unknown

Now uts time for me to forever go

I don't really know where, but somewhere

A place I can feel home, safe and protected

A place where I can get all the love that I've never got

A place where people love me, ...

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I'll neither betray you, nor hurt you

Whether you do me good or bad

But I shall never sacrifice my truthful heart

So I'll keep my promises straight

And let you live life as you wish to

With or without me, in whatever you are safe

My prayers of safety for you will always be there

No matter how much flame my tongue might vomit

At the end of the day, my love like a medicine he...

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Uncertainties of life

To God I prayed, in him I trust

I walk along a road, not knowing where it goes

No destination in mind, no plans on the go

I'm a destiny's child, on earth I roam

No home of my own, no friend to hold on

I'm just moving on, trusting God to lead me on

Enemies standing strong, doors almost closed

I'm walking by faith on roads less traveled

In covid times life isn't easy, I'm loo...

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I wanna be your only love

I wanna be your lovely friend

I wanna be your loving wife

I wanna be your silly old girl

I wanna be your sissy glamorous lady

I wanna be your clinging woman

I wanna be your love and yours only

I cant pretend not having any feelings

I cant pretend to be going away

I cant pretend anything that hurts me

I cant just pretend not being me

I just...

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Alpha, beta, gamma.

I'm shaken to the core

By events that rolled on

Attacked me unprepared

I wasn't planning this way

I'm broken, lost in sorrows

Deep within my hollows

My soul screams liberation

O God help me, cause I cant bear it

Uncertainties and gloominess

Broken dreams, disrupted plans

Scenarions dark and dingy play in my mind

I want to run away, run away far from this pandemine 


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Roller coaster life

Life is a roller coaster ride

Lows and highs they come

Speeding up and down the track

My little jet sets on the mark

Heartbeat racing on the counts

Leaving behind fears that astound

Overcoming these isn't an easy task

Making prayers strengthening heart

Roller coasters of life isn't an easy ride

Hope I get the pulse and feel of it gradually

Learning to handle situation...

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Hands of time

If I could turn the hands of time

I would turn time backwards

When the day we first met 

And that very day I would kiss you

And freeze you in my life

So you may never go

And I would never have to wait

These years of longings and sufferings

We would rather enjoy and celebrate

If I could turn the hands of time

It would be always to the timing of my life

When I first ...

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Lullaby!! (Kid zone poetry)

Let me sing a lullaby to you

Come o baby, come to bed

Moon is up and sun has set

Stars are twinkling in the sky


Come o little baby, come to me

I will lull you to sweetest sleep

Put your head on your softest pillow

Let me turn off the lights in your room

And open the windows for moonshine


O come to me little ones

One, two, three and just pop in dreams

Of a...

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Woodpecker's serenade

Woodpecker's serenade


A lovely song the woodpecker sings

Calling home her love, her soul twin

Sitting on the highest branch

She calls out to him, beautifully singing


"O my love, come back to me,

It's been ages long since you gone,

I'm sitting here stitching our love dreams.

O come home, come home before the summer goes,

This rainy season I wish to get drenched ...

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Thank you!

Every dream I achieve

Every plan perceived

There's nothing that doesn't work

Though i have to put a lot of hard work

It doesn't really matter how much the pain

As long as i follow the path right and straight

Before the horizon of my destiny is reached

I've many a promises to keep

Many a task to be undone that was wronged

Many that are right but aren't yet done

If we f...

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Moongirl.renewed energies

I can feel my body strengthening 

Mind and heart reviving

All the laxity disappeared 

There is a new vibrancy enveloping

As if the traits of laziness where whispered

Boggling thoughts were charms stings 

Now all is quite, peace and contentment resides

A home where I live after weeks seems to come alive

Disappointed, dejected, forlorn feelings are wiped out

A wholesome me...

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Tornadoes and cyclones have subsided

Whirlpools that sucked energies aren't thriving

Whirwhinds that devastated the heartlands

Are now cool, gentle spring like winds bringing back life

Easy breathing is a gradual act that after turmoils brings back

Nothing was predictable, neither the behaviour nor the tests

Each brought with them thunderstorm that broke the birds nest

Like a ...

