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52Weeks week 3

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In my attempt to document the year's events through poetry, I simply could not avoid this subject. Having been on several cruises myself, the sinking of the Costa Concordia really hit me. What added a more sinister and perhaps cowardly aspect to the whole misadventure was the behaviour of Catpain Schettino. I therefore dedicate the following lines to him.




Look what...

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52Weeks Week 2

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My second offering in the documentation of the year, was inspired by the suggestion that some West End theatres should close during the Olympics.



That Andrew Lloyd’s got me annoyed,

with visions of a vociferous void.

deduce, deduce, the people yell,

reduce, reduce, there’s seats to sell!

Don’t close the show, where will they go?

But drop the price,


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52Weeks project, Week 1

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Hi guys,


I've been away for a while, but am back and hopefully full of inspiration! One project that I've recently taken on is a challenge set by The Guardian through their Flikr page. The idea is to take and submit one picture each week over the year, being able to review this come the end of December will be fascinating. I've decided to add another dimension to that challenge, and f...

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Mary: Vladimir Nabokov. A review.

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            A lively little tale from the ambrosial mind of Vladimir Nabokov; through which the reader can stroll amongst its central themes of love and memories, taking in the nectarous word-play that tickles their ankles with every step taken through these delightful pages. This is typical Nabokov at his very earliest, being his first ever novel; therefore, it must be appreciate...

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American Psycho review

Those of you who know me will be aware that I'm always reading something, and find great solace in the works of literature. It has long been an intention of mine to write a small piece about every book I read, a diary of my rambles amongst the literary giants and minnows; which I shall begin with my thoughts on Bret Easton Ellis' novel: American Psycho.


Published in 1991, amidst a blizzard of ...

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New Poem: Idiots



Two steps left, four forwards

and then three to the right.

Over and over again.

Meandering New Street like a chip

of Dover rock.


Ricocheting and changing course

all the way down the white cliffs.

But that has an end.

This does not.

It’s like twelve bores fighting

their way out of a cartridge.

Or twelve boars trying to escape

the farmers shot.


This is simply a...

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New Poem: 'Split ends'

Split ends



The moon hangs like a yelmun segment,

over Glastonburic fairy lights.

This is always so hard to do.

Bump, bump. Rattle

A small hand twists my stomach.

Neon, sodium and xenon flies by.

I see nothing.

I think only of her.

Her smile,

her eyes.

Her full luxurious locks.

Dark skin and dark eyes.

Dark outside.

Dark is my mood.

We rattle and roll, twist and climb

up hills...

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'Reason to rise'

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Hi guys! Here's a poem a written five years ago, which I thought I would share with you all. Now I've found my reason to rise, it's interesting looking back on this. Please tell me what you think, and I promise to reply to every comment.



Reason to Rise


It’s hard,

getting up in the morning.

Without something,

or better still,

someone, to look forward to.


A reason to haul,


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New work (again)

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Hey guys, I posted this peice of work up for you yesterday. But I've decided to repost it, and I urge you all to read it as fast as you can. It is a piece designed for performance, notice the tight technical iambic structure and the rigid rhyming forms.

I will be returning back to the UK from Croatia next week, when I'll have access to my complete works, and I'm sure I'll share many more with yo...

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New Works

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The Bloody End




He threw the glass,

she had no class,

this girl;

who fucked en mass.


Cuffed and bound,

Euphoric sound.

A trio.

Tightly wound.


The blinding light,

that dreadful sight.

To think,

she ever might.


Might beg for more,

the filthy whore.

Eyes falling.

To the floor.


"Forget the past,

we're meant to last.

We'll fix this,

really fast".



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Sleep baby

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Sleep baby sleep,

drift off so deep.


Bask in slumber,

lie and cumber.

Moves depressed,

brain unstressed.

Arms abreast

and squashed up chest.


Sleep baby sleep,

lie and reap.


Reap your time

of silent mime.

Rolling round,

tightly bound,

refuge found,

safe and sound.


Sleep baby sleep,

don't even peep.


Just take repose

from deeper doze.

It's getting late,

the se...

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New work online

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Hey guys,

I've updated my profile page with some new work for you to read.

Currently in the middle of a two month stay in Croatia, working on a novel. I'm returning to the UK in March, at which time I'm planning to do a few dates performing some of my verse. There will be new work specially written for these performances, and once performed, I will publish a small selection of them on this site...

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