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Don Matthews on Make Room (7 days ago)

Empty and Nothing

I saw your face after 8 months of absence

Could have avoided it by taking another path

But I pressed on

Faced the challenge

Saw your smile

And I felt nothing

No joy

No pain

No love

Only the regret that I gave you more than you ever deserved


I relived the moment a hundred times

I could have said so many things 

I could have taken the high road and be pleasan...

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friendslost lovesecrets

Meet Me In The Rain

Meet me in the rain

So I can explain

The sun’s gone 

And it’s been too long


I look at your pictures on the wall

I shouldn’t keep them up for too long

I miss the sound of you down the hall

So I avoid the sound of you at all


It’s as if the flood gates of heaven opened up from God’s weeping

Deep down I know it wasn’t you I should be keeping


But I needed yo...

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artistslost lovemeet againrain

Sweet Pleasantries

A honk and a wave,

a smile greets you

not able to place the face

but you comply

exchange greetings

then she questions your well-being


Scrolling through the latest developments 

you pick an appropriate response,

‘I’m hanging in there. Happy Thanksgiving.’

She returns with the same, 

then disappears into the sea of lights


She is too kind

this is not the ...

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Blurred Lines

Echoing words through my head

Of all the sweet things that you said

Of times and memories of what we used to do 

Just a little thing to see me through


My dear, it's clear 

We aren't what we used to be

My dear, I fear

That’s the way it’s supposed to be


Blurred lines are once again made clear

It’s you with her

And me with him

That’s the way it should be in ...

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Seeking Truth

To surround yourself with artists
You discover you’re not stuck to this game,
There is more than just poems of pain;
Lustful nights,
The political daily life,
The chaos of family,
The bounty is aplenty.

Like the ocean explorer covering uncharted territory,
The poet must explore the deeper meaning of life.
We’re all alike,
We seek the truth;
In it we see the real you.


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Make Room

Dear Donny says we need more comedy
WoL isn’t what it ought to be
Well, you may have heard that comics are known to hide their troubles
To make others laugh
While their life is actually in strife
They complain others are all too serious, 
too much doom and gloom
They’d rather make it a sideshow
Well, move aside, 
make some room
There’s plenty for both of you
After all, after a good cry,...

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comedydoom and gloom

Calming Waters

Waves crashing

in and out

up and down

pushing and pulling


A knock on the door

beating louder and louder

waking my fibers


Restless and unrelenting

louder it knocks

heartbeat pulsing

anxiety levels rise


Breathing in and out

imagining the waves 

the calming waters 

I am one with them

and how they rise again

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Wait and See

Standing out by the water

I see you’re alone

Do I care 

to bother you

or should I leave you

with your thoughts,

let you decide 

if this is what you want

Do I let you come to me

or do I beg you to stay

in this space

I can see it written

all over your face

You’re in too deep,

taking steps back with a ‘wait and see’

Let me know how that works out

No nee...

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Breathe Again

I step out into the darkness
with the sky lit above me
The orb has reached its full potential 
and I am reminded of the beauty around me
The twinkling above is the same as it’s always been
but much brighter than I’ve allowed myself to see
Somewhere out there under the same sky
you’ve been thinking of me
and I can finally breathe again 

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acceptancefull moonlovestars

Countdown to Love

As little girls plucking petals one by one reciting,
“He loves me, he loves me not,”
all love and happiness rested on the count of those petals.
If an even number, the girl is bitterly disappointed.
While an odd count surely takes her over the moon with his undying love for her.
If only as adults that love and happiness would be so definitively decided as with the pluck of a petal.


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Getting To Know You

Getting lost in your deep blue eyes
I simply forget everything else
This is our fantasy, our escape
and there is life outside these four walls

Our wants extend us to stay a little longer
We’ve been waiting for this day 
and it’s too soon to walk away

I’d rather have my time 
with your body next to mine
I’d rather have my time 
getting to know each piece of you, my partner in crime

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Awaiting the Day

I drop you a line
Hours later in time
I wait for your reply
What will it be
Excite me, please

I’m thinking of you
Please God, let it be true
You’ve been thinking of me, too

The pulsing and racing heart
Awaiting the day we’re sprawled out in the sheets
Please let us be
Like we dream it will be

Salty, sweet dreams of our bodies
Tangling and beating to the rhythms 
Flowing through...

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One by one counting memories:
an old photograph of us at the beach,
a sweater that won’t rid itself of your scent,
books and CDs that you lent,
I’ve packed them away
They won’t see another day

I’ve packed the boxes, 
made the plans,
the rooms are empty
but I am motionless

Is it that familiar look?
Is it the morning glow
that paints itself through the window?
No, it’s the memories ...

