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Full Vision

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Tarzan Toff

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Grief Stricken

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Despair creeps through

My soul,

A scream is trapped

In my throat,

Why did you have to go?


My heart swarms with regret,

For all the things I should have done,

And never said.


My head spins, relentlessly, 

With memories of you and me, ,  

You , always giving.. 

Helping, selflessy....


Did I ever thank you?

Express how much you ...

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The Recovery of Faith

From fear to faith is where i am leaping!

No more dying sick of sobbing,


A desire to live,

A desire to feel,

Be it pain or pleasure,

It will be real.


No more shutters,

On my emotions,

No more taking,

Mind numbing potions.


With the grace of God,

At my side,

I'm learning to live,

Not merely survive.

A resurrection of my spi...

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Cupid's spindle

Cupid's Spindle


My mind is like a spindle,

Spinning fantasies of you,

As Cupid, the tireless weaver,

Has spun my heart in two.


My sleeping is not restful,

As moving pictures, in the dark,

Of you and I, are dancing,

To sounds sweeter than a lark.


My body holds the truth,

Of these feelings within me,

And on your return, it will know,


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To My Love...

I wrote you out a letter,

Engraved it in my heart,

My love, unlike the weather,

Does not alter with its temper,

But remains a steady part,

Of me and you together,

With a full and fruitful heart!

I did not write my love for you

In the golden sand,

For wind will blow my words 

Away, and utter insincerity

So with an artistic hand,

 I wrote you out a ...

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True Love

True love can be elusive,

And even when it's found,

Can seep through the hands,

Like water, on to barren ground.


True love, cannot be bought or haggled,

Like goods on a market store,

Those with the good fortune to find it,

Should treasure it for ever more.


True love is like life itself,

Needing nourishment to survive,

So cultivate it with tend...

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Loneliness to solitude

I've often yearned for someone

When I was all alone

Afraid of no one being there

For I'd be left with thoughts

Whizzing round my head

Like a tumble dryer...

Wanting company to fix me

I'd pick up the phone instead

Not out of a true desire

To enquire about someone's health

Or how they might be faring

But to distract myself.


Yet, I've often bee...

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