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Crazy thoughts vibrating

I've become too much in love

It was something I was proud of

The love and commitments I made

And stood by them and never did hesitate

This love that grew within me 

Had everything pure and clean

Then an obstacle came to uproot this love

Trying to take away my lover

I fought with my own feelings

Thinking I was nothing but damaging

Jealousy started taking its root deepe...

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The moon doth shine with his glory and might

During day he doesn't hide, he outshines the sunlight 

Whether I'm with him or not, my moon shall always keep good thoughts

May he be supported with glorious army from the heaven above

Keeping him safe and protected where ever he goes

My moon is so lovely and so bright, all fall in love with him 

May all who are with him, stand to stre...

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Just feelings!!

Thank you

I'm grateful





I seek forgiveness 





Elated feelings


Merry making

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I don't need to make a place for you in my heart

The reason is that you are the only one possessing it

There's no room for anything or anyone else in there

You are the one who resides within the crevices of it


Long ago when our souls met eachother in a land above

When our souls had no body, they were but the free spirits

I made a promise to you to meet you on earth and love ...

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Inside the little head

Inside the little head 

There's so much going

A plan for future

And present following


This little head is a thinking machine

Generating everything you mean

And also things you don't really need

It stays within creating peaceful turmoils


A muse running in the very mind

Playing hide and seek going wild

Thoughts that concerns me or not

Pops up from the left ...

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Divinely love

A future bright smiles vibrantly 

Into the hearts of lovers true

Instilling hopes of a love filled time

That awaits each after crossing burning Nile

As they swim across the devastating ruins 

Holding hands of safety and protection

Which God sent as mercy through angels strong

Having got the wings of blessings spread upon them

Breathing free yet in true love, the lovers live...

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Dream visitor

You are a regular visitor

In my dreams you visit me

Seeing you in dream reality

Gives me immense peace

Reasons to get happy

Making my days worth living

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What makes you happy

Why you get angry and mad

What you want to find out

What you worried about

What people instill In your head

What is in my behaviour that you dread

What are the reasons for this and that

What are the reasons for all that's bad


I just know one thing from the beginning 

You are the one made for me as lover and friend

And i too am made to recipro...

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As you like

If you think

I'm ugly, so I'm

If you think

I'm pretty, so I'm

If you love me, I'll love you too

If you hate me, i still shall love you

Even though you form negative opinions about me

I'll still treat you as my love, knight and king of all times

My hero  my guide, my friend and everything best you can

For it's only you who i love and wish to spend the rest of life with


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I shall forgive those who did hurt me

They are people from my friends and family

I have no grudges to hold within my heart

For these are burden too hard to carry in my heart

So I prefer forgiving those who did nothing but hurt

I wish to be the generous one, cos I ain't the ugly one

I seek forgiveness too in this blessed month holy

From all whom I did hurt unintentionally or in...

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Death came knocking

Knock, knock

Who's there?

Your past.

But I haven't yet any


Knock knock

Who's there?


A faint hearted old man

Pushes off at the slight knock


Shock shock

Who's done this shocking thing?

A cunning robber, acclaimed king

Hero of heartless madness

A group of cunningness


Shock shock

Death came knocking

Hovering over all

Knabing one...

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Pandora box

Pandora box opens far too quick

Dropping magic tricks, quick and quick

Painting the mountains purple with the gel

Writing memories before the ink goes dry

Holding onto the very breaths while roller coastering ride

How much more relief to seek as I go suffocating close by

Into the lands of extraordinary bliss I must step upon

As the gates wide opens inviting all guests along


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Hold me

O my love come to me

Hold me in your arms

Hug me so very tight

Remove all my frights

And let me be me

Once again whole

In your arms alone

I shall find rest and peace

Our first kiss, our first hug

Our first touch, our first move

Great to have you with me here

People are following me

Keeping an eye envious

For my love is tall and handsome

My knight in shinin...

