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John Botterill on Juliet
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Wonder Woman 1984 is a Good Movie.

Being an American nowadays is an embarrassment
I was born in this country and always been embarrassed
You hate education because it makes less Christians
Jesus would have been a middle eastern man
You would shoot him because you would call him a terrorist
When you're storming the Capitol Building because you're a snowflake
These domestic terrorists with AR-15s
Are the same man that supposed...

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When I Was Sick

As I slip into the acid of regret
My mind tries to drown away
But this melancholy cloud does not give
It shoved me into my pocket knife
It's not my upper thigh and it was stuck
So I cut a little bit further until the blade jiggle out
Has the blood came down 
I realize I was unlovable but proud


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The Day I'm Stuck On Repeat

As I'll slip into insanity
Like an a young spruce
My greedy actions made me lose the sun
Mt Wife found it on the shore of a beach
The last time I seen it I was tucking it in for bed
My wife found it bloody and cold
She was crying that we lost him we lost him
Like An earthquake its shattered my reality

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