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I Still Gets Excited By Snow

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I still gets excited by snow

(Immature for a pirate, I know)

When I climbs out on deck

There's snow up to me neck

As me shipmates all cower below.


I cannot conceal me delight

When I wakes to a flurry of white

So piratin's banned

Let's get them cannons manned

And have the world's best snowball fight.


Lesser pirates do not think this way

When I scream "Let's go out and play!"

They ...

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Ready To Sail

entry picture

Ready to sail

Heavin' away

Succubi wail

Mizzen masts sway

Open yer mind

Bare me yer soul

Together we'll find

The treasure I stole

Ready to sail

Wi' ghosts of the dead

Scurrilous tales

Adventures ahead

We'll visit places

Both magic and strange

We shall meet faces

Unknown and deranged

What say ye mate?

Do we have an accord?

We're ready to sail

So jump ye aboard!


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