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lost lovememoriesmomentos

Can You See The Ships at Sea

entry picture

The darkness finally comes

after a long battle

Two ships sail pass

this ocean blue

Sailing past each other

into the sunset

Keeping my eyes on the blue

it's all I can see

There are no ships for me

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You Never Cease To Captivate Me

I’m not the man for you,
this is true
but does your man, Henry,
make you tremble like I used to?
Does he do things to you like I used to?

He may look nice in his suit
and treat you to dinner
but does he deliver?
Does he cross your mind late at night?
Does he give you butterflies?
Does he bring you your favorite flowers?

I was too much of a coward
I should have loved you
I should h...

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lost loveold flame

The Basis of My Character(s)

These are my characters
Some of them have affairs
Some of them are drowning
While gasping for air
There’s a hint of something there
That may never be
Nothing more 
Than a simple connection between you and me

These characters have flaws,
That is true
These characters may seem similar 
But trust me, 
They’re not based on you

These characters are simply fragments of feelings 

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All I Need

All these years

I put too much into the hopes

Of finding someone who will give me all things I want,

All things I need


Give me music

Give me poetry

Give me love

Give me everything I need


But the voice inside keeps on,

No one can love you like you need

No one is all things true

No one out there is all for you

No one can be all you need


You give ...

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The rain falls

My soul weeps


All the secrets that we keep

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You called out to me

said you wanted me

felt for me

as I started to feel for you, too


It could be so easy

just as 1-2-3

maybe in another lifetime

I’d be with you, too


Maybe we don’t have to wait

you’ve got me now

you’ve got me here with you

I’d love you just the same


It could be so easy

just as 1-2-3

if it were another lifetime

I’d be wit...

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This Too Shall Pass

He looks to me

but he doesn't see me

He talks to me

but he doesn't hear me

He's in front of me

but we're a million miles apart

Our hearts are beating to a different tune

Everyone thinks it'll be fine soon

Just open up and tell him 

It'll be okay,

This too shall pass

but it won't,

it will last and last...

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In a Sea of Lonely Nights

A lonely boy in a sea of lonely nights 

in that last hour

capturing words he wishes he had said

so they’re out of his head


Music fills the air

soothing tension

lessening the cares


Take a trip to the other side: 

what makes the other tick,

what makes them come alive,

what’s in their head they’re trying to hide


While reaching out for a connection


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Poetry Readings

Poets pour their heart and soul

into every poem recited

pulling from the depth of emotions

grabbing you by the heart

kicking you around

tossing you aside

feeling broken but alive

your heart soars

waiting to hear more

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poetrypoetry readings

Romance is Dead

After the kids go off to bed

And the one lying beside you confirms that romance is dead

Longing to be desired,

Aching for a spark, 

A resemblance of burning fire

Each of you knows something is missing

Nights are better spent kissing

But it’s a long empty night

There isn’t relief in sight

All that can be said is:

Our romance is dead.


(For all the married couple...

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Clouds Dancing in the Sky

entry picture

I love to look up at the clouds

watching colors stretch across the sky

as they combine and spread apart gracefully

an ever-changing work of art slowly slips by


As the sun first wakes

golden hues are painted on the tips

I’m struck by the beauty

how lucky I am to be a witness


As the sun slowly dances across the sky

the image changes as clouds come and go


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Shelter from the Storm

entry picture

Under your shelter from the storm

walking side by side

hands touching

reaching for a mutual target

hesitating to be too close

disregarding boundaries


There’s a sigh of contentment

my head rests on your shoulder

and this feels good

this feels like home

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Bandages ripped off

feeling raw

feeling exposed

not sure where this goes


You know too much

can’t hide it anymore

you want more than to touch 

the deepest parts of me


I’m falling deeper into you

where do we go

what do we do

when I just want to be close to you

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Seize the Moment

It’s Sunday morning

I run down to the park

We lock eyes while you’re strolling by

Electricity ignites deep inside


Do I stop

Do you dare say hello

Do we say anything at all


So much we want to say

So much we want to do

So much we’ve longed for

To only have this passing moment


Let’s not waste it

Wondering ‘what if’

Let’s not go another day without...

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Great Expectations

My expectations are high

I want to find a love that will lift me to the sky

I’ve got this crazy idea in my mind

You’ll be the love I’ve been hoping to find

but you’re just a guy

destined to make mistakes


We give and we take

along the way

We hope for something more

but this is all we’ve got

I’m just a girl

and you’re just a guy

We’re both hoping for a love t...

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War Stories

My war stories

My love scars

If only you knew, what would you do

Would it help you know me

Do you want to know me at all


Do you care to share your stories

Or do you want to keep them safe

Do you want to show your cards

Or keep them close to your heart


Let’s bare them all

We have this space

We’ll be safe

No harm can be done 

That hasn’t been done bef...

