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Rachel Bond on Awake Liar Awake (Sat, 26 May 2012 09:26 am)

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Sir Arrow Green

Thief  Stealer

incognito   as Hinderstoop 

old want woman,   a bag 

a charcoal  keeper

 bowstring  travelling

 line  counter ears  and Christophers


Sir Green claims to be a gentleman Tanner

claims to honeyrights from  Ox Hive

Merry Bee Men in Waggle ranks

around their Bee King

Society outside  Society



Sir Green  r...

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Dauntless Dick Dark Dee Dee

Spread your skirts  Bessie 

here is Captain  Nice  the  Bandy  Dandy Randy Highwayman

land bored apples   from his  streaming  course


He is  nice, dangerous to be bad

new fashioned

 between the times


Shouts  slap  a kimbo    Dauntless  Dick defiance at   Red coats  in lights out

master stallion   a two a way a swift  over boxed in  parking


For t...

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cinema plex


circus seats

someone  else's  seats

being there

being there as the lights go down


 pull apart silver

dust moties

no smoking

this film has been passed



picture this

If the ship fits let it be Titanic


talking dogs

family snaps

Baby stood in a corner and would not ...

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Rustam and Sohrab



warrior   kills warrior  son

riderless horse on calm field

riderless horse  on keen howler

I  have no son  I am no father


 days of this hour

  birth and thirteen astrologies


back to the candle lamp princess

 her love  for the spear and his rider

brass mare


born , not concealed  but  made female  and wanting




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telling of insects

Insects are always rude to us

legged ugly

three body skins


what do they see?

blob heads

larger scanners


what do they eat?


we drinkers


Avoid the cracks

where carapace runs  dark

of names of bright ariel 

Deaths head coachman

stag sting  dung harvester


I feared their species and genera    from flatbooks and la...

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Horror Horror

horror  horror

clown with  face of a puppet

puppet with the face of a clown


horror horror

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meditations on the tor of Ness

rain waxing  tor and  barrow

 hollow  a great female vulva

thrush  nesting

waits  in fur and clitterings

waits as we turn  to look back


a stone  age rock and  boundary

lines drawn  as waves

circuit,  cross  to cross

this was a magical  symbol

worn decayed 

lichen cobbled   weed strawed



henge fallen lith  lays  as an Arthurian queen


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A Sleeping Engine


I live out  the past

A sleeping engine  in a shocked  blank room


Older than saxons

Older than jutes

Older than older !

The land gives back


Dreary English ghosts

Demonic and  inertly orthodox


Wake a  dread height

Travelling aquatint gives us light

Spilling utter twisted dust

 Lace, frost and the same ringing weather from here to...

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ghostsmurdertime travel

Darkling Grail


Trees hide temple and given altar

Bride my foolish brother , my foolish sister

Merlin and his queen lady

she says thy spells

Seeks your secrets

Hide the light   and the steps  to his old Earth


Hand on lake

Let me touch the ice

Darkling grail 

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Queen Enough For You


Queen enough for you
Not quite an era , an epoch
All one in decades
Age ridden monument
Of kings and a line of kings
God gave them  their stone
Castle fast tombs
Where they  are grinning like lords
Red white and blue
White rose
White cockade
Not part of me
Past and emotionalated
Rigid biped moving at diagonals

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jubilee partymonarchyrepublic

Threshold bride


It stands the ground

Rock aligned to castle

Monstrous figure of a rise


Bell legends  of fog and mist lovers

What was there?

Is it an uncertain faith?


Go to sleep

What no speech


Form lady grey, no green   with evil eyes

Done and be done


She sits face to face

Sits on the company

Blade raised in vivid

She burns the w...