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Darkest tree

A dark and ugly tree

With roots going deep

Into the earthly bed

Dig open all the mud

With branches shooting high

Into the darkest night

Snooping through

Sheepishly sly

Spreading across the sky

The poisonous species 

With leVes and latex greasy

Finally it killed it oneself

The poisonous tree

Bore victory 

To it's own fallen death

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As I lay in bed recalling all my days

The days of laughter and of fun

I miss your smile and your comforting eyes

It's all become an indelible part of me


I miss the days when with you I could run

Up and down the hilly slopes of green gum

Together we laughed at many things that came

All too often something small that was not important


Those were the days of our care...

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Love showers

I don't want you to go

And I ain't going anywhere too

You have always showered your love

And I have showered mine on you

You are my motivator, guide and my light

and I have held your hand in love too

Nothing can separate two hearts 

And all that's joined eternally is way too strong

You love me this I know so do I to you

And till eternity this bond shall glow outshining e...

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Loneliness kept haunting me

Like a ghost from an old grave

Lingering over me sucking my peace

Until I fell on my knees shivering and crying

Calling onto My God almighty to help me out of it


As the sun sets behind murky veil

The night owls roam hooting everywhere

Amidst the horrific detailing of the night

That grows thicker and thicker increasing my fright

Half close...

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Live your life

Life is as you make one

Some ruin it, some excel in

The end of all is dust 


You leave first

He follows you

Soon each has its end


I love you deeply

You love me too

Hurt created craters


I'm flying again

In open blue sky

Riding clouds back


Life is all a stake

I'll live till the last breath

Many are taken, yet many left


Family and f...

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It's all in your head

It's all in your head

The blue and greys

The purple sprays

Or the glowing sun

And the howling wolf

It's all there hidden deep

How you reflect you feel

Disgust or happiness 

Merry go round

Or running around

It's all in your head

Look deep within yourself

Jealousy or rancor

Hatred or enmity

Just shake your head a little

And get yourself doing

Go out an...

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You're safe even in pandemic

Now you are safe, well, and sound

There's nothing to fear of pandemic, just go play around

These aren't those bullies you have previously seen

They are God fearing, simple people who are caring

Just a little bit of monetary problems they are going through

Still they will respect you and treat you like a king

Eat, drink and relax, for now you are in the safest hands

Pandemic wo...

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I wish you would hold my hand

Being a knight, you must the might

I'm not weak, but yet am incomplete 

Your love was I waited for to make me complete 


Falling back on people who you know did me wrong

Verses read over to feed me when I was about to fall

Engriped by those I might utter words that were concealed

Who do I blame, myself or the one who left me alone at otters me...

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GPS activated

The morning sunshine brought a little note

A love letter from my lover, inviting me home

There's no address mentioned, in nor out

I wonder where shall wind take me,  land or cloud

What if I just go strolling around the lonely park

When night is high and lights are dimmed to see anything

Will I be able to catch a glimpse of the home to see

Are there angels standing at the door ...

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Whispering love

As I silently whisper your name while dreaming

Dreams of you and me in love forever in times to come

All my sorrows melt away guiding its path from my eyes

Onto my cheeks they slide, my lips tastes the salty presence

As I drift back whispering your name in lonely hours

Night is a perfect solace for us to be together for ever

Weaving dreams of togetherness happiness for us

As I...

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Jumblebox ideas

The picture is clear before my eyes

Fears all packed up and gone hiking

Now the images are crystal clear

I hear what you say, I see what is right

Who is a friend, who is an enemy

I know rightly well whom to share my secrets with

There are many a wolves in sheep's clothing

Talking friendship only to extract the secrets of my life

Then use me as and how they wish to abuse


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How can people be so fake

How could people be so fake

Many big promises to innocents made

Dreams of success, prosperity and happiness 

Only to give them death on the rail tracks


How can people be so cruel fake

Leaving homeless to die on roads

No food to eat, no bed to sleep

Only professed care in the mortuary


How can people be so fake

Asking for votes showing them good days ahead


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What can love do

What love can do to a person

Often I think about myself

Two years back I wasn't me

It was a different version

I ran behind love blindly

For in him I saw my soulmate

Dreams I started weaving

And followed him everywhere

Now I look back to where I was

I don't regret, but how changed I'm

In love I threw away my insecurities 

I have shed away the old lifestyle

Now I ...

