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Dream on

I met you once, by chance
but you appeared in my dreams
the very next day.
It was not happy nor unhappy
not in black and white but nor bright and colourful
(like the ones I usually see)
It wasn't unimaginable or unclear
(like most of my dreams)
It didn't change faces or continued for a longtime

I saw us at a party
you stood across the room
and suddenly turned, caught my eye and smiled

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dreamshopelovelove at first sight


Away from the crowd and rays of the sun
are the moments I cherish the most,
It is when, your wisdom
outbreaks from the dam of your lips,
which usually gurgles teases, jokes and laughter
(not intended for me, of course not)

you voice your
dreams and aspirations
painting a rainbow
on the dark night's sky,
and somewhere else aswell...

as well as your insecurities
in a sober expression...

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The Tattered Umbrella


Moonbeam fades
and dark clouds invade
raindrops fall at the
rain soaked feet..
The umbrella of friendship
tattered with holes
refuse to protect me today..

Thoughts run back
to another dark night,
where it rained as fiercely as now..
Yes, I was soaked, that day too
not from the umbrella- yet not tattered-
but from trying to protect a friend
from the cascading rain..
The raindro...

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loss of friendshiplove

Turn back the clock

I wish I could
turn back the clock
rewind the time
not think too much
live in the moment and
let the rest
fall into place.

Turn back time,
dance all night
under the starry lights
and pour my heart out.
Instead of turning my back
to destiny.. and you.

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lovelove and time passing


Pitter patter of the rain
used to remind me of,
muddy shoes and smelly toes..
But now, it reminds me of,
easy conversation,
merry laughter
& a journey I could have

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The wait

I'm missing you..

like the sea misses the shore,

Like the mountains miss the bluebells

in the cold, 

like the earth misses the sun at night



the waves should learn

to wait till the tide is high,

& the mountains must know

to endure till spring,

& earth till the dawn arrives.


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lovemissing youunrequited love

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