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Nobody's Fool

I am not the same 
as I was yesterday
For I have grown in knowledge
I have learnt something new
I am nobody's fool

I am not ashamed
of the choices I have made
They were made for survival
People were so cruel
I am nobody's fool

I am not afraid
to ask the hard questions
To get to the truth of it
To search for clues
I am nobody's fool!



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I was high on you

I wanted you

I was on fire

Consumed by desire

Like a moth to a flame

That was your game

To burn me alive

And leave me to die

To prove that you

Had power over me

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I fought

I fought so hard

Not to be with

A man like my father

Selfish and demanding

With cruel misunderstandings

Lots of silence and too many lies


I fought so hard 

Not to be like

A woman like my mother

Afraid of her abuser

Becoming his enabler

Staying quiet to keep the peace

Losing her identity


I fought so hard 

To become

The woman I am today


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I'd rather

I want a life of peace and love and comradely
I want a man I can love and who can love me
I want a man I can trust, because he could trust me
I want a man with values and integrity
Who wants to live right, without animosity
I want a man who isn't demanding, controlling or belittling me
I had a father who was a tyrant and didn't love me
Or his version of love was to discipline and punish me

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An end to your means

As much as I was attracted to you

I felt your repulsion of me

As much as I had admired you

I felt your loathing for me

As much as I opened myself up to you

I felt you close yourself off to me

As much as I wanted only you

I felt your uncertainty

As much as I remained chaste to you

I dreamt of your infidelities

As much as I loved you

I felt your hatred for me

As m...

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I liked you better

When I first met you

When you seemed to really like me


I liked you better

Before I really knew you

When I thought you were honest with me


I liked you better

When I thought you were true

Until you were unfaithful to me


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It took me awhile

To figure it out

Just what you were up to


You had me fooled

Talking about your wounds

And what you went through


You strung me along

With a dance and a song

You were only out for you


You never spoke of love

And that's not enough

For me to hold onto you


So, don't bother to call

For I want it all

I'll let it go to voicema...

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I'm sorry

I'm sorry 
That I hung on
When you wanted to let go
It was all wrong
But I didn't want to know
That you'd only kept me around
Until something better showed
So, baby, if that's how you really feel
Then, I've nothing left to say to you


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I don't understand. Do you?

I don't understand 

How I fell so fast

How I fell so hard 

For you


Was it the way that you talked

Or the way that you walked

Or your beautiful eyes

Of blue


I cannot forget

The man I had met

The one my heart picked 

Was you


I cannot explain

The joy or the pain

The feelings were insane

With you

I don't understand

Why I let you back ...

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Give me one good reason

Your words were weak

They sounded forced

I doubted your sincerity


Your actions were empty

They felt like a farce

I feared for my security


I'd been down this road before

Had games played with my heart

By men who had vehmenently sworn

That I was the only one 


Give me one good reason

Why I should give you anything

When you haven't proven to me


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I was consumed by emotion, offering devotion, when you gave yourself to me.

We had good times for awhile, we both smiled, until you were tempted away from me.

It hurt like hell, my blood boiled, I felt what they call 'jealousy'.

It took a long time not to, blame the other woman who, was your victim as much as I.

You were never mine, you just wanted a good time, you didn't really love m...

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I gave. You never.

I gave you my love

But it wasn't enough

For you sold me out 

I tried, but you cried

What the hell was that about?!

It was always the same

You'd call my name

I'd drop everything 

And chase after you

But I was a fool

To think that you

Really and truly

Loved me

I found out through another

That you were a liar

A cheater

A schemer

A victim of your own ...

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