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Knight in shining armour

Poor in pocket

Rich in heart

A king of diamonds 

Bestowed to Queen of hearts

God knows what is best

For what is meant to be will be

Path designed by God for our life's every turn

Virgin Mojito meant as drink

Who knows what hides within

God repays good with good

To those who do evil

You are sure to reap evil

Deceit that you showed 

You shall live and reap


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You call me love

You call me hare

Ours isn't a love

That many can relate


You call me hope

You call me trust

What it's the most

That about me you love


You call me lazy

You call me fat

I wish I could give up

Eating things I like the most


I'm sleepy head

I'm witty

I'm everything 

That makes me a little pretty

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The moon

This deep lovely moon has witnessed my every changing mood

Still it keeps shining its glorious light without asking for anything anymore

How selfless its love has grown over time, much was beautiful now everything seems superbly fine

Do I need say more, should I say less, it anyhow wont let moon regress

How blessed are the skies that fills the moon in its loving divine care

Hope eac...

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Feathery flight

My feathers are white

All tucked up like a kite

Although I fly end to end

But shuttle is a better word

With a huge but I do glide

Mouth always gaping in surprise

As I met drive my way

Furiously flowing in the air

The eyes I like 

But the hands are not

On my butt I get a wacky kick

Go flying in the sky

To reach the other side

My poor feathers seem ghastly pick...

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Within reach

Once again I'm swimming in the ocean of love

Here I have so much peace flowing around

And tranquility restored as I go floating on

Its but a beautifully day that I'm living once again

Hopes renewed and dreams now are many not few

Living each moment in this present times of beautiful day

How welcoming are these little droplets that's ushering love again

Here I hear the flutteri...

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Sometimes it's not hate that keeps people away

Its love which is the reason of their distances

Had there been no love rather only an acquaintance it could have been different 

So can things retreat from love to stranger's hello tweet


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You do what you like

You go where you want

You are free and that you know

You have a life to live

Make the most out of it

Discover, explore and play

Let heavens be your friendly mates

Glow where ever you may go

I'll always be here, just a call away

May there never be a dark cloud over your ahead

But in case if you have another gloomy attack

I'll always be here to d...

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Lovely day

What a beautiful day?


After days of thirsting heat

We received plentiful relief

Rain maidens circled around

Drenching the soul of mother earth

Parched lips of thirsty earth

Drank to its fullest the nectar from clouds

Honey spills like galaxies of thrills

Cool breeze blows my mind away

Taking all the leftover sanity today

Leaving behind the stillness in the air


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Gang wars

Those nights were really dark

When people of the same clan

Turned against eachother

They killed and looted

Shot dead the innocents

At times a mission turns sad

People often turn really bad

What a sad site to see

Over and over again

Newspapers had this news floating

Television aired the very description 

A decade long struggle

From ashes that community rose


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Awfully sad

All her dreams went rolling down her eyes

What was her crime to be punished like this

Was she to be blamed or was her partner the culprit

A punishment was given for breaking a heart 

We need to be sorry for all that we do

Awfully are now the nights without the lover in our arms

But days are brighter only to see them rise from the windows here

Safe within the confines of the ho...

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Who is the criminal?

The guns fired the last bits of pieces

His father shot dead, his mother ripped

His only love of life blood bathed

And his children's body far plunged in hell

What a gruesome sight that was shown to him

He turned a big bold demon hating everyone

He vouched to avenge the crime done

And toned up his sinews and heart muscles

On a fire fleeting day he was pulled down on the road


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Going home tonight

Do you remember our loving exchange of words

The nights we called honey bunny and other words

What beautiful names you gave to me

And what handsome ones I called you with

It's not long and nothing I have forgotten

The noodles that we ate and the pudding on your plate

The cold drink that got spilled and bottle you broke at the windowsill

You never got angry or ever shouted at m...

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Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment!!

To those beautiful eyes reading me

I hope now my worst aren't killing thee

You can breathe and keep yourself relaxed

Now you will never hear a word of my pain and suffering

What annoys you and puts you off needs to be rubbed off

By changing this simple formulae you can achieve lots of peace

But I promise you too much exciting entertainment 

Throughout my life I will keep my pr...

