The Pig Butcher

The Pig Butcher


Pickton pulled the trigger. 

finished her off. 

Her crime was bigger,

Left in a trough.


Squeals of delight,

Grinding her down,

Hidden from sight,

Miles from town.


Ribbons of flesh,

entrails, sinew and bone 

Minced through mesh,

Can’t hear her moan.


Empty roads wet with rain,

Deserted, discarded dead.

Silence screams p...

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The Other Woman

The Other Woman


I feel sorry for her

She believes your lies

Wipes tears from your eyes

She thinks you care,

Always be there.

We know that’s fake

Rotten wedding cake,

Broken vows,

Affairs with old cows, 

Twisted memories told,

Left out in the cold. 

Beaten and broken, 

Heart torn open,

All still to come, 

Treated like scum,

The future holds this,


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