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To assume.

I listened because I missed your voice.

Off course I'm going to pretend that you were talking to me....duh!!! 

God, if only you knew.

I was mega shy

but I couldn't stay away and that was dangerous for me.

I wasn't ready.

Now I'm almost there,

but you're gone.

Six goldfinches in two weeks.

But double checking reveals my mistakes

and we all know how easy they are to mak...

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Deep breath.

Straight away I have morphed,


and re-arranged.

Love that it's quiet.


I caught the funeral but I was still horny!!

Maybe it will go away now,

disappear and let me be free.

But I'm in my 30's!!


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Comfortable in the dark

entry picture

I seek that s#*t out 

and feel shocked when it burns.

Not burns.

It numbs,

numbs the soul,

takes over the thought.

In there lies the attraction.

The attraction and attention.

And the attentive ways last for days and days.

They're luring,

and I'm well aware,

but then I am left.

Left in the squalor that has built around me.

The numbness dissipates and I'm alive...

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I can't stop, I can't stop, I can't stop, I can't stop.

And I think and I think and I think and I think.

And I want and I want and I want and I want.

I can't have, I can't have, I cant have, I cant have.

And I need and I need and I need and I need.

And I love and I love and I love and I love

And I breed and I breed and I breed and I breed.

And I yearn for the day I can breathe...

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The greys

We laughed about it,

But they are real.

Grey looking.

I see them often.

All they need is a bit of green.

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I need a parachute.

This is not a home to me

And my struggle is now

It's taking me back then 

And I've never cried harder

How can you be jealous of blood

The state of me

I love

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The power of assumptions.

I'm so annoyed,

I just rushed back.

I could here it in your voice.

You really made it sound like I didn't have a choice.

I feel the worst

And I have missed

My most important lesson.

For this will be my livelihood and honestly I'm stressing.

About the stool I hold you on

About the games you play.

I cannot bare it anymore

I no longer want to stay

In this house,


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I cannot forgive you,

It's all too raw.

You expect just to be able to walk through that door,

And have everyone fall all over the place,

And ignore the fact that you won't stop your disgrace.

I tried and I tried but you took that for granted, 

Knowing that I was blind, 

My mind enchanted.

I just think of the kids, 

And everything we have done, 

How you probably think ...

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I know tonight I got it right,

This warm feeling now tells me.

I'm thinking of the better ones,

I know my time with them is not that long.

It's Irish how something can take you away,

From everything you have loved.


But I'm here right now,

My dear sweet boy,

And I know that you accept it.

For all the hard work that's been done.

I'm proud and will ne'er be sceptic,


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What a difference, 

The lobster is not helping 

And there are bloody wasps everywhere.

It's hard to forget

And now I have to remember everything.

Move on?

Deal with it.

When you just tried to help.


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I feel sort of free

And I told them about my poems.

Friendship is real.

So is love

And I am bloody lucky.

Still sort of edgy.

Sort of.


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I feel

free to be 

I feel

free to be me.

Not a care.

Just for everybody.

I feel good.

Like everyone should.

Friends are gold

and family is priceless.

I'm glad I know. 

But I don't know everything.

Not yet.

I can't wait.

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Lob star

This must be how it feels

to turn the wheels.

I feel like I'm finally living,

taking as well as giving.

But I wish the cost would have been smaller.

Control was not an option.

But the sky has been beautiful lately.

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Up on

I will reach,

But not yet.

Him, a leech.

I'm upset.


But of no worth.

I want to taste the earth.

Want it to grow.

Through my body.

It's what I ask for.


A secret.


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Contacting the dead.

I can only write when I am down,

When I am sad.

Feel like a clown.

You were still gone....

Your head was down.


Stop and think.

Take time to breathe,

Don't let things get on top of me.

Many men.....

Just fantasy.

When you drink,

It just kills me.


I thought about the other side.

And I'm the one who takes pride,

In thinking the mediums are untrue.


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Last one.

Can't believe you didn't add.

Makes life sad.

Back to work on the first,

David makes my life worse.