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On a trip to the loversland

Down the hill, up the mountain tracks

I stand here waving at you

Calling you come back to me 

Dont make me cry by ignoring me

I ain't your Queen but I'm your loving friend

On days as these when we have a fight

And our love goes roaming, off the flight

Then i do promise to stick by your side

May be not as a lover but your buddy wise

For it m...

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The pledge

I've built my home in your heart

A room so full of warmth and care

Truly loving and honest person you are to me

Always trying from darkness to pull me

You are light that shines in my heart

Yours are words the resides in my soul

To you I vouch my loyalty and devotion

As we today hold each other's hands in loving emotions

And I do promise you this my lovely knight

Till ete...

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I promise you this

I've so much love blocked within

Too much care I wish to share

Hope you will love my loving ways

Although I'm too clingy a person

But always remember my dear love

I'm happy when I'm loving

It gives me strength to keep me going

In your eyes I saw my world so high

Beautifully woven stories of a love so true

I promise you my love and care

Till eternity I'm going to share


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Happily everafter

Your words were true

So were you

You kept your promises to me

And today we are happily married

This is a dream that's come true

Now together we will raise a happy family

A happily ever after

A fairytale life

All is true as you are now forever mine

In heaven we will build our perfect home

Where we will live eternally everafter

But before that we have many earthly br...

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For our lovely son

My dreams do come true

And so has this dream too

He my mighty royal king 

Came to take marching in

On his galloping steeds

My darling prince came to take me

A dream I saw for so so long

And now his ring I wear in my fingers strong

Our love was true so was he

That's why he could make me happy

His promises were true

That he had made to me 

Long live my mighty king


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I made love to him poetically

My prince stood by my heartily 

Awaiting moments of love gleefully 

Caressing my curves beautifully 


I made love to him dreaming 

In all moonbeams we went softly screaming

Discovering our weakest zones of lovingly 

Dreaming beautiful dreams of loving happily 


I made love to him romantically

Donned the beautiful gown for him alone


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Love makes me live

This love that I feel

Rising from my toe nail

Slowly pumped through brain

Entering existing my heart's valves 


This love enticing me

Slowly enriching my soul

With all the breaths of hope

Taking me in its manly hold


This love I feel within me

My romantic side spinning me

The feelings of ooh and aah

Doing a disco dance and bhangra 


This love is the ...

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My dreams come true

Am I dreaming or awake

I have so many pills to take

The pills of joy and happiness 

My Doctor send for XMAS


am I sleeping or am I awake

I need to examine my little brain

It talks too much about my life

I need to control its gob and let it speak

Only when it rolls the tongue to sing happy melodies


Am I awake or still in my sleepy mode

Just shaking my naughty ...

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Light vs. Dark

Torn between the two ends

One light and the other darkness

Light is strong

But dark is stronger

I'm weak with darkness

But strongest with brightness


Torn between the two ends

Being constantly pulled apart

My light shines in darkness

My light enhances with light


Torn between the two

Just thinking 

Would be engulfed by darkness

Or be  enlightened with...

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She lives in a land

She now lives in the land of dead

Where no birds sings any love song

No twittering over the windowsill

Only gloom and doom lingers

Filled with the recipe of hatred


She now lives in the land of dead dreams

Ones that were lively at a point of time

Now they are battered to death by ill will

No love to look forward to, no life ahead

Only a past filled with distant memor...

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Your love

Gives me wings to fly


You care 

Melts my soul away


Your touch

Makes my heart skip a beat


Your breath

Warms my beautiful skin


Your looks

Triggers an undying passion within


Your eyes

It flares up my souls longing


Your voice

Brings me back my loving emotions


Your being

Helps my love stay perfectly tuned



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The trail

Yes, I confess

I'm in need

Need of help

Help me please

Please be here with me

Me is suffering silently

Silently all my dreams slipped away

Slipped into the darkest alleys 

Alleys where demons of the night live

Live and dance to the rhythm of the night

Night is the time when they rise to sing 

Sing the songs of liberty and love

Love they have chosen, with them th...

