Green Lights Turned Red

Traffic lights go green, 

An empty late midnight highway

Gives the man the license to speed up. 

The speed limit marked 80 or below, 

Nevertheless, he gave in full throttle. 

The girl sitting next to him had to reach out 

To someone who'd been waiting to hear from her.


A sudden unexpected interception and 

The situation was under grave repercussion. 

The radiator gr...

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Bonfire In A World So Cold

I’ve learnt that it comes and goes in waves.

But what's important is to survive the tide,

Stay on deck and keep on sailing until the end. 


It starts and ends with us, or either of us, 

But it’s the innumerable memories

And unfulfilled dreams that feel betrayed.


Life goes on, and people move on quick.

But honestly, it’s the warm-hearted who stays, 

Like a bonfire ...

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The Interloper

A calm serene night sky with 

The moon shifting and stars glittering,

A drone hovering above with a bird view,

Sees the city lights that seem like fireflies. 

Minute-by-minute, lights wipe off. 

The man, the handler, clicks the images with

Wide and telescopic lens of cityscape and people. 


He gradually tilts the lens down 

On the opposite flat, like he always did. 


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Lost In The Wake

A newspaper lying on the ground

Titled – “A teenager goes missing…

Missing by fate or missing by choice?”,

An enraged breeze transits the newspaper up

Above and lands it under the feet of

A nomad on a nomad-land. He stomps on it.

A rucksack on his back, rain pouring down, 

Entering through the fabric and flooding

The outfits of his long-long journey ahead. 


The go...

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lostnomadmissingserendipityserenitygoatherdbrokenfoundafterglowsunsetgolden hour

From New York, With Love.

When I'd first met you, 
Can't explain how frenzy I'd behaved. 
From the daylight butterflies, 
To the dark night fireflies, 
I could feel everything around me. 

It was a feeling out of this world,
Like how the comets collide, 
Like how the stars collide. 
And people have wishes to make 
Of the loved ones they desire. 

I made a wish too. 
To grow old with you, 
To get to the countr...

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lovewaitmemoriespastNew Yorkforeversunsetpoetry

Dear Vincent

Last night I found myself 

Walking in an alley in a French town. 

Strangely, I was dressed vintage -  

High winged collar shirt and a tailcoat,

Alongside few passing Victorian men. 

The calendar in one of the French windows 

Of a restaurant marked the year 1887. 


Down the yellow house, 

At the corner of Place Lamartine, Arles, 

I heard loud furious row. 

It sound...

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Vincent Van Goghstarrylovematadorbullfightopinionsperspectiveheartfeltnightbeautifulpoetrygreat artartist

An Outsider's Story

Two barn swallows gazed upon 

A humming bird beyond 

The open field and the pond. 

They watched the bird 

Wandering joyously, feeding on flowers. 

They watched the free bird 

Living out a pleasant non-urban life. 


Hovering above was a sparrow-hawk,

Casting a big, vicious, antagonist shadow.  

The bird anticipated and swept like an arrow.

Manoeuvring through the ...

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humming birdhopeenvironmentwindpondswallowssparrowhawkconcreatecloudsshelter

By the Scaffold

Smoky night down the 

Harbour Street, Whitstable. 

The tea on the windowsill 

Is getting cold while the 

Night stayed frozen and still. 


The construction man resting

After a clean slate repair 

Of a decomposing building, 

Eavesdropped on the indistinctive 

Voice heard from inside the window. 


Tascam played the last words 

Of a mariner to the love of his l...

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scaffoldlovepaincold nightsmokyHarbour Streetweathermariner


November dropped its temperature,

The harsh winds blew uncharted,

The snowflakes fell uninvited,

You came by again unexpected. 

The same street, the same parking lot, 

A different man, a whole new you. 

And I feared that December 

Would get a lot more colder

When I let myself remember

The days that I truly, truly lived. 

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Novemberharsh windsuncharteduninvitedsnowflakesCold December Days


Purple lavenders neatly wrapped,

The flower vendor sprays his secret

Lovey-dovey fragrant spray on it. 

Clay attaches his heartfelt note 

And gets going on the boat. 


Crossing the lake that particular night, 

Felt like crossing the ocean. 

But the Mangata paved his way,

And he couldn't wait to see May. 


The boat finally touches the ground. 

Clay reaches the ...

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The Payphone Booth

Midnight 1:09 a.m. GMT, 

Down the starry night,

Alongside the gloomy 

Street of a town in Norwich, 

A DOP finds a dog trapped

In a payphone booth. 


The door is half opened. 

The dog shrinked and depleted

As the wind whistled-in through 

The half opening of the door. 

He grew submissive 

As the human approached. 


The DOP leaves his scarf in,

And with...

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starry nightpayphone boothgloomydogphotographerdutykindhumanfleeting


The following piece of writing -


"It's weird how a conversation 

That you had yesterday,

Makes you feel like a nonversation. 

Despite, you would want to give 

Life to some word,

To make it feel like a conversation."


Was found in the journal

Of a teen who had tried 

Hard to make things right,

Before he finally decided 

To give up on all the 

Love and nu...

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lovelifeconversationmove onjournalteen


The place that you 

Once called a paradise,

Is my latibule now. 

If daylight makes me 

Meet people like you,

Then I would rather be  

Making friends with the 

Owls and bats. 

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At the Bar.

Jazz plays downtown 

Los Angeles, California. 

Ash grey silhouette of 

A man seated on the opposite table. 

Something's sparkling in his ashtray. 

Something's bleeding on the pages 

Of the journal, as the reporter writes 

Her draft on the side table. 

People in numbers heaving in. 

Drinks on the table seeding 

To outcomes of sorrow, guilt 

And happiness flowers. 


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One Day

At a retired Navy officer's residence,

An old nanny strikes 

A roach with her mopstick,

In the porch sits a disabled man,

His kid is bawling for the 

Broken leg of his "superman toy", 

In the parking lot rots a scrapped car. 


Monday blues scraped around the city. 

Workers and hustlers making their 

Way out to nectar some honey for the day.

The metro transit under...

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one dayporchdonationdisability#mother#fathermetro transit

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