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folklorelove poemmystic

Time slip

Off the road 

A walk in the park

Anti city of natures primary roar


Damp plastic  hung skinny from  ash tree

Lightning forked  on something like an oak

Stump raised in flight  and fungus lime


Wood carried fears

Horizontals all 

Something of the dazzle 

Blue is up there


Heat, sound, tropic

Static, a buzz


same place


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time slip . ghosts

Awake Liar Awake


Awake liar, awake a child remembers fabulous massacres.

to comfort the dying of normal voices, blue ending of bitter blast tears

I watch, listening, crushing

All young soldiers dreaming the modern sickness, homespun the hero  torturing and raping, passion with the radio on, kicking out music.


strike out laugh at puppets with  madmen.

pause for emotion



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TV newswar . music

Zennor Morning


I find you a mermaid

Rip her fish


We had not dreamt of mythology 

And of the thoughtless   standing chained in  the quicken deep


A ship burns  on the water

Daybreak  still in incident



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cornwallmermaidocean deep ocean drowned

He died in the Ark


He died in the Ark

Drowned in sailor suit

 A dropping deck  for pitch in flame

Not made of balance iron nor  dream round


He was the right man for marriage

Animals run one to the other

Unfit deformed


None of the women have names

Wives of sons

Sons of wives

The dress is torn


The flood honours extinction

Unclean, wrong


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genesismythwife and husband

helen is finally faceless


Helen needs no costume

She swims across to  cold acres

To hit the dead


We found her  in crack sharp earth

Sad and  cut to the middle


We cannot fight this prince!

We cannot stand against this city!


Send Helen back to them

One day we too shall love

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journey back


I blank circle  the world

Blue out the ocean


Rise higher than the sun

Theme yellow

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How the day is painted


Flat on a sphere of pure fluid crystal 

A sequence of days 

Flat rising


Not the Moon but a different   movement


I look at the familiar  the familiar in any direction


How the day is painted

I  am puzzled  and thrown far away

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Interior of an easy sitter

Something in the nude
Something in confession
Sky watching
Fire watching
Free watching

Long hair and parted lips
Nothing at all
Christ to the artist

Dripping oil and period

In a word the museum remains
Get her out of here

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all things

I believe  that all things cosmic are bloody and symbolic 

Nothing more to life than  to eat and breeding movement

Myth and the endless devil

 Remembering and passing on to sacred mixing  and ritual use

 A fifth of unity

Fall rain and long dead forms

 A world of silly limbed animals 

Burn grey open  female desert   and lush excess

Each to the other a lowly genesi...

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after creation

And after creation the god gave man a beautiful goddess and an axe to destroy her with Sun looked out at sun daughter and their children Sun and Fire The last in black What am I living Give apart the other all dreaming past future incidence dark and rigid earth is thrown from my hand the sun touches the water flow and fell

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ecologyend of earth end of worldmyth

A girl of the same expression


Starting to cry in the street,

a young woman waiting,

cold wind upon bare legs

too much ink in the eyes and lips.


The clothes matching the face,

the flesh too much like peaches

dissolved in photographs

ugly in slow motion.



Here comes the man, bothered by her crazy twisted shape, costume and ornaments

ignore the sonnets in praise of the...

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Vermeer kept hs best work   in his studio and after his death his widow  refused to sell any of it  keeping the completed canvases at home


Simply to watch the paint dry

Enormous staring eyes

White as jade

Netherworld silk


She is the most  beautiful thing in the  room

Plainly exhausted   same as her daughter

Hour as the glass


She is the fool of t...

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Watch The Road

Watch the road


Nature goes inevitable

Blank city connected space

Cage overdying

A ship breaks the trees

No metaphor  of shipwreck 

Sea hating and depressing


Turning at a noise

A few great engines   pathetic , regular and horizontal

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moods on wookey hole legends


Summoned and speaking from a despairing city

A door in a cave

Haunted by fallen tombs

Telling empty


Bright under thunder   a beautiful girl in marriage is led away  by disappearing  fairy folk



Vague lantern near to death bed

An old man watches the peace

This is the cave

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caves . fairylegendmythwookey hole



We forget the departure

Blazing music

Real flaring night

A tribute in iron builds itself a storm


We are not there in the depths

We are in the sunset

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100 years survivorstitanic

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