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Transient times

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Transient Times


Rain drops splash on my bed of leaves

the sun is pale and gives no heat.

As I slowly rise on aching bones

blackbird cries that im not alone.

People passing try not to see

they can’t afford the sympathy.

I wake from dreams of better days

to face another day lost in the haze

I have a secret that no one knows

I bury it deep but the pres...

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tramp vagrant homeless messiah transient times rhy

Transmission Error

deep in the darkness
no light reflects
from the gaps in-between
particles manifest
for a fraction of a second
or maybe less
still the void's defiled
gods head pushed aside

golden eyes blaze
as the serpent awakes
scattering rainbows
from his scales
blue shifts to red
and lights your face
as you hold your breath
and dive through space

the universe moves
as you stay stationary
to watch the stars

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sci fi science fiction philosophy scientific death


you have left me in a cardboard cut-out world

a rattling pebble chasing the tide

there's a void growing in the garden

a river sobbing down the stairs

snuffed candle incense taints the bedroom

summoning the double blackness again

swimming in shadows

it bleeds colour from the day

time wears away the details

as the photos fill with strangers

Your perfumes t...

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The Headbuts of Kebabylon

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In the weather
 there’s a pressure
street lights flicker
morse code to litter.
On the high street there’s a violent sight
sirens wailing in the night
grab a kebab of spinning meat
right outside there's a nasty scene
shouting, spitting, being sick
"oi tart show us your tits!"
lurching man with kebab in hand
leaves salad trails across the land.
Evolution’s put to test

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Sleep Beaurocracy

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The inspector skulks through the night
hungry for his next audit
nostils flare to savour the scent of insomnia
As he approaches, the  silence is startled
the house groans, the plumbing gets nervous,
a panicked bird call fades away
he slides between a gap in the curtains, around a slightly open door.
I feel his touch creeping on my mind
a pin legged centipede tatooing my memories

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The Beast and the Scribe

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Dust motes flare bright as falling stars above his sacred work,
his skillful strokes slash at the demons skin,
interlocking prayers his only protection
from the nightmare trapped by walls of cinnabar and ultramarine.
It coils, threatening to leap into the eyes of any who gaze into its charred-bone face
bleeding into the minds fibres, it's most cunning trick.
Its likeness, flayed as ...

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The Living See

The Living See breathing tides swell and rise senses washed with waves of time I, you, them and we merged within a pulsing sea something stirs unseen below fears and passions ebb and flow your pain in my heart my rage in your guts a spectrum of minds all dance in the flux the edges smoothed we move in union the pain removed by dissolution the ecstasy of our communion a truly symp...

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analogyreligionscience fictionseasolariswater

The See

The See a mothers loss is a roaring cry seagulls try to console the sky memory currents cycle below glacial dreams of trickling snow ripples giggle in play carefree scribbling light on nurseries cautious games become boisterous ways growing stronger night and day tumbling into adolescence shedding childhoods sediments they’re vigour serves to energize blue-rinsed coasts revitalis...

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analogycyclephilosophyseaswaterwater cycle

Carrier Waves

waves of static,
from solid state to your logic gate
as the wavelength bleeds
can you hear me breathe?

Can you hear me
do you recieve
my static presence
on your frequency
slowly erased by radio waves
I'll never die, just steadily wane

currents shift in an unseen sea
urging  tides to carry me
towards the shores
where r...

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Tempo of Elements

Tempo of Elements

one beat, nought beat
analogue, binary
in beat, out beat
energy , entropy
in breath, out breath
particle, wavelength
up beat, down beat
radiation, gravity
cold beat, hot beat
black hole, white heat
low beat, high beat
sub-atomic, galaxy
mass beat, speed beat
dark matter, light beam
start beat, end beat
element, complexity
square beat, sine bea...

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