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cap and gown

she looked like herself

when she looked at me

but it faded as quickly as it came. 

i know where you've been

 i'll always be proud of your journey

 but i'm tired of watching you leave

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do you?

when i close my eyes, i think of you

i don’t know what else to do

except wonder

do you miss me too??

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prom night

why are you torturing me

do you enjoy it that much

it’s like you want to assure i’m all alone

or you want me to cease to exist

i try to grow without you

but you remind me i’m nothing on my own

is it really that funny

when you and your friends laugh

while i’m being attacked 

as if my life is some kind of joke

you use to be my hero

you saved me from this world


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thankful for the ones i have by my side 

they’ve taught me about myself 

and that i shouldn’t hide

you hold me up when i feel weak 

tell me i am loved and 

that i am unique 

they make me laugh when i am scared 

they help me breathe when there’s no air 

i can tell, they really do care

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it snuck up on me

 the things i feel for you

 it makes me nervous

 the things i feel for you

 it makes me feel alive 

the things i feel for you 

but do you feel them too? 

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my sun

 should be angry

look what you’ve done

but my heart is still telling me

she is your sun

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sometimes it feels like i don’t exist

i’m living life half empty

knowing that if you’re gone forever

so will my fulfillment

you complete me

but i’m getting use to the pain. 

maybe we wouldn’t even be the same

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you give me hope 

that there’s still a light in me 

that has yet to shine

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i need answers

what was so wrong about us 

that you throw it away 

and treat me like you don’t care if i stay 

i don’t know how to move on

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my favorite part

you’re always with me 

in my head and my heart 

i try to ignore you 

but you’re all my favorite parts.

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yes i rhymed “know” with “no”

i’ve never felt so low. you make me question everything. what was our love and where did it go. something about us that i will always know: our hearts will never see eachother and say no

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the night we met pt 1

you walked in and stole the show 

no one compares and no one will know. 

you brought me to life and taught me that there’s more to it than just the fight.

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you own my heart 

but you keep tearing it apart 

i don’t know how much more i can take 

i’m tired of these breaks 

life is scarier without you in it 

with you i felt like i fit 

the only thing that helps pass the time 

is trying to make my feelings rhyme

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the darkness is upon you. 

you told me i can’t come along.  

you don’t want me to see you this way 

i wonder if you know this is wrong. 


why did this happen 

it’s makes no fucking sense 

how could you leave me

i don’t want to exist

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do you like what you see in the mirror?

i don’t recognize you anymore 

and it scares me. 

i thought i knew you, or atleast who you used to be.

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here comes the pain

i hate to say i need you 

but nothing makes sense 

when you’re gone. 

i don’t know what happened 

that made you want to run.

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summer 2020

i used to want to live forever 

with you by my side 

now i’m struggling to get through the night

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too many thoughts for this to make any sense

my pain consumes me. 

i miss my girl

i miss every little thing 

and looking forward to the big things. 

how could you love me 

the way the stars love the night 

and leave me without a fight. 

i miss us 

only we know what that truly means. 

i just want you to come back to me. 

to be you and to be with me 

to love again. 

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i'm so angry 

that i was so easy for you to forget 

after all the years of 

you loving me. 

that days after leaving 

you have a whole new plan for life 

with someone new.

you always told me 

not to fear 

that you'd always 

only want me. 

did you think about that 

when you slept with 


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you and me

you are lost 

but i believe in you 

and i believe in you and me 

stay strong 

because i love you 

and you will too. 

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who are you now

when i think of you

with her

my world spins out of control

it breaks all of my bones

it chips away at my soul 

and i feel so alone 


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missing her instead of me

you are not the girl i knew

yet i still love you. 

you chose a different path 

and you're not coming back. 

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too good

i miss you

 i miss what we had

but i should've known

 it was too good to be true

 to be loved by you. 

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find yourself

i miss the way you smiled

 the way your eyes glowed so bright

 it lit me up inside. 

i miss you way you laughed

 and the energy you put out

 into the world. 

i miss your love

 and the way your arms felt

 like home. 

sometimes i forget

 you miss you too

 you need you more than i do. 

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you can heal me

no matter how far you go

 it will be you

 no matter what pain we feel

 it will be us

 i'm sure of this, dear

 because no matter what

 i love you. 

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haiku about you

i'm not asking much

 just a sign that you're still there 

so i can stay strong. 

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the wait

watching you get lost 

losing your way

losing yourself 

is hard enough 

but waiting for you

to find it all again 

for you to come back 

the wait is the hardest part. 

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come home

you always told me it would be hard 

but our love would be easy 

we would face obstacles

but we would conquer.

so when you're done 

wandering around 

and you decide it's time 

to come home, please, 

come home. 

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fuck you

sometimes i just want to be mean 

and say fuck you 

for doing this to us

for hurting me like this

for changing

for doing whatever with her

for lying 

but then i remember who you really are

and i love you so much 

so fuck you for that, too. 

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sometimes i am angry 

sometimes i am depressed 

but no matter what i'm feeling 

it's you above the rest. 

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you can pull out the stem

you can stop watering the plants

you can watch the petals fall off

one by one

but our roots 

are always there. 

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november 1st

when i woke up today 

i remembered the date

my heart filled with joy.

i thought about every lovely

day we have spent together

i tried to count all the times

we have kissed 

when i went to add one 

more to the list

i realized you werent there. 


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dancing in the kitchen

what happens when you find your slow dancing in the kitchen type love

 your surprises after work type love

 your electricity when your skin touches type love

 your best version of yourselves love

 your love in every kiss love

 your my family type love

 your perfectly imperfect love

 your ups and downs love

 and they leave? 

what happens then

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our love

our love was beautiful

 stronger than most. 

it was real and constant

 it consumed me whole. 

the memories won't fade

 my feelings won't alter

 so find yourself baby

 do what you need

 i meant it when i said

 i would never leave. 

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i sleep all day

drink all night 

watching my body 

get smaller in size 

people tell me

this will pass

the pain i feel 

is built to last. 

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you showed me the truest form of love 

you ignited my heart. 

 it doesn't feel right that we're apart. 


you lost your way

 now i'm alone

 all i want is for you to come home. 

nothing will be us

no one will be you

 one day you'll remember this too. 

through this pain i will wait

i know that you 

are my soul mate. 

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