Shut the window.

That local girl,

Stalked her in your pictures.

Fat face.

Not looked at her baby yet.

Do you want me to look for you?

Message true.


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At least for me.

I never knew her.

Back at home.

My son wants to see green.

It got so bad,

He called him dad.

He liked you.

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I blame the parents.

My face is numb like my heart has always been,

Tim said I was used goods and that was on the first.

Now it's the second,

I must be ragged out.

Two kids,

Two different,

I wish I'd have had the confidence.

I told Zoe.


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Our lives are all mapped out by our minds.

I think he's gone. 

No effort required, for him.

Tacky holiday......Check! 

Controlling behaviour.... Check mate.

Second time unlucky.


Tonight I'm getting smashed.

F@@k the weed, 

I don't wanna be happy.


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I want to go because today was hard and I'm too tired to sleep. I can't live here much longer. Business as unusual. Give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give.

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Pieces of paper.

I like surprises but he keeps telling me. It's been well discussed. As good as it gets. It was going to be a shotgun.

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entry picture

I still feel like it's us against the world, Not involving him. I'm not the best at dancing. Times must be bad. I just want to sneak in because last night was great. But mixing the signals..... It's an odd situation, clearly I wasn't ready. But it's well past the point. Tomorrow will make things worse. Emptiness is the worst. I want it to be business and I will always tell them t...

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Different days.

I wish there was a like button.

Then I wouldn't be tempted to write anything.

My English is getting better.

Shelley is amazing

 but I will be sad come June.

The relationship should of stopped at talk of kids.

Both became ignorant.

Me at first

then him, when I wasn't fussed.

I remember being at a party once with your mates, 

drugged up and happy.

Long time ago.


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Two weeks

Silly girl!


Wonderful plans for the future,

with the bairns.


Working from home sounds immense.

The schools are pretty terrifying

and i need a car.



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In my dreams

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Last night. Dancing about, smokey club, Will smith was there. You were upstairs wasted. I still ran up. Still in my dreams.

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Pure o

entry picture

It's been worse since I read about it. At least I now know. The chicken or the egg. Got me some class pure o. Gonna have to tell. It's only fair so, I've saved the pages. Mother f#%&ing pure o.

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entry picture

Did I write to YOU once. I want to rescue the second. Flea ridden. I asked for permission. I might disobey anyway. Without an answer. It's charcoal grey. Durham massy is great.

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Allowance is tops. Tidy tidy. I've attempted cake pops. Mmmm. Its time to talk.

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Thank-you. Sorry that i have to say, Thank-you in this silly way, But I cannot message you, Or write on your page, I should have thanked you sooner, Not at this stage. So Ally/fredy , I really do. Wish you'd keep writing too.

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I remember that feeling, It didn't go well. I seem to be a pillar. That one. That one was still looking for it.

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I like looking at the mud.

entry picture

I wish I could start a conversation. But I don't make a habit of being deceptive. Your back. It made me sad. Till he made me laugh. I think this will bother me forever.

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Death trap.

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Oi you! You nearly hit my boy the other day. This is delayed. One stop away. You would have been spayed. I don't normally rhyme. But I'm thinking this time. Try it!

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The help.

He takes the world personally. Almost in tears. I wish he was here. I don't understand. I feel for the kin.

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The image to the right.

entry picture

I'm sorry but this was never about you. Although your silence is uncomfortable. This is exceptional help. I never thought that this was treatable. I have a lot of love. The clue is in the title. Charity shops are the best. I hope to see you soon enough. Incredible friends?

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I should have taken more and ran, I should have took them all. Positively baby steps. I'd take care, my love. I should have took them all.

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My thoughts are exhausting my love. I think i love you more. Astrology devalues and life is weary. Impatient for better days. No thinking allowed. How unfair.

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The broody season.

I cried three times yesterday. I want to make things go away, And just see you, But twas you that left. I'd keep my boy. I didn't cry because of you. Like every one I just simply don't know what to do. I think I am very lucky. A loving man. But insecure. One child but boy do I want more. The broody season.

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