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This heart breaking sad

My heart is ripping apart

I'm dying a thousand death

May be this time it's fatal

How can we not be one

We were meant to be United

Don't cause troubles to ride my mind

Making me insane by useless words

After coming so far together and strong

No winds of time can separate us anymore

I cant bear with this anymore

For I've only loved you and wil...

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Moon.girl- love n love

All the grey's and blues are gone

A white sky spreads across

Clear vision and sight bright

I once again can breathe life


The death mongers all died

Those feelings of grave all imprisoned

Once again I feel alive and breathe life

Living each day happily in love all over again


The Angels of love arrived on time

Delivered the parcel of loving chime

Music of life...

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What next?

I've fought the demons

I've resisted the death temptations 

Here I stand waiting for you again

Arms wide open, with a loving heart

My knight in shining armour show the path

Just what next? I'm here to ask.

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Farewell bells ringing

I've been through the worst storms in life

Little too I was to go through such turmoils

But who says wisdom and insight is a gift free

It's a medal earned by perseverance through victory 


For all these gloomy, dull and darker days I face

My heart is losing its worldly strength and powers

But its gaining light from the divine sources

As I feel dead within yet illuminating 


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Once again

Once again love shines bright

It's standing stronger than before


Once again life smiles upon us

Brimming with Hopes and laughter


Once again the souls are dancing happily

In love, lust and full grown ecstasy 


Once again the dreams are playing in our eyes

The songs of love, laughter, happiness and a future prosperous 


Once again we have prove to the world ...

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Middle of the night poetry

I sleep early, to wake up in the middle of the night

Wondering why I didn't sleep a little bit late

So I could have slept longer rather than in the middle being awake

Nothing to do and none to talk to, phone a friend is an avoided option too

Writing a few words to express my desires and wishes

Only to find my confused state of mind, half awake, half asleep

I could be misspelling ...

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Hey happiness!!

If you are happy and in love

Clap your hands


If you are going to marry your love

Clap your hands


If you are tiny living with mommy

Clap your hands


If you are huge with little penny

Tap your feet


If are loving and carefree 

Tap your feet


And this is going to be a year a fun filled year

With Joy's, happiness and love round for everyone 

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Moon and girl

For how long I have to tarry

Just cant understand 

Why life is so weary 

Cant laughter and fun be here

And no more sadness or despair


I feel healthy once again

Back on my foot

Fighting all battles alone

I have learnt many skills

Breathing back to normal

Although weakness here

That cos I'm lazy cooking

I wish I'd some cook

Wjo would cook meals for me


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Cant find words

Mind is going numb

Weakness over powers me

I'm slowly drifting away

From earth to grave


My dreams shattered

Hope battered 

No strength within

I'm sapped 

No energies 

Just a fading me



Slowly dying 

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I'm still here

O love will you hold my hand and take me out

Would you care to let me know the gate number 

Will you welcome me on my entry and not leave dogs out to bite me

The people are confusing me and misguiding me

Only a couple of them sincerely care who fear God's anger

Rest are all hurling abuses, shouting, biting, scolding and demeaning me

Bodyguard's missus talks rudely when I call and...

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Thank you

Thank you God for being with me here tonight

And thank you for your Angel's who helped me cope

They lifted me on their wings of hope and helped me breathe

Didn't run out of oxygen and slowly I calmly did sleep

Just woke with a running heart beat and a chill near my heart over the mid chest

A lightness was there with a little bit of eeriness 

Fine threads of few red spread across ...

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Will survive IA

I wasn't faking deadly symptoms 

I was actually walking into it

It was not an emotional drama

To get me what I actually wanted

I was slowly being engulfed 

By symptoms of other kind

And finally as I could feel today

Hope it rings a bell of belief

Not that I don't lie at all

But for such matters never would do so

I was slowly progressing towards heaven

An angel sent...

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