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Get Lost in the Pouring Rain

So feeble

we fumble

bodies tangling, intertwining

we get lost in the moment,

in the rush

drifting off to our own space


No time like the present

we’re looking for answers in the pouring rain


If you could get by

for one night

without looking for the answers


If you could

for one night

love me just the same


Everybody needs something

to j...

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Think of Me

Worst thing about New Year’s Eve,

being a romantic

but no one to love you the way you need

I’m holding back the urge to walk away

I’m holding onto responsibilities, 

accepting my fate


Oh, will you please think of me

when you’re kissing your lover

send your positive vibes,

your good thoughts,

your shout outs,

send me a love I’d not want to live without

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lonelyloveNew Years Everomantic

Small Promises

Out there beyond the hill

Lights twinkle in time with distant voices

Preparing for the new year,

Making small promises of things to come,

Promising small victories of things to overcome.


What will they remember

When they look back at the year,

The fickle promises collapsing around them

Or the achievements made,

Or the constant redirections to get them through anothe...

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new yearpromisesresolutions

Recurring Dream

A recurring dream of anyone but you

To be loved, seduced, wanted

To be intimate in a way you can’t provide

There’s so much to life I’m missing


The usual comforts push away the desire,

Schedules forbid connection;

Sparks fly, 

The flame grows, 

And something forces us back together


I push you away for a reason

We only share the same space

Fleeting chemistr...

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Cold Rushing In

I open the doors

On a winter’s night

The cold rushes in

Exposing the fragility of my plight.


I’ll never learn.

Always the one to run

Too far, too fast

Into someone else.

Immersing myself as I did in the past.


I should take heed,

Call it quits,

Just breathe

And walk away.

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You want her
She wants you, too
A million miles between you 
An ocean of desire rises you 
Tidal waves rock you back and forth
How will you ever reach that shore
You keep hoping for more


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How We Begin

We arrange to meet in that room,

The one with the two armchairs,

A bed, and a shower.

We swap breathless monologues

Then we begin.


The unbuttoning of my blouse,

Kisses going down my neck,

Hands upon my chest,

Our bodies speak in thrusts.

I’ve been waiting for a moment like this


Eyes locked tight, mouths open,

Fingers tracing every curve,

Feeling breath...

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I’m alone

But I feel you

You’re near me

You’re inside me

I feel your touch

I smell your skin

It comforts me

Then suddenly you’re gone

And I’m all alone again.

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In the Dead of Winter

These paths I walk all lead to snow

White embankments filled with fluff

Masking the truth underneath

Holding us back three feet deep


When will they release me

Keeping me here like a prisoner

Don't they see I want out

The ground is frozen

I can't move my fibers of life

Shake, shake me out of this frozen tundra

I'm itching for a new beginning 


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Wine Thursday

It’s Wine Thursday
It’s a day for me and you
To grab a lunch 
And have a drink or two

We exchange a few pleasantries
A few stories to pass the time
Each one to keep the other amused
Keep it light to lighten the mood

After the first glass
We pour a little more
You say you could take the whole bottle
And it still wouldn’t be enough

I’m at the end of my second glass
My nose starts ...

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Weekly Sessions

Slowly she enters the room and approaches the bed

She’s not feeling too keen on much else than having poetry read.


She opens the book,

Scans the room,

And gives you the look

To proceed.


Your breathless monologues are what she needs.

She’s not looking for more,

Only for your words.


Your voice begins to trigger sensations down below

As she closes her eyes...

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Climbing up the Walls

You discover them

one by one

climbing up the walls

searching for something to satisfy their hunger


They gather there

smelling the sweetness calling them

they see their chance

a long journey has taken place


Will they reach their target

or will they be wiped out

only to start over again

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I catch myself daydreaming

When I look at you

Only an instant away from holding you

But I don’t


I catch myself daydreaming

When I receive your words

I could respond so sweetly

But I don’t


You catch me by surprise

At every moment

I hold back and remind myself,

I can’t fall in love with you


I catch myself daydreaming

Of our times together when yo...

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Looking Back

If you could go back

What would you say

Would it be the same

Would you give it another day?


Begin again, they say

Do something new

If it’s not working out

Start with what’s in front of you


I want to call out to you

I want to crawl back into your arms

Listen to your heart pounding whenever I’m near

I want to hear the words again

When you whispered in my...

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Name That Tune

Names change
Pictures fade
Words disappear 
Nothing’s the same here
Except for the song
It’s the tune I’ve known all along 

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His heart is hollow
Always needing a fill
Searching for the next inspiration 
For his words to spill

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So delicate
Feeling deeply within
Every wound that I bare
Lashes my core to no end

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The Train

The train was moving too fast
I needed to get off 
Before the crash
I needed to get out 
We needed each other 
To enjoy the ride
But it couldn’t last
The train was moving too fast

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