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Piggy Puppy

Soft and warm like little pigs,

Belly warm and milky,

Tiny paws soft as velvet,

Wine gum nose

And beans for toes. 

Caterpillar tails with a tiny twist,

Thrashing and dashing,

Wriggling and dancing. 

Breath like popcorn,

Buttered and spiced. 

Little murmurs, squeaks and purrs,

Scratches, snuggles baby cuddles. 

Tiny needles line soft lips,

Claws like diamonds


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Find the Light

The deal we get dealt

Can be heart felt. 

It can change our lives,

Create nose dives. 

The way we face our pain,

Is not for personal gain. 

It steals our health,

Affects our wealth.

It breaks our spirit,

Pushes us to our limit.

When we walk in the darkness,

It’s hard to raise awareness. 

We may feel alone, 

Lost in a friend zone.

Feeling judged,

Tears s...

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disabilityillnessChronic pain




Look deep in her eyes,

you will see

The deepest of love,

There can ever be. 

She is loyal and sweet

Loves every treat. 

She loves to play,

Will even sit and stay.

Before she came I lost all purpose,

She gives me strength,

She gives me purpose,

She is my friend,

We are a special blend. 

Taking away loneliness,

Cuddled up for coziness.

She pr...

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assistance dogDogfaithful

Big C in the test

I have a lump in my breast.

They want to give it a test.

I hope it fails.

It mustn’t revise,

Must stay unwise.

It really needs to fail.


It’s small like a pea.

Hard as a nail.

Attached to my flesh.

Buried inside.

Jelly bean hiding,

terror cells collide.


Hand pressing down,

Massaging my breast

It hides for a moment

Just feel my chest.

Then it...

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Homeless Curse

Recently I took a trip to Cardiff and was shocked by the level of homelessness in the city. It’s there but for the grace of god for all of us. I feel we ignore this. Having lost my job after a stroke, I was lucky to have insurance and a pension, if not then I may well have been left homeless. We never know what cards we will be dealt. Next time don’t just turn a cheek.


Next time we turn aw...

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Gas Light

Be kind... I am still getting used to writing after my stroke. It’s so hard but a friend’s experience prompted this one . Assisted technology sounds bizarre  reading back such a sensitive topic. I hope it still works as a poem. 


Gas light


It’s not a street light. 

It’s so hard to see. 

So unaware,

It frightens me. 


I’m not worth it.

Am I to blame? 

Is it my f...

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domestic violenceGas lightmental health

This is me

It’s been 18 months since my stroke. I have improved so much but life still has many challenges everyday. I am still developing my writing using assisted technology. 



I had a stroke

I am not a stroke victim

I am not a stroke survivor 

I am me


I am a writer

I can’t hold a pen

It’s hard to tell my story

I will know when


I am proud

It doesn’t stand in...

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