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Nothing to say, nothing to share

All the words are now a secret

Between me and my Rabb

On a journey i have secretly embarked

Farewell world!!!


Peace n love to all

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When the oceans are turbulent

And the winds turned stormy

All that was gentle and calm

Uprooted from the core and whirled

Leaving dizzy with venomous words

Ships that sailed through the oceans

Left stranded with looks uncanny

It's time to rethink the journey

Would you? Won't you?

The lesson learnt rent asunder

hopes high and dreams dreamy dramy 

Ponder, contemplate...

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Balm of your love

Hey love,

You have taught me the real meaning of love

The devotion you show in keeping this relationship 

Its beyond any words and incredibly beyond believing 

Even when I lost my way and went in the direction wrong

You kept following me with a lamp in your hand

The light of your trust and truthfulness of your love

Guided me back from going in a direction wrong

Not many wor...

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Just stare at this blank page and wonder

Where have all the songs, rhymes and words disappeared 

Hope someday you will realise

Ghosts that ghost life and pages

Dont find what they never gave and shared

What you made appear, now you see

Blank words, blank hopes, blank feelings

Now dont try to search for love between the lines

They only carry incessantly long yearning that wi...

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The ghost

The lonely ghost visited me

At first it had a body

It spoke and laughed with me

Then into the thin air it vanished

Leaving behind memory ashes

I made a castle of love from those ashes

Which blew time and again when storms came flashing

Reconstructed those castles time and again

But the construction lost its textures and paints

My love kept nourishing the foundations stro...

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Souls of another kind

The cage is broken

The door is open

Life is waiting 

Just a hug away

Dreams are calling

Dancing on my way

I can see the faces

Souls bright and clean

Piety and truthfulness 

Their armours clean

I can hear their voices

Loud yet softly whispering my name

A lofty ship set right for me

Captain dexterous ushering me

Holding hands in friends

For sake of God al...

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In the making

As I breathe the night and warmth feels within my heart

I remember those times of my life when things were sad

As I look back to days that I have travelled so far

I have made it to the top of the mountain without any help

Those hands that held me so weak are now erased forever

Those words that kept me brave through the night blended in darknes

Now what remains is a beginning of a...

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Happy birthday to you!!

entry picture

In advance the wishes fly

From my lips to yours

Kindly grace the occassion now

Cut the cake and celebrate

Your lovely day of birth day

Happy returns of the day to you

Happy birthday!!

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Summer rain

When the night grows deep and dark, the ugly stings remains within veins, sucking every drop of peaceful blood flowing in, having nothing but pain remains.

When the day is bright and shiny and sunshine a orange glow, when the winds fragrance gently over the meadows blow, the smiles within dimpled cheeks glorified the simplicity that stays therein.

When the storms do hurl and roaring wind gal...

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Lovey dovey effects

entry picture

Not my work. Just sharing.

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Breathing love all over again

entry picture

More than the air I need you to breathe. This feeling of holding you in my arms reassures me of my life still worth living. The kiss sealed on lips creates heart beats like drumming and into that pool of madness I swim through the deepsea of love with blood red colours of hot steamy emotions yo spice up the feelings of your heart beating within mine. As we run along the shorelines with water splas...

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Do you?

How strongly my soul craves for your soul

The powers within me cant find any peace

Until in your power arms it may reside till eternity

But do you feel the same for me as I do for you

No matter what the voices speak within my ears

I hear only words which spoken to my God clear

Destiny shall see me heart to heart, clasping gently all my favourite times and parts

The synergy whi...

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I, Me, Myself

Its a poetic note for me

I write here nothing sharply witty

But a blessed piece disguised in smiles

For myself won't let the tears rolling in here

Me, a miraculous wonder created poetically

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These marks in my thoughts, with questions attached. Unable to fetch the answers, for there aren't any I guess.

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What are these feelings floating within

A mix of blue and of green

On a serious note I look again

Only to find what was already in my mind

Silences between is decreasing the distances

Bonds are strengthened at each interval

Glances exchanged hypnotically through telepathy

Is there anything more you imagine and see

Dreams that swim within the confines of our minds


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