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What happened to your face?

Smile gone.

Forehead creased in pain.

What happened to your laughter?

Mirth disappeared.

Mouth set in a silent grimace.


Happy carefree days of joy.

Mouldering away in the drawer of memories.

Photos of a happier life

Now faded and creased.

Thrown aside, with yesterday’s rubbish.


What happened?

What drained aw...

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Under the ground

Soil muffles the sound

This is where the dead sleep.


So quiet and still

All is peace under this hill.

The granite pillow marking their bed.


They can’t hear the cries,

The reluctant goodbyes,

Of loved ones above the  ground.


Their troubles are ended

Their struggles all gone

And the living?


The living live on...

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My mother always said

"Cover up your chest,

Wear proper knickers.

Always wear a vest."


I didn't pay attention.

I didn't really care.

The lower the top the better

My midriff always bare.


But now I'm older and wiser

I'm beginning to pay the price

With constant colds and snuffles

Because flaunting was my vice.


Arthritis is twisting ...

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My real, true identity

Has faded out.


Lost in a morass of shit.

The tissue of lies

Veils my eyes

Hiding the real truth.


Slow death of a perfect union

No energy left now

To resuscitate

Helplessly I stand and watch.

Desperate for the life

To be breathed back into this broken spirit.


The gargantuan corporate wheels

Of ...

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It started as harmless fun

Then spread.

Slowly at first.

Gently breaking off

Into tributaries of new life,

Reaching out to all.

Delicate plant shoots

Seeking out the light of the sun.

Capillary veins

Of vermillion red,

Mutating, adapting.

Becoming resilient

Against all attempts

To halt the epidemic.

The general population

Falling Lan...

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Flames of Passion

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Pre-heat the oven to 300 degres

And bake me till I shake

Lying blistered and bleeding.

Roast for a further 30 minutes

Till my skin is black and cracked.


Eyelashes curled in the heat

Lips snarled back from my teeth

And I pass out from the unbearable pain.


Baste me again and turn me over,

Let the juices run clear

My blood turned to water.

I ...

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Imagined hurts and upsets.

But why?

"Terribly angry and betrayed"

But why?


Because you're a leading lady, an artiste,

A show off attention seeker,

Because this time, you weren't up front,

No longer the main Diva.


We're so very very sorry

You weren't with us to list your achievments,

With your boasts that suffocate

And bragging which strang...

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It's happened again.

I am stalled between two worlds.

Captivated by self-awareness

But bound by convention and duty.

I wish to dance, drink and love,

I must work, care for and protect.

Who will care for, protect and nurture me?

Who would replace me if I walked away?

Walked away to be free.

Free to indulge, selfishly greedily

Supping on new life's pleasure...

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Play On

Swirling lyrics, running round my head
Maelstrom of emotions,
Hurt, heartbreak, love and loss.
Different lines from different songs
Mix and twirl,
Dancing together enthusiastically
Before separating to rejoin the general throng.

There's a certain beautiful symmetry
To this dance of feelings.
I close my eyes and sway
To the throbbing of the mournful rhythm
Of these words of...

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