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Teaching is a Bear

Mrs. Jobe complains about her class…again

“I even give them the page number….but they’re too lazy to look the answer up.

With kids that lazy, how do they expect me to do my job?”

Teaching is a crazy way to put food on the table.

But then again, I could tell her about Uten the Yak herder in Tibet who has to carry a wounded calf down a dangerous mountain gorge

or Perri the Amazon fish...

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Thoughts of a Confederate Pallbearer

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You outflanked me a thousand times

But I outlived you

General Sherman. 

And after all the meaningless debates on generalship

I find it far more noble

to be able to draw another breath. 

So I will dance a little jig

as I carry your coffin


to your resting place. 


You won't outflank me this time.

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Hazy Hazy Me

Which trail did you run down dreams?

Why did you leave me?

I forswore even the deepest memory of myself to chase you.

Now I am old and tired and I can't remeber what I forgot.

Hazy hazy me.

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Everything is Funny

I had a beat-up Ford

That wouldn't go in reverse.

I lent it to my girlfriend

Who drove away........ 

and never came back.

Now I drink to lessons learned

And pray tomorrow's sunny.

And I hope your taking notes boy,

Because everything is funny.


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Proud of the Weight

I thought I could carry this love for two.

My back was strong


shouldn't true love be light as a feather?

I thought about it stooped with the weight while waiting.

My father used to recycle aluminum cans for money.


he carried his garbage bag

full of cans

down to the weigh-in station,

they would

check to make sure there was no steel hidden in there t...

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Songs For Your Quarters

Come sit near me

Pretty senorita in the laundromat

I'll give you songs for your quarters

I'll give you a love straight out of a Mexican soap opera

I'm pining away here

Trying to look so nonchalant-that French for looking like I don't care when I really do

Black hair like down on your arms

T-shirt cut short showing ribs

I'm a songwriter.

I'm not known yet, and may never b...

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Shirdi Sai Baba

I found

In the apartment weed garden of Eden

A sun-Bleached Statute Of Shirdi Sai Baba

Weedwacker wounded

Hemorrhaging styrofoam

Abandoned by the immigrant Indian family he guided over the perilous ocean to aMerica.

I bondoed his wounds

And sprayed Fat Bollywood colors over his coat.

His skin tone I left to a true artist to paint.

Then I placed him on a pedestal

So he...

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My Muse

My Muse

Drives a Chrysler barefoot…

And has three kids with a man

Stronger than me.

You know, she likes my poetry.

She said so so once.

When she called, I remembered every word.

I cracked them open looking for anything.

Then I used them to make jokes about myself… my only immunity against one-sided love.

My Muse

let me kiss her once.

My friends said I should have...

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Eulogy for an ex-CIA Agent

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You fell out the kicked window

What did that look like?

You jumped out the pushed window

What did that feel like?

You leapt from the punched window


Killing the monkeys in the lab must have upset you huh?

Didn't you learn that first you have to kill your feelings?

You big sissy.

Wait, you sailed out the manhandled window?

Can we take this step by step please?


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Two Desert Poems

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Desert Poem #1

Where are you now son?

Lost Horse Canyon


With the poets-an odd bunch

They try to wrangle the desert's beauty with their lassos

made of words


It always eludes them


Desert Poem #2

Sister Silver Cholla

Sleeping through the hard times

The desert kisses her every morning

But she only wakes up

When his breath smells like rai...

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Sharpei Skin

Suki is a Sharpei

It takes lifetimes of breeding to turn a wolf into a Sharpei.

"More skin,' cries the breeder wife.


Beauty is only skin deep...functional too.

I've seen other dogs grab rolls and rolls of Suki's beauty and shake,

while she easily manuevers around to return the favor.

                            I should be so lucky.

My skin comes down from lines of carp...

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Dear Fundamentalist Friend

Dear Fundamentalist Friend

Have you stockpiled your food for the coming shit storm?

Do you have dreams of me banging on the doors of your bomb shelter… like a drowning man to Noah’s ark?

How you would hold my gaze like a prizefighter… confident that your God through you would win.

And in that way,

you lost.



Have you ever known anything of it?

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Song Production

My verses were seamless

My chorus was tight

But my bridge needed a C section with horns to be born. 

So another neighbor’s house I painted and 

another driveway of concrete pavers I laid…

to get paid…

to produce my songs.

Do the dreams of a young man have a shelf life?

Because I am still doing this at 50, 

And have not yet sold a single song.


my neighborhood su...

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Uncle Billy

Do you still have the gin bottle

that Uncle Teddy drowned in?

You know the one with the toothpick ship

wrecked upon the shore of an 80 proof sea.

We can trace those maritime lines

through our veins, salty and sad….

The ones I see in your watery eyes

with crushing waves

and capsized boats

and drunken tears

falling overboard.

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The Ballad of Pablos Juan

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Your Majesty I am Pablos Juan

My story is so sad to tell

I was a true conquistador

And only lived to serve Spain well


I soldiered in St. Augustine

Master of both sword and pike

In your name I wielded both

Not afraid to give my life


At the fort were dogs of war

With most of them I got along

But one was like a rabid beast

The devil in his breast was strong


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To The Subject of Every Photo Taken Before 1900

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What dragged the sides of your mouth down-down-down?

Heavy Burdens?

Bad dental work?

Did the papparazzi say “a little less smiley?"

Dark secrets? Rotten plums?

Did you want something from a noncommittal lover?

Was desire suffering? Isn’t it still?

Did you think you’re the doer?

Or were you a backward thinker in a forward thinking world?

Were you alone mixing medications ...

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