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A Body In The Sea

It was a body in the sea
Grieving mother in the sand
A situation no one wanted to see
The blood add up soaking the clothes
It was an emotional affair she shouldn't feel

He was only 12 
A parent should never feel this 
I hopeless feeling so gone 
How could anyone be happy 
This was the saddest day in this small town

It was a body in the sea
Grieving mother in the sand
A situation no...

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So you want the American dream
Picket fence an family that loves you 
The American dream is dead  
We gave the government the gun

So don't even try to make an American living
The senate doesn't give a damn about you
So pick your peppers but were the terrorists now

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I miss my old poems

I'm a little over worked 
People don't love anymore
People just want sympathy from their statuses
If you have a real problem your causing drama
I know this is a little insensitive
I know I'm Hell bound but I don't care about it

I don't want to die to learn how to fly
Lately I just want to say bye
Could you understand 
The motivations behind the lines

Every spouse I've ever loved left

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