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Turn back the clock

I wish I could
turn back the clock
rewind the time
not think too much
live in the moment and
let the rest
fall into place.

Turn back time,
dance all night
under the starry lights
and pour my heart out.
Instead of turning my back
to destiny.. and you.

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lovelove and time passing


Pitter patter of the rain
used to remind me of,
muddy shoes and smelly toes..
But now, it reminds me of,
easy conversation,
merry laughter
& a journey I could have

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The moon

"you" are the distant moon
Bright and shiny
yet, so far...away

and I'm the tide,
your smallest change
cause turmoil in me

What I forgot, is that,
the moon is destined
to love the pretty stars
not the distant earth
which is so close, yet,
so far...

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lifesorrowunrequited love



Sitting in the exam hall,
mind bogged ;
with ratios, equations and curves,
I looked around in agony
to find a reason to continue,
just in time,
to find the invigilator roaming nearby,
carrying a stack of paper, with one hand.

I looked at him to find traces of,
misery, anger and hopelessness.
a kind, encouraging smile
is what I got.
Which alone was enough
to ge...

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couragedeterminationinspiring poems

The little tea plucker

The cold breeze brushed my cheek,
The cold wind brushed my hair,
The air was filled with the aroma of
Sweet flowers,
I saw her..

A girl of eight years (close to.my age)
stood in front of me.
So close, yet, so far..
We stared at each other dumbstruck .
She was wearing a ragged dress with darts everywhere (where I wore jeans)
with tangled hair,
she stood there..

She was small, ...

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The wait

I'm missing you..

like the sea misses the shore,

Like the mountains miss the bluebells

in the cold, 

like the earth misses the sun at night



the waves should learn

to wait till the tide is high,

& the mountains must know

to endure till spring,

& earth till the dawn arrives.


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lovemissing youunrequited love

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